Aroma Daultani

My name is Aroma Daultani and I am in my second last year of MBBS. Becoming an IAS officer is a dream for me. I wanted to start preparing for it since my college days. But due to a busy schedule I was not able to pursue it till now. So online course was what I was looking for to give me the flexibility to study as and when I want.
That is when I came across UPSC Pathshala and their course which focuses on UPSC Preparation since college times. Sajid who was my counsellor explained me how we need to build some skills to help clear the exam. That’s when I decided that this was the course for me.
However, there was a minor glitch. The fees for the course was something I could not afford. That is when Sajid sir told me of the scholarship. There was a form I needed to fill for the scholarship, which was pretty interesting. After going through their scholarship process I was finally offered a 33% scholarship i.e. Rs. 40000/- which was a great deal for me.
I will definitely recommend UPSC Pathshala to students and would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams.

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Akshay Palande

Akshay Palande is a passionate teacher helping hundreds of students in their UPSC preparation. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and double masters in Public Administration and Economics, he has experience of teaching UPSC aspirants for 5 years. His subject of expertise are Geography, Polity, Economics and Environment and Ecology.

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