The Indian Forest Service is one of the Civil Services Examination led by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for the enrollment officials at the All India level by the Government of India for the logical administration of its forests.

It is one of the three All India Services. The test is directed for enrollment to forest administrations of India. The other two All India Services being the IAS and the IPS.

Students often wonder whether choosing a BSc. in forestry degree is helpful while preparing for the exams. Read this blog to know more about the IFoS exams.

What is the Indian Forest Service?

Indian Forest Service is one of the Civil Services of India and has a place with the summit All India Services gathering. IFoS administrations are put under different State units and joint frameworks however they gave the order to serve both under the State and Central Governments.

The fundamental command of IFoS administration is the execution of the National Forest Policy which expects to guarantee natural security and support of environmental equilibrium. An IFoS official is to a great extent free of locale organization and activities regulatory, legal and monetary forces in their area. All top situations in the state forest division are held by these officials.

Pattern of the IFoS Exam

To turn into an Indian Forest Service official, applicants need to show up for the assessment led by UPSC. The selection in the Indian Forest Services is done after passing three phases – preliminary, main exam and character test.

Applicants need to take note of that they need to show up for the Civil Services (Preliminary) assessment and qualify the equivalent for the second period of the assessment, i.e., IFoS (Main Examination). Candidates who qualify in the Civil Services (Preliminary) and meet the qualification rules of IFoS will be shortlisted for the Main Examination.

Eligibility for Indian Forest Services

Aspirants who are trying for the Indian Forest Service ought to apply just through the Civil Services (Preliminary). There is no different IFoS application structure.

In any case, there are a couple of significant focuses candidates should know before IFoS enrollment. Candidates ought to fulfil the instructive requirements set by the Commission to qualify for the Indian Forest Service.

Aspirants should enrol for the Civil Services (Preliminary) assessment and qualify in the screening test for going to the second phase of IFoS (Main) assessment. The qualified candidates in the Preliminary will be allowed to fill a Detailed Application Form accessible on the website.

Applicants should be fit by the actual guidelines for admission to Indian Forest Service Examination. Aspirants are encouraged to visit the IFoS official website to check the definite guidelines and guidelines.

Candidates should also have a Bachelor’s Degree in forestry or agriculture or should have at least Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology as a compulsory subject in your bachelor’s degree.

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Role of a Forest Officer

  • One of the fundamental jobs of an IFoS officer is to secure and moderate the legacy of the woods and pursue saving the forest assets.
  • Saving trees is another significant errand which should be paid attention to.
  • As an officer one requirements to keep a beware of illicit logging of trees and work with the woodland gatekeepers and security faculty to be ready consistently.
  • As an officer one needs to run after planting more trees in the timberland area and furthermore start and take an interest in such occasions.
  • Creatures are another significant woodland asset and as a forest officer one necessities to guarantee their security and need to forestall any criminal behaviour that includes harming or murdering them.

Some more Responsibilities of a Forest Officer

  • As an officer is ready for poachers and illicit passage in the forest territory is likewise significant.
  • As an officer one will be liable for executing the National Forest Policy.
  • As an officer, one should chalk-out designs for lawful business misuse for lumber and so forth As an officer one should do the necessary desk work and complete reports that must be introduced to the woodland division and service.
  • As an officer, one should direct normal overviews of the forest and assurance that the work is properly being finished. Voyaging will likewise be incorporated.

How to Clear the IFoS Exam?

IFoS preparation is not easy and students need to follow the given steps to prepare for the exams:

  1. Do a proper reading of all the NCERT textbooks and also solve previous year question papers.
  2. Improve your English proficiency.
  3. For the General English Paper, practice understandings, expositions, and vocabulary practices from any standard Civil Services examination handbook.
  4. Self – made notes are of great importance for clearing the Indian forest service exam.

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