Customs officer jobs are one of the most sought jobs in India. The job of a customs officer is a government job that provides people with great security. Along with this, an individual is provided with a fat check when one retires.

But what is a customs officer or what does this job require individuals to do? There are so many questions that come to various people’s minds when they hear the word “Customs Officer”. But what are they actually? What does their work require them to do? And how can one be a customs officer? Many such other questions come to young minds, so why not clear these doubts today?

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to know this.

Customs Officer

A customs officer is an official or an individual that has been appointed by the government of India. He/ she is appointed on the behalf of the government and is chosen by them to take up various works of the government, thus becoming a helping hand for the government as well as the nation.

A customs officer is appointed only on the basis of the exams that one is required to take. But which exam is this? It is none other than the UPSC examination. Yes, the Civil Services examinations conducted every year by the government of India are the exams that one has to appear in while he/she has decided to be a customs officer.

It is a well-respected yet demanding career that requires one to make an arrest on the spot if someone is found guilty of having smuggled or illegal goods that one is not allowed to keep.

So, let’s move a little further to know more about it.

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How to Become a Customs Officer in India?

There are many steps that one is required to take in order to be a customs officer but the first and most important out of all is:

#1. Appear for that UPSC examination. Yes, you’ve heard it absolutely correct. Appearing for the exam and clearing it is all you require in order to be a customs officer.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start studying for that examination and excel in your way of life by clearing this examination.

#2. The second step would require one to be in that correct age limit where one can appear for the examination. The correct age for all the General category students is 21 years, but for the OBC and SC/ ST students/ aspirants, there is some exemption to it.

Some more Steps

#3. The next step would require one to hold a graduate degree from some recognized government university. Only those who have completed their graduation can appear for this test paper.

#4. The last step would require one to pass that basic fitness test and prove it using their test that they are physically fit to appear for the examination and all the future roles that they would be assigned further in life.

Customs Officer Salary

According to various data collected, it has been estimated that the average salary of a customs officer is Rs. 22,383 per month.

Customs Officer Qualifications

In order to be a customs officer, one needs to crack the Civil Services Examination which is conducted by the UPSC.

So, by the rules for this paper, one needs to be at least 21 years of age in order to appear for the examination and must hold a graduation degree to appear in the test.

Other than this, one needs to score at least a score as minimum as 55% in their graduation to appear for the paper.

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Work of a Custom Officer

A customs officer in India is required to help the economy grow in any way possible. These ways should be one that would require an individual to successfully carry trade with some other country.

Oftentimes, it has been seen that many people take this as their own benefit and try to conduct things in an illegal way, like smuggling things instead of paying taxes. And here is when there is a dire need for a customs officer who will check all the things in order to see if things are going on in a proper and smooth manner without any delay at all. He/she is required to do all things possible in their ways to stop these illegal activities and carry honest and legal activities in the country.

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Custom Officer Exam

There are various roles under the post of the customs officer. These are:

Job Name/ Role Salary Being Offered to People According to Their Posts
Preventive Officer Rs. 44,900 per month
Central Excise Inspector Rs. 44,900 per month
Examiner of Indian Customs Rs. 52,000 per month
Assistant Commissioner Rs. 50,000 – 65,000 per month


Anyone can be a customs officer, all it requires is hard work and by hard work, we mean extreme work where one has to study day and night for almost an entire year in order to get through this exam. So, anyone who’s afraid of working hard should not put their foot into such a big yet great deal.

The above piece of information presents one with all the information regarding this post and why one should go for this when they can have several different options to choose in life. Hopefully, this information must have provided you with enough knowledge on everything you wanted to know from this.

So, once done, don’t just forget to check out our other blogs and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to comment down below to let us know.

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