In this article, UPSC Pathshala provides details on ‘How to prepare for Indian Polity?’ and ‘Who is the best polity teacher for UPSC I can find online?’. The article also provides a number of tips on how to prepare notes for Indian polity, and what are the best books for UPSC polity you can prepare from. Let’s start with the article.

How to Prepare Indian Polity for UPSC?

Indian polity is a vital part of both UPSC prelims, as well as the General studies paper of Mains. It basically requires a thorough understanding of the constitution of India as the foundation to grasp the understanding of its entire working framework.

Hence, from the demand for a constituent assembly, to the development of the constitution, it is important to understand everything. The answer writing in Indian polity is quite factual; so understanding each concept of the UPSC syllabus is important. Here are some handy tips for the preparation of Indian polity for UPSC:

Tips and Tricks

  1. NCERTs:  NCERTs of Political Science from Classes IX to XII are of high relevance to the polity UPSC syllabus. Understanding of these books can help form a strong base for political science questions in the UPSC paper.
  2. Basic Books: After you have read the NCERTs, basic or the standard books should be read carefully. These books provide an advance for answer writing in polity paper. Some of the most recommended standard books for Indian polity are given below:
  • Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth
  • Introduction to Indian Constitution by D.D Basu
  • The Constitution of India by P. M Bakshi
  1. Past Year’s Question Papers: Once you analyse the previous year’s question papers, you should be able to recognise the important parts in a context, and hence develop the habit of avoiding the irrelevant parts. 
  2. Mock Tests: Scheduling at least 2 mock tests per week, after you are done with your syllabus, keeps you in practice mode. This will keep on improving you with each paper.
  3. Newspapers: Polity is not just a static part; it deals largely with the current situations. Hence, reading the newspaper, and adding its relevance to the answer writing is a must for polity questions.

How to Make Notes for Polity UPSC?

Note writing can become a reason for wastage of time and efforts if not done carefully. For note making of Indian polity, one should remember the following points before starting:

  • The very first step of note-making should be reading and understanding of the concepts. If you start making notes without understanding the concepts, you will end up having a pile of irrelevant material.
  • It is the second read when you should start writing notes, along with inter-relating the topics. Keeping in mind the syllabus, and making the relation between various topics will keep your memory fresh till the date of your exam.
  • Making mind maps, tables, and other visual representations of the information makes understanding better.
  • While making notes, write down only the basic terms and phrases, and not a whole essay.
  • Once you complete note-making from the static part, start relating your current affairs with that of respective topics. Current affairs are a vital part of answer writing, as well as that of GS paper of the Prelims.
  • The last step comes to the revision of the made notes. Writing without revision is of no use, you should be in a constant habit of revising your notes once you are done making it.

Who are the Best Polity Teachers on Youtube for UPSC?

The following are the most popular online polity teachers available:

  1. Mr Veer Talyan: He has a youtube channel with 769 K followers. In his youtube channel, he has given detailed lectures on Laxmikanth book of Indian polity, along with daily analysis of The Hindu editorials. He is also working at Study IQ, where he teaches editorials from the best newspapers for UPSC.
  2. Sidharth Arora: A large number of aspirants follow him for his polity lectures on Youtube and other online platforms. He is famous for his lessons on the Indian constitution, which forms the basis for Indian polity. He holds a degree of M.B.B.S, along with that of L.L.B. He is currently an active advocate in the Supreme court of India. His Unacademy lectures are available on youtube as well. Currently, he has 115 K followers on Unacademy.
  3. Dinesh Gehlot: Dinesh Gehlot is a boon for aspirants who want to understand Polity in Hindi medium. He is a popular teacher on a youtube channel, under the name ‘Utkarsh classes Jodhpur’, and currently this channel boasts of 4.48 million followers. Aspirants from the U.P board of education, or any other Hindi medium platform consider Dinesh Gehlot the best teacher for Indian polity UPSC.
  4. Mayur Mogre: Mayur Mogre is among the most famous online polity teachers for most of the UPSC aspirants. He runs a youtube channel by his own name, ‘Mayur Mogre’, and is also present on many other online platforms like Unacademy and Study IQ. He is famous for the reason that he provides a detailed, chapter-wise understanding of the Laxmikanth book for the polity. He has also given several Marathi lectures, along with Hindi, on the subject. Here are his online channels:
  • Youtube- Lectures on Polity, followers- 261 K
  • Unacademy- Daily analysis of The Indian Express and The Hindu, followers- 2K
  • Study IQ- MCQs on UPSC CSE course

Why Online Polity Classes for UPSC?

Indian Polity is well understood through the famous Indian Polity M. Lakshmikanth. However, simply reading and memorising is never enough. To understand Indian polity, one should start with clearing the concepts. For this, you can start with building your fundamentals through Political science NCERTs of 11th and 12th grade. Understanding is the key to grasp the whole Indian polity syllabus of UPSC.

Since it has a lot of concepts, you may not be able to understand it on your own; therefore online polity classes for UPSC can help your journey become easier. There are various online platforms where you can understand the whole polity syllabus for free. One such platform is UPSC Pathshala. UPSC Pathshala’s personal mentors are experts of UPSC with years of experience. They solve doubts, keep track of progress, and help to improve in weak areas. Don’t miss the Free Demo Class and experience the teaching methodology of UPSC Pathshala.


Online polity classes can prove to be very helpful to understand the complex concepts in Indian polity. UPSC Pathshala has provided a number of blogs regarding various subjects for UPSC, check out our website to get a better understanding of UPSC content.

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