What will be the answers to percentage questions? This is the first question that comes to you. Because many questions are asked from this topic, the percentage is very important for every Bank PO Exam.

Are you curious about the types of questions that are asked in Bank PO Exams about this topic? We’ve included the Important Percentage Questions for practice in this article to assist you with your preparation. Every type of percentage question that could be asked in a Bank PO exam has been covered.

Read on!

Percentage Questions for Bank PO

This will help you understand the level of difficulty of the questions on the exam. Anyone taking the exam should have a good understanding of the types of questions that will be asked.

Given below are some percentage questions that will help you understand how to answer the questions.

Question and Answer 1

#What is the number if 25% of four-fifth of 30% of a number is 301.5?

  1. A) 4820
  2. B) 5025
  3. C) 5120
  4. D) 5335
  5. E) None

Answer: B


25% of four-fifth of 30% of a number is 301.5

Let the number be x.

25/100 * 4/5 * 30/100*x=301.5


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Question and Answer 2

#60 percent of the books in a Bookshelf are in Tamil, 60 percent of the remaining books are in English, and the remaining books are in Hindi. If there are 2400 books in English, how many books are there in Hindi?

  1. A) 1300
  2. B) 1250
  3. C) 1600
  4. D) 1450
  5. E) None

Answer: C

Number of Tamil books = 60% of y= 60 y /100 = 0.6y

Remaining number of books = y– 0.6y = 0.4y

Number of English books = 40% of remaining books = 60% of 0.4y = 0.24y.

Hindi Books = y-0.6y -0.24y = 0.16y


0.24y = 2400

y= 2400/0.24 = 10000

Urdu Books = 0.16y = 0.16*10000 = 1600.

Question and Answer 3

#In a bank, men make up 70% of the workforce. Retirement plans are used by 80% of men and 20% of women. What percentage of the population is enrolled in a retirement plan?

  1. A) 52
  2. B) 48
  3. C) 45
  4. D) 62
  5. E) None

Answer: D

70% employees are men thus 30% are women.

80% of 70 % men are 5620% of 30% women are 6.

so the total is 56+6=62%.

Question and Answer 4

#A earns 60% of B’s salary, while B earns 70% of C’s salary. What is the earning for A if the total earnings for a month are Rs. 19080?

  1. A) Rs3780
  2. B) Rs3560
  3. C) Rs3400
  4. D) Rs4100
  5. E) None

Answer: A

Rs. y is C’s salary

Then B’s salary = 70y/100

A’s salary = (60/100) * (70y/100) = 42y/100

y+ 70 y/100 + 42 y/100 = 19080

y+ 112 y/100 = 19080

y = 9000

A’s salary = 42 x 9000/100 = Rs. 3780 .

Question and Answer 5

#In an examination, three papers were given, with maximum marks of 1: 2: 2 and 1: 2: 2 respectively. What percent did a student get overall if he got 50 percent on the first paper, 60 percent on the second, and 65 percent on the third?

  1. A) 70%
  2. B) 65%
  3. C) 52%
  4. D) 60%
  5. E) None

Answer: D

Ratio of maximum marks 1:2:2.

Ratio of marks obtained = (0.6*2)* (0.5*1) : (0.65*2)

=0.5 : 1.2 : 1.3

Then overall % ge= [(0.5+1.2+1.3)/(1+2+2) ]*100


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Question and Answer 6

#At a test with a maximum score of 500 points. A received 10% fewer points than B, 25% more points than C, and 20% fewer points than D. If A received 360 points, what percentage of those points did D receive?

  1. A) 80%
  2. B) 75%
  3. C) 68%
  4. D) 72%
  5. E) None

Answer: A

Let marks obtained by D = x

C’s marks = 0.80x

B’s marks = 1.25 (0.80x)

A’s marks = (0.90) (1.25) (0.80x)

= 0.9x

But 0.9x = 360

⇒ x = 400

Percentage of Marks obtained by D

= 400 x 100/500 = 80%.

Question and Answer 7

#The price of rice has increased by 32%. A family cuts back on their consumption to the point where their rice expenditure only rises by 10%. If the total rice consumption before the price increase was 10 kg per month, then the rice consumption per month will be 10 kg.

  1. A) 7 1/2
  2. B) 8 1/3
  3. C) 8
  4. D) 6
  5. E) None

Answer: B

Let original cost of sugar = Rs.100 per kg

initial consumption = 10 kg per month

Total expenditure on sugar = 10*100 = Rs.1000 per month

New cost of sugar = Rs.132 per kg

Total expenditure = Rs.1100 per month ( 10% increase from Rs.1000)

Now, 1100/132 =25/3

=8 1/3kg.

Question and Answer 8

#Person A received 40% of the vote in an election, while Person B received 45 percent. The remaining people did not cast a vote for anyone. How many people participated in the election if the difference between those who voted for Person B and those who were undecided was 640?

  1. A) 2500
  2. B) 2400
  3. C) 2100
  4. D) 2800
  5. E) None

Answer: C

Let the number of people involved in the election be y.

Percentage of those who were not vote = 100-(40+45) = 15%

The difference between those who voted

45% of y– 15% of y= 630

30% of y= 630



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Bank PO Exam Preparation

In general, the Bank PO exam is divided into two stages:

#CRP (Common Recruitment Process)


The CRP is divided into two phases:

#Preliminary Exam

#Mains Exam

Only those who pass the Bank PO Prelims exam are eligible to take the Bank PO Mains exam. After a candidate has completed the CRP stage, the shortlisted candidates are invited to the Interview, which is the final stage of the selection process.

Use General Knowledge as a Weapon

On a daily basis for at least the last three months, focusing on topics such as current events, economic news, political news, banking awareness, and sports. This will help you gain a better understanding of this section and help you score well on this part of the Bank PO exam.

Time Management

Candidates will know how much time is required to solve the respective bank exam paper if they manage their time well during preparation and in the exam hall. They will also be able to see which sections are taking longer than expected and will be able to make improvements accordingly. You can also practise time management skills by taking a free online quiz.

Effective Planning

When preparing for the Bank PO Exam, the candidate should plan the time and sequence of the subjects so that important subjects of the bank PO syllabus, such as Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability, are covered first because they take more time to prepare for than other subjects.

Focus on Important Topics

When a candidate decides to take the Bank PO exam, he or she should begin focusing on everyday general knowledge topics, as finding the appropriate general knowledge content later becomes inconvenient.

Revision and Practise

Because the preparation time for the Bank PO exam can last up to three months, candidates should focus on regular practise and revision. It has been observed that candidates who do not revise or practise during this period face significant difficulties as the bank exam dates approach.

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Bank PO Online Course

You can take the Bank PO course online at UPSC Pathshala, where you will be guided through your preparation and have all of your questions answered. Because it is unsafe to go outside due to the Covid-19 scenario, this is the best option for assistance. As a result, it is preferable that you prepare from the comfort and safety of your own home.

You won’t have to worry about anything because UPSC Pathshala will provide all study materials as well as recorded versions of lectures. They will also administer tests on a regular basis to determine your strengths and weaknesses. So all you have to do now is concentrate and work hard.

What will You Get?

#In video format, the entire curriculum of various Bank PO examinations is covered.

#High-definition video lectures for a thorough understanding.

#In the event that you are not selected for any Bank PO Exam, you will receive a full refund of your fees.

#Coverage in accordance with the year’s exam calendar.

#All subjects will be covered in live classes over the course of two months.

#Weekly publications for general knowledge.

#Weekly magazine discussion classes.

#Tests every week.

What will You Learn?

#The entire Bank PO exam syllabus for both the Prelims and Mains

#Modules on General Awareness

#After Prelims, evaluation for letter and essay writing for Mains

#Questions about data interpretation will be the focus of special sessions.

#Question of the Day is a WhatsApp discussion that covers all types of questions.


You must have gone over the tips and tricks for preparing for the Union Public Service Commission in detail in this article. If you follow them, you will gain a better understanding of the exam and may be able to pass the Civil Service Exam. So all you have to do now is concentrate entirely on the preparation.

The article has also given you on how to solve the percentage questions, so practise them thoroughly. Without allowing your thoughts to wander, focus on the end goal of passing the Union Public Service Commission Examination.

Want to join an online course? Then, hurry up, UPSC Pathshala’s next batch is starting in 3 days. See you there!

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