Every IAS aspirant goes through the final round of the interview process once they have cleared the Prelims and Mains examination. This interview lasts up to 30 minutes and evaluates the candidate on their personality and knowledge. The interview marks include 275 marks out of the maximum 2025 marks. In further discussion, we will break down what is the nature of the interview? and what are the tips to perform best at UPSC interview?

Nature of the Interview

Understanding the nature and basis of the interview is quite essential in your IAS preparation. Keep in mind the interviewers’ board will assess your administrative skills and how you approach a particular question. Your syllabus knowledge is already established through your Prelims and Mains; now, you must focus on your personality and skills.

Tips to Help with IAS Interview Preparation

  • Start Preparing Early

Your interview results shouldn’t decide when you should start preparing for your interview. Start developing your personality the way you think would be the most ideal for becoming an IAS officer. Evaluate yourself properly, look for any hidden skills and traits. Also, work on your weaknesses to present the most refined version of yourself.

  • Read and Master your DAF multiple Times

After you clear your Mains written examination, you must fill up an online DAF (Detailed Application Form). This form includes a detailed profile of the candidate, not just the surface stuff like name and birthday. Every member on the interview board has a copy of your DAF, to form questions from it. It is essential that you go through it multiple times and do not fumble on those questions.

  • Develop the Right Attitude

It is essential to develop a positive attitude about the interview and not fret over unnecessary things like the board, questions, positions, etc. Also, give proper respect to the interview board members. They have a vast amount of knowledge and experience that deserves respect. Do not take any question casually, answer diligently.

  • Prepare for Questions related to Your Educational Background

Board may question the meaning of the name, vision, and founder of the institutions you studied in. They could also ask your reason for choosing the undergrad or master’s stream. You should be well-prepared for such questions. Learn about your school, college, and university. Also, review the content and highlight the important topics covered under your stream.

  • Know the Difference between Self-confidence and Arrogance 

Don’t be afraid to express your opinion, belief, and solutions on a particular topic you are sure about. Speak about them confidently. However, there is a fine line between being confident and arrogant. Don’t be adamant about something as it will give a negative impression.

  • Prepare for Questions related to Your Work Experience

You must have sound knowledge about all the institutions you have worked in and know about all the responsibility areas you were engaged in. You must be able to talk about how the institution helped you develop your skills and so on.

  • Prepare for Questions related to Reasons for Choosing Civil Services

Your motivation and reason for joining civil services should be clear. Also, the reason for switching careers can form part of your UPSC interview questions.

  • Improve Your Communication Skills

It is very important to master the language to effectively express your ideas within the 25-30 minutes of your interview. Train yourself to give short and crisp answers that are to the point. Listen to the radio, news channels, debates and so on to prepare for the same.

  • Prepare for Question-related about Hobbies

You should have a proper and valid reason for pursuing your hobbies. You must research and gain ample knowledge about your hobby. This is one of the starting questions of your interview. If part of any non-profit organisation, ponder on your key responsibilities and vision for the same.

  • Prepare for Questions related to Your Optional Subjects

Often the candidate forgets to give importance to the optional subjects once the MAINS are over. However, it is very important to brush up on the content of your optional subjects before you appear for the interview. Also, ponder over and formulate the exact reason your optional subject differs from your graduation degree subjects.

  • Know about Your State/ District

Have proper knowledge about your birthplace as well as the area you live in. Research on the problems in your state/district and also come up with robust solutions.

  • Dress Appropriately and Carry Proper Documents

Dress decently. Male candidates can wear clean shirts and dark trousers while female candidates can dress in simple churidar or a saree. Be confident in the way you dress. Make sure to check and recheck all the necessary documents before the UPSC interview date.


Be calm, and keep the tips mentioned above in mind while preparing for your interview. Have faith in yourself and your skills as this will surely help you get through your interview with ease.

After going through the above points, we hope you have your answers on the tips for performing best at UPSC Interview. Let us help you more. Join our network of 5000+ students and 200+ expert personal mentors who will help you ace your UPSC interview. We post and update daily blogs covering various essential topics related to UPSC and UPSC preparation regularly. Stay tuned to know more.

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What are the Tips to Perform Best at UPSC Interview? 12 Tips to Help You Prepare Best
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What are the Tips to Perform Best at UPSC Interview? 12 Tips to Help You Prepare Best
These important tips and tricks are sure to help you prepare well for UPSC interview questions well before the interview date.
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