There are misconceptions about not having a mathematics as the main subject in 12th; you can’t succeed easily anywhere without Maths. Mathematics helps you enhance your analytical capability, and if you don’t have Maths as your prime subject, you won’t be able to get better career options. Or, like some people used to say, “Opt for Maths, Son.” Hardly ever, they know that there are many other Best Career Options after 12th Commerce. You can opt for any to help yourself guide in a fruitful direction.

Commerce With Maths, Or Without Maths?

Common Myth Among Parents: Commerce plus Maths is a better combination than Commerce without Maths.

Myth-busters: More and more students are drawn towards the Commerce stream to pursue their higher education. Students are free to choose lots of career options today as compared to the old days. There are both professional and industry-oriented career options after 12th Commerce.

But first, let’s have a look at what courses and options are most beneficial for you. Even if there are many different ways to think of a better career after 12th, students still opt for a traditional route enrolling in a bachelor’s degree course and later come master’s degree in the same stream.

That’s a predetermined move many candidates make hoping for a lucrative career. Little do they know that times have changed and so have the career-building opportunities. There are less time-taking methods available to propel your career in a better direction.

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Career Options after 12th Commerce without Maths

1. Civil Services-IPS Officer (UPSC)

Indian Police Service, commonly known as IPS, is one of India’s most prestigious jobs. Many aspirants dedicate their life to apply for this UPSC exam. TO apply for this exam, you don’t have to have Maths as the main subject in Commerce, neither do you need special abilities to prepare for this post. If you’re a degree holder in a 1-2-3-4-5- year term graduation course, you are eligible to apply for UPSC IPS exams.

There are three phases of selection you need to undergo during the exams:

  • Preliminary
  • Mains
  • Interview
  • Merit List Issuance

You can apply for a maximum of 9 times for this exam after completing your graduation.

IPS Officer Salary and Other Facilities

The salary scale is determined as per the 7th Central Pay Commission listed in the following section.

  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) – Rs. 56,100/-
  • Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) – Rs. 67,700/-
  • Superintendent of Police (SP) – Rs. 78,800/-

The salary increments to Rs. 2,25,000/- a month as IPS personnel gains experience.

Perks of Being an IPS Officer

  • 5-Star accommodation at less rent
  • Option to take a 2-year study leave
  • Free electricity and calling
  • Two to three security guards for bungalow and service quarters
  • 2 to 3 vehicles for transportation.
  • Medical Benefits, Retirement Benefits, and Pension
  • Domestic Help  

2. UPSC IAS Officer

Joining Civil Services is the dream career for most of the youngsters of this age. Indian Administrative Services, in short, IAS officer is one of the most sought jobs people strive for. Graduates from any discipline are eligible to apply for this exam, and best of all, they can apply for it multiple times.

For those who are confused about the best career options after 12th Commerce without Maths, UPSC opens many doors of opportunity through the IAS exam. This is a golden opportunity for you to crack through a Civil Services exam. The selection procedure for IAS is just like IPS exams.

Pay and Perks for IAS Officer

The pay scale varies from grade to grade for Civil Servants to earn more salary as they grow further and get promoted to higher departments.

  • Junior Scale– Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 1, 50, 000/-
  • Highest Scale- 2, 25, 000/-

Privileges an IAS Officer gets

  • Bungalows at minimal rent
  • Cook, Gardener, Domestic Help
  • Security Guards
  • Free electricity and telephone
  • Free Government Transportation
  • Medical Benefits
  • Lifetime monthly pension
  • Retirement benefits

3. Bachelor of Library Sciences (B. Lib)

After finishing school, the first thing you choose is a suitable graduation program that can help you root your feet in a vital job sector. Bachelor of Library Science is one of the Best Career Options after 12th Commerce without Maths for a few good reasons. Its duration is just one year, which means you’ll be awarded a bachelor’s degree within one year of studying.

You are still eligible to apply for IAS and IPS exams and can focus on your studies with the given time. If you don’t want to use it for UPSC, there are many other government departments where you can apply for a Librarian’s Post and get a handsome salary in hand.

4. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BSc. HM)

People have many misconceptions about this professional degree course just because they underestimate it so often. It’s a 3-year old degree program which is also a sort of employment. The students are to get 100% placement in hotels after finishing graduation from Hotel Management.

Hotel Management consists of diverse disciplines like BBA in Hotel Management, BA in Culinary Arts, Bachelor of Catering Management, etc. Salary starts from Rs. 15, 000/- to Rs. 20,000/- a month. The best part of pursuing this degree course after 12th is applying for IAS, IPS, and other UPSC exams after obtaining this degree. If you want to increase your chances of career-building, you definitely need nobody’s suggestions. The only opinion that matters is of yourself. A determined mind and a preset goal are all you need to have to get started.


Commerce is an incredible subject to study, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s with or without Math. Apart from that, UPSC has opened many opportunities for you, which you can apply for once you complete graduation. Are you someone who is aspiring to clear UPSC? Visit our website to read more about subjects such as IPO, GST, and more.

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