Greeta Sulochana

Greeta Sulochana is a content evangelist with a flair for compelling creative writing. She has penned down her thoughts in poetry and prose since the past five years, and has catered her skills to the Indian and international audiences. She started out as an advertising intern with Grey worldwide, and is now a full-fledged writer in passion and profession, who has worked for major national brands.

Greeta Sulochana

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20 Tips to Practice Answer Writing for IAS Mains

The way you frame your answers is crucial for your success in IAS mains. Learn How.

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How to Study Indian Polity Effectively for UPSC Exams?

A guide on how to prepare for the Indian Polity section of the UPSC examination.

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Schedules of Indian Constitution

In the present day, the Constitution of India has a total number of 448 articles.

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Sectors of Indian Economy: Everything You Need to Know

Learn about the major sectors that are driving the Indian Economy.

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Understanding the Mobilization of Resources

Mobilization of resources is a key topic under Indian Economy for the IAS examination.

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Major History Facts: Indus Valley Civilization For UPSC

All you need to know about the Industry Valley Civilization .

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Role Of Civil Services In A Democracy

A step-by step analysis of the role that Civil Services in a country.

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Best Indian Economy Books for UPSC Exams

Here's a list of the most useful books on the Indian Economy.

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