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Interview with Adwait

Social Media is a boon as well as a bane. And it was undoubtedly a boon for Adwait who...

Oct 22 · 27 sec read >

Feedback chat with Komal

“Mumbai has a very limited source for UPSC Preparation,” says Komal. Komal has recently enrolled with us for her...

Oct 11 · 26 sec read >

Interview with a True UPSC Aspirant

After enrolling with us, Yukta’s friend referred UPSC Pathshala to her.   Yukta is a hardworking student who manages...

Oct 11 · 29 sec read >

Farmer’s daughter aims to become the next IAS

Sharing a testimonial of Pooja Lavankar who hails from a small district in Maharashtra. Pooja is pursuing her Bachelors...

Oct 11 · 27 sec read >

How Shweta found her ideal UPSC mentor?

Hi, I am Shweta from Odisha . Before joining UPSC Pathshala I tried to study by myself and I...

Oct 9 · 44 sec read >

Offline or Online? Aman was confused too!

“Aman is a dedicated student who perfectly manages his job as well as UPSC Preparation. He has never missed...

Oct 9 · 47 sec read >

Quick Chat with Arshvi!

“UPSC preparation is a long-term commitment, and I am happy that I have a personal mentor who is with...

Oct 9 · 47 sec read >

Quick Interview with Aditya

“I now feel I am capable to crack UPSC in the first attempt”, says Aditya who is on his...

Oct 9 · 38 sec read >

How Sayeed manages both Work & UPSC Preparation?

Sayeed is a working professional and wanted to join a class that matches up to his work timings. He...

Oct 9 · 45 sec read >