Dr Apala Mishra, who holds a dental surgery degree, has scored an AIR 9 in UPSC 2020. Mishra, a Delhi native, not only passed the exam but also received the highest score (215) in the personality test. She picked Anthropology as her optional subject and benefited from GS and optional subject coaching.

The top student attributes her accomplishment to hard work and self-study. Interestingly, Mishra failed to pass the preliminary round of the test in both of her previous efforts. In this article, we have primarily focused on the Apala Mishra UPSC marksheet.

Apala Mishra Biography

She is an IPS (Indian Police Service) officer from batch 2020. She is the UPSC topper for the year 2020. Apala was born and reared in the Indian state of Jharkhand. She cracked AIR 9 in the 2020 UPSC.

She signs a contract in India and then proclaims that she would study for the UPSC examination. She is bright, and she is told all the time that she can do anything she wants.

Her father’s name is Amitabh Mishra. Her schooling began at Rohini Public School in Delhi and proceeded at Army College of Dental Science, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.

Apala Mishra Family

Apala is the first in a family of army officers to work in administration. Her father is a former Army Colonel, and her mother is a Delhi University professor. Her brother serves in the Indian Army as a Major.

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Apala Mishra Career

Speaking about the change in the career path from medical to administration, Apala said, “My background served as a source of inspiration for me. I took a careful look at our country’s healthcare system and realised it requires more attention. This thought inspired me to pursue a career in the civil service in order to make a greater impact in society,” she said.

Exams like UPSC CSE can take a mental toll on anyone and it is very essential for aspirants to take care of themselves. It is important to make yourself a priority while chasing your goal,” Mishra added.

Apala Mishra UPSC Marksheet

In the table below, you can check Apala Mishra marks in the UPSC exam.

Exam Marks
Mains 816
Interview 215
Total Marks 1031

Apala Mishra Rank

Apala Mishra secured AIR 9 in the UPSC exam 2021. She chose Anthropology as her optional subject. She cracked the exam on her third attempt.

Apala Mishra Optional Subject

She picked Anthropology as her optional subject and benefited from GS and optional subject coaching.

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Apala Mishra Strategy

I was not well-prepared in my initial two attempts and therefore, could not clear prelims. However, I was committed to working harder this time. I believe that if one works hard and is dedicated, anything is possible to achieve,” the topper told.

Mishra claimed she studied for 7 to 8 hours daily and used a watch to keep track of how much time she invested on each topic. “During my preparation, I also referred to the basic books. Apart from this, I also used online study materials available on Google and Youtube to understand the topics which were not present in the basic books,” she explained.

Strategy for Prelims

Mishra’s weakest segment was the prelims, which she had failed to pass on her last try. She recommends going over the fundamental literature as many times as possible. Because you will see things that you don’t recall every time you go back and read, it is critical to make it a point to tried reading topics on a regular basis.

Prepare as many MCQs as you can and take as many mock examinations as you can. If you don’t get a question, write down the answer in your notes so you won’t forget it. Mishra further stated that from 2013, one must complete past year’s papers without a miss.

Strategy for Mains

Because there is a shorter gap between prelims and mains, you should begin your preparation for mains right away. From the outset, your preparation should be integrated and unified. From the beginning of one’s preparation, one should concentrate on answering questions.

According to Mishra, you should begin drafting your answers with the static section instead of the current affairs section. Answer-writing should neither be left until after the curriculum is completed nor should it be started before the syllabus is completed; rather, it should be done concurrently with the syllabus.


Hopefully, this post has given candidates hope for the future. It is impossible to attain success without putting in a lot of effort and attention to one’s profession. Candidates must learn from their mistakes in order to extend their wings and flourish. UPSC Pathshala assists aspirants in achieving their objectives in every manner possible. Check it out now!

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