IAS Gaurav Budania from Rajasthan has achieved AIR-13th rank in the Union Public Service Commission Exam. He cracked the Civil Service Examination in his first attempt and became an IAS officer. Indian Administrative Service Officer Budania was born and brought up in Churu, Rajasthan which is famous for its rising temperature.

Currently, he lives in Jaipur (Gurjar ki Thadi area). He secured rank 12 in Rajasthan Administrative Services Examination in 2018. Read on to learn more about the IAS Gaurav Budania biography.

Gaurav Budania Biography

Gaurav was a small-town man who made it big and brought glory to Rajasthan by clearing the Union Public Service Commission exam on his first try, securing All India Rank 13. He completed his high schooling in the small district of Rajasthan, Churu.

Later on, he went to college in BHU where completed his graduation in Mining Engineering and after that, he completed his Masters in Sociology. He secured All India Rank 80 in the GATE exam.

Gaurav Budania’s UPSC Journey

IAS Budania believes that there is a huge competition in the Union Public Service Commission exam. So smart work needs to be done along with hard work. He said in the interview that one should always think he/ she has only one attempt for this exam then only they will be able to clear the exam in the first attempt otherwise they have to keep on giving attempts until they finally clear it.

Gaurav Budania Marksheet

Indian Administrative Service Officer Gaurav scored 850 marks in the Union Public Service Commission Mains Written examination and in the Personality test, he obtained 173. In total, he attained 1023 and secured 13th rank in Civil Service Examination 2020. Given below is IAS Gaurav Budania’s marksheet:

All India Rank UPSC Mains (Written) Exam Marks Personality Test Marks Total Marks
13 850 173 1023

Gaurav Budania Medium

Gaurav Budania’s medium was Hindi. He gave his written exam in English and during the interview, he chose the option of Hindi language to answer. He was more comfortable with the Hindi language because he was able to deliver his perspectives more clearly and have a proper grip on the scenario; he doesn’t feel the same when he speaks in the English language.

All the Hindi medium candidates will be relieved to know that UPSC doesn’t give any priority to a specific language, they just examine the candidates based on their abilities and knowledge. Budania created an example for the upcoming aspirants, making it clear that language will never be an obstacle in the Union Public Service Commission exam.


Gaurav’s uncle often used to say that he should join the Civil Service and give back to society. As his uncle saw the potential that Gaurav can bring innovation with his talent. The nation requires people who know the ground reality. That’s what always motivated him and he finally made a strategy for himself to prepare for the Union Public Service Commission Exam.

He advised the candidates to choose optional subjects wisely, try to be up to date with current affairs as it’s a vast portion to cover so it’s better to do a bit of it every day, revise your topics and solve as many papers as you can. During the examination, he divided his questions into five parts. Because during the time of preparation he used to read the topic and write about it in 4 parts, while in one portion he tried to write about the fact related reality he saw.

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Optional Subject

IAS Budania chose Anthropology as his optional subject. He shared a special tip on how to choose the best optional subject, he said you don’t have to stress yourself much about choosing the optional subject, it is a simple process one can follow. You just need to pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses, in that way you will be able to find out which subject you are good at.

Also, if you have studied a subject during your graduation, in which you are strong you can opt for that subject as well. It’s no point wasting time on choosing instead you should utilize your time in your UPSC preparation that will bring a huge difference in your final score.

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IAS Gaurav’s Age

Gaurav at a very young age showed his potential in the academic field. He brought glory to home many times. He was not from a well to do family nor does his family had a good educational background but still, his family supported him a lot and motivative him on every step he took. From a young age, he understood the sense of responsibility.

IAS Gaurav’s Interview Round Experience

During the interview, IAS Budania mentioned that he and his whole family were in the hospital for 2 months because they were affected by Covid. He lost his uncle (Tau Ji) as well. He had only 10-15 days to prepare for the interview, he made himself think everything that happens is a part of life and he should accept it and he motivated himself to appear for the exam. He didn’t give up and was fully focused on the goal he set.

Gaurav said that he has 3 priorities in the service. The main emphasis is on helping whoever reaches him for help. No one should return disappointed from him. He would take some creative actions to boost education and stand against child and women crime.

UPSC Preparation

You can also start an effective preparation by joining UPSC Pathshala, they provide you with excellent guidance, given below are few things that the candidates will get if they join UPSC Pathshala:

Guidance from Trained Professional

Trained experts will guide you throughout your preparation journey. They will examine you and work on which areas you are weak at. It Will also help you choose the best optional subject.

Personal Sessions

Sometimes candidates feel comfortable when they study in their personal area. Without the interface of others. So UPSC Pathshala came up with personal sessions which will boost the preparation of the candidate.

Recorded Lectures

You will be given a recorded version of all the lectures. So you do not have to worry about missing out on lectures any longer and when you study by yourself you can view the lecture anytime you want to understand better.

Sessions to Clear Doubts

So you might have a question: what if I have doubts, how am I supposed to clear my doubts online? The answer is simple: when the live sessions are going on, if any doubt occurs in your mind, you can simply drop your question in the chatbox and the lecturer will clear the doubt. If you are too shy to put your question in a live session you can also text or video call the mentor and clarify your doubts.

Mock Test

The trained experts conduct mock tests frequently. So that they can analyse what is your performance in the test and work on it accordingly. A mock test is also taken to see if you are able to understand whatever is taught or not.

Current Affairs

Since the current affair is huge to cover. So UPSC Pathshala provides you with the current affairs which are important and are likely to come by analysing previous years question papers. So now you don’t have to keep engaging yourself in finding important current affairs. You just have to utilise that time on other hard topics that you need to improve.

Time Management

UPSC Pathshala also helps you with time management by taking frequent exams which will help you finish the exam on time and write all the questions, without missing out on any questions. Also managing your timetable in a way that you complete the syllabus, cover all the topics and have enough time for revisions. You will also get time to relax and take small breaks to improve your learning as well as maintaining good health.

Health is important, so looking after your body is also necessary. Keep a good track of time and your body to perform the best in the civil service exam.


The story of IAS Budania is very inspiring, the way he came across all the obstacles in such a short period is indeed applaudable. Hopefully, this article motivates you to accomplish the goals you have set. For full guidance on how you can prepare for the UPSC exam and related articles, you can join UPSC Pathshala. So hurry up, don’t let the opportunity slip out of your hand.

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