After 12th, the career prospects widen, and students often feel contradicted between the career they wish to pursue and the choice of best career options after 12th Arts.

There is a misconception in society that bright kids take the Science stream, whereas average kids are stuck with Arts. Today, we will bust this myth and talk about the high salary courses after completing 12th in Arts that will allow the students to land a six-figure salary easily.

Here is a List of Courses that an Arts Student can Pursue to Get a High-paying Job

  • Fine Arts

Among the various arts career options, Fine Arts is one of the most creative choices. If this is the student’s area of interest, they get to choose and pursue topics such as film, dancing, photography, architecture, conceptual art, music, interior design, drama, etc.

You can choose between a diploma, certificate, and degree courses and even pursue a Master’s and PhD. With this degree in your hand, you can think of a career as Editor, Set Designer, Production Artist, Art Director, Multimedia Programmer, Art Therapist, and much more, which are all high-paying profiles.

  • Economics

A degree in Economics is one of the best career options after 12th Arts. It opens plenty of career options for the students in both government and private sectors. With the skills you gather from this course, you will be an asset in Indian Economic Services, Indian Civil Services, Planning Board/ Commission, National Council of Apple Economic Research, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Reserve Bank of India, and several others. Students can make a secure career by choosing this patch once they clear exams like UPSC, IAS, SSC, etc.

  • Law

Another gratifying art career option is pursuing a law degree. Considering the financial benefits, it is undoubtedly one of the high salary courses after 12th Arts. The aspirants’ earlier career choice includes civil, criminal, taxation, corporate, labour, and election law. In the last two decades, career prospects have improved a lot. Give CLAT and enrol in a program with a deemed university.

With higher education, you can further advance as Civil Judge, Officer Grade (Legal), Vigilance Manager, etc. Besides that, you will also be eligible to give exams like UPSC, IAS, IPS, etc. with your field knowledge.

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  • Political Science Graduate

The career options in the arts stream were limited in the past to academic fields. But now, the scope is vast, with a plethora of career choices in central and state government as well as private sectors. You can work as a Political Analyst, give UPSC IAS exams, join the Civil Services, or choose Indian Foreign Services. Apart from that, Political Journalism and teaching is also a smart career choice.

Covering areas like Public Administration, Social Policy, Diplomacy, Intelligence Expert, Public Affairs, International Relations/ Affairs, Interpreter/ Translator, and even Foreign Correspondent. Depending on your knowledge and role you get, the salary package will also be huge.

  • Travel & Tourism

One of the interesting arts stream career options is choosing the Travel & Tourism Industry. While some might think it is the easiest course to study, it is also a choice that allows you to travel for business. The Ministry of Tourism is always looking for candidates who can handle travelling and tourism responsibilities.

The career options in the arts stream with a travel and tourism degree involve Visa Department, Railways, and Govt. Travel Teacher, Human Resource Industry, Cruise Line Companies, Tourism Researchers, Travel Consultant, Govt.-run Transportation Services, Govt. Airlines Sector, and International Travel & Tourism Industries.

Additional Career Options in Arts Stream

Apart from the above courses, Arts career options also include studying Journalism, Psychology, Design, Fashion Technology, Aviation & Hospitality Management, Hotel Management, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and International Languages. All these industries have both public and private career options for Arts students with significant earnings.

All these career options are rewarding, both financially and mentally. Students also consider going for the UPSC exams and hustle to become a part of the elite government services. In this, what if we take science, what are the career options? In other words, can a science student go for IAS or IPS?

Why not? Most art students’ preferred choice is pursuing UPSC to clear IAS, IPS, and IFS exams. But that does not mean that a student with a science background has any lesser chance. Moreover, a lot of students clear the exam while coming from a strict science background.


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Best Career Options after 12th Arts: High Salary Courses after 12th Arts
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