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Parvathy says, UPSC Pathshala great in every aspect. Here’s why.

Parvathy is studying in college and is also preparing for UPSC simultaneously. Time management is her biggest issue and...

Jan 24 · 13 sec read >

How UPSC Pathshala is helping Darsi Roja to manage time effectively?

Darsi Roja is 3rd year B.Tech student who joined UPSC Pathshala recently. Her main concern was to understand the...

Jan 24 · 11 sec read >

How UPSC Pathshala is making Padma’s journey to civil service easy?

Before joining UPSC Pathshala, Padma was unsure of how to direct her preparation. She looked at many offline and...

Jan 24 · 13 sec read >

Here’s why Ramyashree finds UPSC Pathshala productive and informative.

Meet Ramyashree, a private sector employee who dreams to become a civil servant. Ramyashree joined UPSC Pathshala to prepare...

Jan 24 · 13 sec read >

How Mrinmoy an Aircraft Engineer finds UPSC Pathshala?

Mrinmoy is an aircraft engineer, who recently joined the one-year preparatory course at the UPSC Pathshala. The mentorship program...

Jan 22 · 13 sec read >

What made Anshuman chose UPSC Pathshala after researching other coachings

Anshuman Panda, a B.Ed student who is also aspiring for UPSC 2020, joined UPSC Pathshala for a well-rounded preparation....

Jan 22 · 10 sec read >

Vishaka says, simplified videos are not the only best thing UPSC Pathshala

Vishakha is a 3rd year B.A student who is very keen in cracking UPSC. Like thousand other, she too...

Jan 21 · 15 sec read >

Managing job and UPSC preparation is now possible says Tushar

Tushar joined UPSC Pathshala after attending a workshop about UPSC Exam. He is a working professional and as such...

Jan 21 · 15 sec read >

Why Prasanta says anyone can dream of becoming an IAS Officer after joining UPSC Pathshala?

A working professional, who finds offline coaching impossible to attend, Prasanta chose UPSC Pathshala and finds it the best...

Jan 20 · 11 sec read >