Join the most dynamic team in the Civil Services preparation space in India.

We are looking for people with:


People who are passionate about teaching and guiding students to help them carve out a career.


Teaching/ mentorship is a job of responsibility. Any person taking up this role needs to be fully committed to the cause.


A teacher’s qualities rub off on the student. UPSC needs discipline and it is a teachers responsibility to inculcate it in the student.

Current Opportunities

We are hiring for the following profiles. Fill in the form if you are interested and we will get back to you.

Faculty Members (English/Hindi)

1. Polity (Hindi), 2. Sociology (English), 3. Science and Technology (Hindi and English) etc.

Job type: Part time
Location: Mumbai


Mentor will be responsible for handholding and guiding the students through their preparation of the examination. He/she will be the guide, motivator and manager of the student.
Location: Anywhere in India

Couldn't find a suitable profile? Send your resume to [email protected] and we will notify if there is a suitable opportunity