Essay on ‘Secularism in India’ for UPSC: Present Your UPSC Essay Topics in the Best Way

essay on secularism in india for UPSC

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This essay is based on secularism in India for the UPSC exam. In the very first paragraph, let’s start with introducing the topic.

Essay on ‘Secularism in India’ for UPSC –  Introductory Para

The term secularism refers to the separation of religion from government. This implies that the government at any level cannot associate itself with a certain religion and that all religions are treated as equal in the eyes of law. This is very important for a country like India that homes the number of religions. India has so much diversity within the country. Every region of the country is different from each region.

The preamble of India states itself to be a secular nation and with this also provides a few basic rights related to an individual’s religion. There are 4 rights available on the basis of religion. They are Right to propagate, Right to profess, Right to practice and Freedom of conscience.  These rights are provided by the constitution as a safeguard for every religion.

There can be no discrimination based on any person’s religion in the country. If this right of theirs is broken, it will be deemed as a criminal activity and a person is liable to be punished by the law. The government looks to give reservation to religious minorities so that they do not feel discriminated against in the nation.

UPSC Sample Essay Topic Second Para

Many times these reservations raise questions like if India is truly secular? The answer is yes, India is very secular. The country is home to more than just five religions. It is impossible for the nation to agree and fulfil to the needs of each and every religion, and this in turn causes conflicts.

Third Para

Yes, it is important to understand the needs of the minorities as it is very common to see the minority religion is dominated by the majority as in the case of Sri Lanka. It is very important for India to ensure that the same situation does not prevail in the country as it can seriously dent the development progress. It is very important that the government stands on neutral grounds over religious matters and does not give any support to a certain religion.

Fourth Para

It is commonly seen that political parties turn to religion in order to gain votes. This is a very bad method of polling and is done in bad taste. The countrymen of India should look to create a positive change, where religion is not a factor for voting. The deserving candidate should be voted into power and not someone who is trying to appease a single community only for the sake of votes.

Fifth Para

Secularism in India is very important. Not only will it help to create a better society but also a much safer and developed society. It is very important to stray away from religion. Whenever religion has been mixed with the government, the results have never been good. The examples of these are many, Sri Lanka, Yugoslavia and many more countries.

Concluding Para

India has done its best to keep religion out from the government from the very start. Secularism is one of the main pillars that keep the democratic value of our country upheld. The issue of secularism in India is definitely downgrading as of now. Many religious extremists are now looking to demolish the secularism that is prevailing in India. Few call this secularism fake, and few call it unjust. The banishment of this secularism is not only from one side of the religious spectrum but from multiple sides.

The number of religious extremists who are tainting the freedom of the nation is now on the rise. It is very important that these kinds of groups are dealt with quickly as it definitely can affect the way India will develop.

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