How to prepare for UPSC IAS 2023? What are the best platforms for civil service preparation? How to start preparing for IAS? Well, the answers to all your questions are given in this article. Let’s find them out!

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How To Prepare for UPSC IAS 2023?

Every day you will be given a hard and fast syllabus to complete. On that syllabus, we will be posting each MCQ and Mains query. You need to read the connected texts, particularly NCERT books so provide these daily quizzes. At a constant time, you should analyze and revise the quizzes every day to ensure the most retention.

Those who have a powerful foundation of static components – abstract clarity, retention of key facts & examples, and ability to relate static with current problems are able to score smart marks in Paper-1 of the Prelims examination. You must recruit in a test series and make sure that weekly revision of daily targets is completed, and a test is given. If not a test series, you’ll be able to get question banks and solve queries on connected topics.

Active tests from the start can give you the chance to create several mistakes and learn from them. Never keep tests pending until the end. Finding MCQs on a daily basis helps you regain intelligent guessing and elimination skills.

Current Affairs from One source and through MCQs are the best thing to focus on. The best thing you should do is to change the examination preparation by sticking to 1 source and revising it multiple times. Helps build robust pictorial memory of facts and ideas thereby serving you in fast recollection of answers in the examination hall. Without revising what you’re studying you cannot clear this examination.

You’ll enrich yourself with new data every day, but without consolidating the data you have gained, retention becomes tough. All you need to do is to impose your faith in yourself and try to be as on time as possible. You cannot always follow it. If there’s a spot for many days, don’t worry. Begin once more. But never give up.

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How to Start Preparing for IAS?

If you would like a Rank in the top 100, you need to score 850+ in Mains.

To achieve such marks, what’s needed is consistent writing applied from Day 1 and Week 1. The data you gain through studying textbooks and websites should be tested frequently. Learning to use your data altogether in the Prelims and Mains papers simultaneously can prepare you for any uncertainty that may be available your way.

Every day you need to write 1-2 optional answers and 1-2 Secure answers. The number of answers that you should write can gradually increase each 15-30 days. For instance, when two months you may be asked to write down 3-4 Secure answers and 3-4 optional answers. On Sundays, you can revise all the weekly targets that you have met and additionally write an essay too.

If you discover things hectic, don’t stop following the learning plan, Instead, tweak it to create it appropriate for your routine. For instance, write just one answer rather than two. Or solve fewer MCQs. But make sure that there’s continuity and gradual increase in what you’re accomplishing on each day to day basis. This is an ambitious plan that needs 10-12 hours of dedicated preparation daily. Keep in mind the Targets.

Obtaining 110+ in Prelims or 850+ in Mains isn’t simple in one attempt. This needs hard work. There’s no shortcut. All you need to do is invest some time and faith in this plan. One issue that’s prominently missing in UPSC civil services exam preparation among most candidates is the importance given to personality development. Particularly with a clear aim of rating good marks in personality tests (Interviews). It’s tough to attain 190+ in the interview stage if you’re not specializing in it from day 1.

Civil Service Preparation

One necessary facet that helps candidates to attain good Marks in an Interview is to organize a powerful detailed form (DAF) – to assist the interview panel to raise questions from numerous areas.

In addition to your place, optional subject, and academic background you need to have additional in your DAF to urge thoughtful questions to engage the panel intellectually. This may happen only by having meaningful hobbies or interests upon that you have got a strong grasp. Following these hobbies a minimum of 1-2 years before you provide an interview can provide the needed depth to answer difficult questions in a real interview.

Of course, additionally, you must possess qualities of humility, confidence, courtesy, intellectual integrity, self-assertiveness, conviction, clear logical exposition, presence of mind, smart comprehension skills, great listening power, etc. Most of those qualities are already a part of your personality.

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So, if you are preparing for the civil services exam 2023, the platform for your preparation is the UPSC Pathshala website. You can get all your queries resolved on the platform along with getting the best expert advice and the most significant learning material. It will provide you with all the recent current affairs too along with their notes.

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How To Prepare for UPSC IAS 2023? Let's Dive Into the Best Civil Service Preparation Ethics!
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