There are topics relevant to the current happenings in India and World that come in the UPSC. The CSE interview is also considered tough because of these questions. The examiners can ask you unpredictable things regarding the constitution or new implementations. The Atal Tunnel in India is a major topic today because of its usage for the general people. It is inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi. He has been doing efforts for the betterment of the nation since he took charge as the leader of the country. The initiative of this tunnel was one of the most challenging initiatives. If you want to know more about this topic, you must keep reading this article carefully and gather the information. It contains all the mandatory things regarding the topic.

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Atal Tunnel in India – Facts to Know for UPSC

This tunnel is situated in the city of Himachal Pradesh. The city is called Rohtang. It is a beautiful place in the lapse of nature. The Atal Tunnel is the world’s largest highway tunnel. It was initiated and made under the order and guidance of the Hon’ble Prime Minister. The construction of this miraculous tunnel is done in a way to keep its height 3000 meters and length approximately 9.02 kilometres. It connects Solang Valley near Manali to Sissu in Lahaul and Spiti district. Its inauguration was presented on October 3, 2020, in the presence of Rajnath Singh who is the Minister of Defence, Hon’ble CM of Himachal Pradesh Mr Jai Ram Thakur, and Anurag Thakur, Minister of State for Finance. This is a worth watching glimpse for every eye along with spreading its utilities to many country people.

Hallmarks of the Atal Tunnel – Facts to Know for UPSC

This is made by the Broders Road Organization, BRO with an effective cost of RS. 2500 Crores. It is a horseshoe-shaped, single tube & double lane tunnel extending to many parts. The construction of it is done with 3.6 x 2.25 meters fire-proof emergency egress. It is built into the main tunnel itself. There is a total of 18 egresses in the tunnel. The egresses comprise an energy exit path after every 500 meters. It has been a significant topic for news and henceforth, for the UPSC aspirants. You must know if you are preparing for any government examination. You must acknowledge each of its factors to excel in the paper. To know the tunnel’s geographical features and other characteristics, keep reading this article further.

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Have a Look at its Characteristics!

#1. The importance of it includes the fact that this tunnel will be functional for the people throughout the year.

#2. The tunnel comprises a semi-transverse ventilation system that helps the people.

#3. The Atal Tunnel’s south pole is located at a distance of 25 km from Manali and the north portal is at an altitude of 3071m. It is near the village of Teling, Sissu in the Lahaul Valley.

#4. The tunnel has fire hydrants every 60 meters for your safety along with the CCTV cameras at every 250 meters. You will also get telephone communications at every 150 meters.

#5. The traffic density of it is quite large with approximately 1500 trucks and 3000 cars per day.

#6. The tunnel has lights extending to its entire length. The extreme weather conditions are also overcome by it for the people and soldiers.

Atal Tunnel – Facts for UPSC

This topic has its great worth for the UPSC candidates. The Rohtang Pass is situated at an elevation of 3,978 m. It is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. You will watch it on the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas where its beauty exceeds unending spheres. The initiation of this tunnel was done by the respected Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 3rd June 2000.

The project was not completed due to its high cost of 900 crore. Sonia Gandhi, being the UPA chairperson, also decided to build it in 2010 but it was started under the supervision of Mr Narendra Modi in 2020. This is evident that it is an incredible use for tourism, farmers, and the armed forces along with the help to roads safety and Indian infrastructure due to its wider perspective on safety features. The thing that takes time is something exceptional and extraordinary. This also has a similar story. Though it had to be made in 2000 it was built after two decades.

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Advantages of the Tunnel – Facts to Know for UPSC

There are uncountable benefits of this tunnel. It has made people’s life easier and the facilities of supplying the things have maximized due to its construction. It is shoring benefits for the different people and sectors. Transportation has become comfortable. You must acquire all the knowledge of it efficiently to get good scores in the exam.

Look Below for the Advantages!

#1. It gives tremendous benefits to the armed forces for having an easy connection to all the areas of the borders across the country.

#2. It provides convenience to the supply of things and troops from one place to the other.

#3. The Atal tunnel distance makes it easy for the people to travel the distance of only 46 km from Leh to Manali in just 4 hours.

#4. It has extensive utility for the tourism department. The tourists find it easy to move to different areas with comfort.

#5. The observable signs of the Tunnel are for the farmers. It ensures that the farmers can supply the vegetables and crops to major parts of the country on time without any effect on the quality of the crops.

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Initiative of the Project

This proves that this project is beneficial for the people of the country for transporting things and reaching different places within time. The progress of this project came in 1990 and then in 2000. The geological report for it was submitted in June 2004. At the time of December 2006, the report was finalized and taken forward followed by the processes of 2010 and then finally 2020. It has a strategic advantage over the security forces and other departments. This will also play a vital role in the increasing tensions from China because our troops can protect the country from Ladakh. The weather of the place is also tough and rigid but the tunnel will protect the soldiers from harsh weather conditions along with quicker supplies of required things. Therefore, the tunnel has a magnificent altitude of greatness for the citizens of the country.

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Therefore, we think that you have got all the information about the Atal Tunnel in India and its features. It has proved to be very magnificent for the people. You must know every detail about it to ace the UPSC examination and be knowledgeable for the future. All the candidates put their best to come out as winners or toppers but the ones who make it possible do not learn the things only for the exam but to be aware of each factor happening in the country. This makes them unique and concrete in the topics. You can visit UPSC Pathshala if you are finding it difficult to grab the information about all the topics or preparing for CSE. The professionals on the website help you with mentorship and guidance. You will be able to fly with your aims. So, keep reading more such articles to acknowledge the characteristics of significant topics.

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