Aspirants must be searching for chances for a lengthy profession then look up to wisdom jobs building a modern generation for occupation by both newcomers and skilled ones. Nowadays several are searching to be banking employees in the banking industry. Probationary Officer careers are the largely prosperous careers to put a string for your destiny.

Banks are searching for vibrant and competent individuals who have abilities that are inclined. Then there is no looking behind, be the aspect of a group discussion and go accomplish on the path to take the chance. Read on to learn more about Bank PO interview questions which will help you with your preparation for the exam.

Bank PO Interview Questions

In the interview or group discussions of the Bank Probationary Officer examination, questions are divided into five different categories and asked on that basis:

Personal Questions
Educational Qualifications or Career Goals
General Banking Knowledge and Current Affairs
General Awareness, Current Affairs & Hot Subjects
Current Job Portfolio (for applicants who are working)

Below mentioned are the few Bank PO Interview Questions.

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Personal Questions

Given below are some crucial questions which are frequently asked in this section.

# Introduce yourself.

# What is the uniqueness of Your town that you belong to?

# What’s your father’s occupation?

# If your father is a businessman why don’t you join his business?

# Person, that inspires you the most?

# Tell us about your weak points and strengths?

# One episode in your life when you showed your skills of leadership.

# What are your thoughts about teamwork?

Introduce yourself? These are the frequently asked questions at the beginning of the interview by the panel. Queries associated with your city, family related questions, the inspirational person in your life etc are as well frequently asked in the Bank PO group discussion. The panel examines the level of confidence of the candidates and how they answer the questions.

Educational Qualification or Career Goals

It doesn’t matter which background of educational line you are from, commerce, art, science, or any others, the probability of questions given below are highly asked by the interviewers.

# The reason behind choosing the line of education?

# Once you finished your graduation what did you do?

# What is the main reason behind joining the banking industry?

# After graduating from the XYZ line, why do you want to work in the public sector?

# Why did you choose the public industry and not the private industry?

# You could have gone for higher education. Why didn’t you go for it?

General Banking Knowledge and Current Affairs

Crucial subjects under this section from which queries are repeatedly expected in the group discussions are mentioned below:

# What is the recent government schemes and their importance or what is it about (for example Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana)

# Ongoing terms or trends (for example GDP, Bitcoins, KYC, Market status, NAP etc)

# New Events (for example SBI internet banking, mobile app YONO, Federal Bank launches credit card)

# Crucial Banking words (for example Statutory Liquidity Ratio, Retail Banking, Call Money, Capital Market / Money Market)

# Words associated with procedures of bank daily activities (for example Compound interest, financial account, Bank vs cash entries)

# Other than these subjects, queries from the full syllabus of the Bank Probationary Officer examination can be inquired in the PO group discussions.

General Awareness, Current Affairs & Hot Subjects

General awareness and hot topics questions are asked by the interviewer as well. Few crucial current affairs from which queries could be asked in the group discussions are mentioned below:

# Crucial topics from the Indian constitution

# Critical incidents from happening around the globe (for example Afghanistan current situation, elections in countries, civil wars and conflicts around the world)

# Individual personality’s News (for example Olympic winners, different nation leaders)

# Surrounding problems (for example Climate change, ozone layer depletion, overpopulation)

# Political viewpoints of yours (for example: which political party is doing good for the society? Which party do you support? What things do you expect them to work on?)

# When the election takes place which political party do you vote for, which party is doing better than the last government and during this pandemic.

# Topics associated with recent government strategies are frequently inquired by the panel. Interviewers of the panel could as well ask about topics related to neighbouring nations. Topics on happening subjects like bitcoins, globalization etc can also be asked in group discussion.

Current Job Portfolio (For Applicants Who are Working)

If you are working at someplace then the mention below queries could be inquired in the group discussion:

# Tell us what’s your current profile of the job?

# What is the reason behind you leaving your current work?

# Doesn’t your current job satisfy your requirements? If yes then the reason for it.

# How is your knowledge pertinent to this post?

# Aspirants who are working at someplace might experience queries associated with their existing profile of the job. Interviewers of the panel expect you to understand why you need to leave your recent work to begin your occupation in the Bank Sector as Probationary Officer. It is advised not to use words such as Security of job, Balancing Work, Life etc. while replying to such questions during the interview.

Important Note

These are a few crucial topics that are often raised in the bank PO group discussions. Aspirants appearing for the Bank Probationary Officer hiring examination must analyse and go through the net and be ready to reply to these questions nicely in front of the panel.

Bank PO Interview Questions and Answers

Mentioned below are the questions that might be asked by the panel and how you can answer it. Read on to get a better idea and for effective Bank PO interview questions and answers..

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Question: Tell us About Yourself?

Answer: Your reply should contain the mentioned points:

# Your biodata ( Name, Place where you belong, Parent’s occupation etc.)

# Mention about your qualification ( graduated from which university, name of the uni, which degree you pursued)

# Job experience (if there is any Internship included)

# Extra credentials or accomplishments

# Hobby of yours (it is necessary to have at least a hobby for a good profile)

Question: The Reason Behind You Joining the Bank Industry?

Answer: In our nation, the Banking sector is analyzed as the most rapidly growing industry. It can deliver many job chances.

Note: It is advised to ignore replies such as “searching for job security”, “huge package of income”, “dream job” etc.

Question: If You Get a Better Job will You Leave this Bank PO Job?

Answer: This is a very frequently asked question currently in bank group discussions if you possess greater academic qualifications. Your response should be as mentioned:

# I think to dwell on a stable living rather than shifting it for minor financial advantages. And I discovered a banking job as a reasonable development chance, so I will not leave this work.

Question: Tell Us, Will Your Higher Education and Extra Qualifications Help the Organisation?

Ans: Aspirants preparing for Bank Probationary Officer GD are from various areas that do not give them any understanding considering monetary topics and the banking sector. You can respond like this:

# My specialized proficiency and ability will enable me to deal with clients from these industries.

# I have promising experienced abilities that will enable me in governing teamwork.

# I have promising communication abilities that will help me in giving optimistic consumer services.

Question: Mention Your Strengths and Weak Points

Answer: I can find solutions to the issues and deal with them according to the circumstances, that’s my strength. I can encourage myself for any task that I am associated with. On the other hand, my weak point is that I do all my tasks following all the rules so if my mates don’t follow the same I get easily disappointed. But somehow I managed to find the solution to it as well.

Note: ensure, you won’t disclose any drawback that may occur in a horrible opinion about you. It is good if your drawback also provides an optimistic behaviour towards your job.

Question: What Capabilities does an Individual Need to have in Order to be a Probationary Officer? Do You Believe You Possess these Traits?

Answer: As for me a Probationary Officer must have the mentioned traits:

Organized Mind
Good Communication Skills
Accuracy and Efficiency
Mathematical and Analytical Skills
Co-operative and Friendly Personality
Quick Learner
Alert and Awareness
Honesty and Integrity

All these traits are very crucial. And I honestly think that if I retain these traits with me and continue to have them in the future as well, I will be improving these traits to a favourable degree.

Question: The Reason behind You not Pursuing Higher Education

Answer: In this situation tell the interviewer the valid explanation you have.

Question: Tell us About Your Career Objectives? Five or Ten Years from Now, Where You See Yourself

Answer: I design things stepwise. I don’t know which bank I will get positioned in, so currently, it’s hard to say the precise identification. Whatever post I will be at after five to ten years I guarantee you will see me learning new things and making good use of my experience.

Question: How are You Going to Deal with Pressure?

Answer: Show your degree of dealing with pressure with an instance you have got visaged within the past. ensure you’d be able to build a decent impression in front of the panel.

Question: How Do You Organize Your Task? Illustrate Your Managing Skills?

Answer: I keep info relating to the standing of tasks done by me and my associates on a daily basis. I complete the appointed task within the assigned point in time.

Question: Give a Good Reason to Recruit You?

Ans: If you recruit me, I will be able to illustrate my abilities in front of you. I will make sure that no matter what objectives our firm aims, I will make sure to finish them in the given duration.

Note: It is advised to be ready with the topics associated with your academic background. Especially the terms and significance of the subject area in which you’ve completed your graduation.

PO Interview Questions

Few topics that might be inquired into to evaluate your attitude, personality, ability etc.

The interviewer might raise questions observing the recent events, monetary related questions, and the banking sector to examine your understanding and knowledge about the associated area. Few crucial queries are mentioned below. Read on to learn more about PO interview questions.

Banking Interview Questions

Mentioned below are the banking interview questions.

Question: What Do You Understand about E-commerce, Marketing?

Ans: Marketing can be comprehended as the activity or enterprise of advertising and selling commodities or assistance, comprising market analysis and promotion.

Question: What is Net Banking and Mobile Banking?

Answer: Mobile banking is the assistance given by an organization or different monetary company that enables its consumers to perform monetary marketing remotely utilizing a phone gadget like a cell phone or tabs.

The electronic system of payment that facilitates consumers of banks or other companies to hold an expansion of monetary transaction with the help of websites of the financial organization is known as Net Banking

Question: What Do You Understand About the Indian Constitution?

Answer: Indian Constitution is the ultimate law of India that spreads down the structure interpreting essential political beliefs, organizes the pattern, methods, powers, and responsibilities of administration organizations and sets out important liberties, directive beliefs and the responsibilities of the nation’s residents.

Question: How Did Demonetization Put an Impact on Nation’s Growth Rate?

Answer: Due to Demonetization, Nation’s GDP(Gross Domestic Product) development prediction for the recent fiscal year reduced to six point nine percent from seven pint four percent and reduced its 2017-18 prediction to seven point seven percent from eight percent.

Question: Define Accounts?

Answer: Accounts can be comprehended as a document or statement of monetary payment and receipts associating with a special duration or objective.

Question: What Do You Understand About Fintech Firms?

Answer: Fintech companies are those companies that use new technology and innovation to strengthen available stocks in order to seek in the market region of conventional monetary institutions and negotiators in the delivery of financial services.

Question: What is Meant By E-Payment?

Answer: E-payment also known as Electronic Payment is a monetary interchange that happens when you place online between buyers and dealers.

Question:  What Do You Understand by BREXIT?

Answer: It is a term that has been utilized as a shortcut means of announcing the United Kingdom quitting the EU – consolidating the terms Britain and entry to get Brexit.

Question: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Indian Government’s Decision to Incorporate the Rail Budget and Economic?

Answer: Advantages;

There will be smaller wastage of your time once a replacement policy is to be inaugurated and executed. Keeping them distinct ensued in an exceeding ton of shortcomings and obstacles.

There will be smaller political tension on the Railway allowance and therefore the centre will have the last term’s hold of the choice created.

The railways are freed from this currently and therefore the same budget may currently be employed in higher ways in which for growth the situations of Indian railways.


A fall within the year fund will be one thing uncommon for the railways and that they won’t react supportively to it.

Once the merging, there’ll be a whole finish to any future probabilities of privatization.

Question: What is the Crucial Evidence Related to the Union Fund 2020?

Answer: Read the detailed conclusions here – “India Union Budget PDF focus points, earning Tax, current Date & Time”

Question: What Do You Wish to Tell About India’s Connections with China?

Answer: These queries require a tricky answer. Be reluctant while replying. Do not utilize any means of horrible language. The affection and dedication for your nation shouldn’t hurt the feelings of another country’s integrity.

Put your perspective calmly and in a decent way.

Bank PO Preparation

The above points will help you with the Bank PO preparation so all you need is dedication and commitment towards the examination.

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Hopefully, the above article helped you with a little brief understanding of what questions are expected during the preparation. So if you need more assistance, join UPSC Pathshala, where you will be provided with excellent guidance, detailed study materials for preparation, online sessions to clear doubts, to understand topics deeply and clearly and many more. So, join UPSC Pathshala Bank Course and let your dream turn into reality.

So how are you preparing for your examination? Share your thoughts with us. Comment in the below section.

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