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Are you an IAS aspirant from Kerala? Your search for UPSC institute in Kerala can stop.

This article talks about the best IAS coaching in Kerala. They will help you in getting the best out of you and will prep you for your IAS exam.

The UPSC institute this article will talk about has been selected after reading many reviews in order to give a fair and just recommendation.

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IAS Coaching In Kerala

  • Plautus IAS coaching is a well recommended UPSC Institute for UPSC coaching classes. The centre is well-reputed throughout the state and a very popular choice for students.  The drawback for coaching is its high fees.
  • Confidence IAS Academy located in Trivandrum is the best civil services preparation centre offline. They also provide scholarship programs to their students and is one of the well-known institutes in its locality.
  • Alternative Learning System – This UPSC institute is not an old institute but in its short span of time has gained a lot of recognition. It has more than 5000 students that have passed the IAS prelims and mains round due to its UPSC program. It is located in Thiruvananthapuram.

Online Classes

These institutes would be very helpful if not for the CoronaVirus pandemic. With the risk of getting infected being very high, students should switch their mode of education.

Start looking for online classes that can do an equally good job at a cheaper rate.

For that UPSC Pathshala is the right choice, and you may wonder why?

The mentors, the prices, the courses in short.

UPSC Pathshala

UPSC Pathshala is the home to all your UPSC needs! The best of quality at the best of prices.  The courses are not restricted to one kind. There are a lot of courses and will be as per your needs.

The course is also available in Hindi for those writing in Hindi, or even prefer Hindi for learning purposes.

The mentors are experienced and will help you to convert weaknesses into goals. With affordable pricing, students can also avail a scholarship. And like they say to try and buy, you can also avail demo classes to see if it suits you!

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If reading about UPSC Pathshala is not satisfactory, read the testimonials of students that have used UPSC Pathshala for their exams.

In the last 3 years, 38 students have gotten top 100 ranks in all over India. That sure speaks miles about the coaching program provided,

Researching will help you understand that UPSC Pathshala is the best option for online UPSC coaching classes and is worth every penny along with your efforts.


If you are looking for UPSC coaching classes in Kerala, the article will provide you with the best three institutes.

Due to the current pandemic, it may not be the best choice to go to an institute to study. With a higher risk of transmission, staying at home and studying at home is the best way.

For this, online classes are the need of the hour. To your luck, there are specialised websites like UPSC Pathshala that do this.

They have a very highly qualified teaching staff along with great results. Over the last three years, students have been using this platform to their advantage and to score better. Hope the article helps, all the best!

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