CUET 2022 is now required for all central universities in India. The CUET 2022 test would be for undergraduate science, arts, and commerce courses. Students are perplexed, and many have given up on attempting to grasp the exam. This article contains a list of universities and their websites compiled by UPSC Pathshala. Make sure you read it thoroughly.

What is the CUET Exam?

CUET(UG)2022- Common university Entrance Test is the most prominent and important exam of the year. It has been made mandatory for the first time in India by the ministry of education for the academic year 2022-2023. According to the NEP, National Education Policy 2020, there will be one main exam for admission to undergraduate programs that all central universities will have to follow. This provides equal opportunities to students who have not been able to study for their boards, or could not score good marks during their 12th final exams. Also, students from rural districts who have never attended school at all will be able to apply to some of the most prestigious colleges in India.

This is a good change in the educational system in India. Here, there won’t be any difference in the board marks of any boards and the marks won’t go higher and higher with each passing year. This will definitely provide equal opportunities for all students in India. Students can choose the subjects they want to study, the language they are comfortable with, and also learn more about the current affairs, and improve their GK while studying for the CUET examination.

Is CUET 2022 Mandatory?

University Grants Commission, in March 2022 issued a notice related to Common University Entrance Test (CUET). It has been made mandatory to appear for CUET to take admission in undergraduate courses from the academic year 2022-2023. This is for taking admission to the UGC-funded central universities across India.

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On March 21, 2022, the chairperson of the UGC stated that the test will be held in 13 languages. Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Punjabi, Odia, and English are among them. The exam will be administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA). In its notification, the UGC stated that CUET may be accepted by the public and private institutions in the following year.

The Central University Entrance Test will be held in the first week of July 2022, and registration will commence in the first week of April, according to UGC Chairman Dr. Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar during a media interaction on Monday, March 21, 2022. The chairman resolved numerous concerns about UG, PG, and Ph.D. admissions throughout the almost one-hour live session.

The Chairman began the debate by emphasizing that CUET is anticipated to relieve students and parents of financial burdens. He stated that the National Testing Agency will conduct CUET for both UG and PG courses in 2022-23. The Chairman went on to say that the marks will be accepted for admission in all central tests. “All central institutions must take admission on the basis of CUET,” remarked the UGC chairman. This year, Delhi University is also expected to accept admission based on CUET scores.

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The current admissions procedure will not be affected by CUET. The Chairman of the UGC underlined that CUET will have no effect on university reservation policies. The CUET score will be required for admission, but it will have no effect on the reservation policy. For example, if a certain percentage is set aside for local students at any university, it will remain constant. It’s only that kids in the reserved category will have to take the exam as well.

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CUET Exam 2022

The CUET exam application process has already begun. The application process will end on the 6th of May 2022. So make sure you apply quickly. Preparing for the CUET examination is not difficult. For your domain subjects, you can use your NCERT Textbooks themselves. And for your language skills read the newspaper daily. It will help you in your GK as well. Thus make sure you read the newspaper daily.


As you read in this article how CUET has been made mandatory by the government it is important that you take this exam seriously.

You can read this article to know more about when and how CUET started.

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