The complete details about the Gig and platform workers are available in this article. If you want to prepare well for your UPSC examination, you need to go thoroughly through all the important information covered here. Let’s begin!

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Who are Gig and Platform Workers?

You should have a good hold on the current topics and their complete information. If you are searching for the Gig and Platform workers’ concept, here are the complete details. The gig economy is the free market system within which temporary positions are common and therefore the organization contracts with freelance staff for short-run engagements.

According to a Boston Consulting Group report, India’s gig men include fifteen million staff in industries like computer code, shared services, and skilled services. Within the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in the demand for gig staff, notably within the provision section and shared services, that resulted in the mushrooming of job discovery platforms.

Gig economy firms turn out a calculable fifty-six per of recent employment in India, across each the white-collar and blue-collar workforce.

In the digital age, staff now do not need to sit in a very mounted location—the job will be done from any place, permitting businesses to pick the simplest talent obtainable for a project without relation to geography. The millennial generation seems to own a really totally different angle on careers.

They like to do work that they require rather than pursue careers that will or might not meet their urges.Increased migration and wide obtainable job training.

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Gig Workers: UPSC Notes

Let’s check out the facts and information related to the challenges of the concept. The first challenge is improper regulation. Because the gig economy is especially unregulated, staff have low job security and small edges.

However, some believe that the gig economy in India, in terms of staff not receiving Social Security, insurance, and so on, is simply an extension of India’s informal labour, which has long been rife and unregulated. The need for skill is another issue. An employee should be sufficiently practiced. Unless an individual is very proficient, his negotiation power can invariably be restricted.

While firms normally invest in worker training, a gig-economy employee can enhance his skills on his own and at his own value. The demand-supply mismatch is also a significant challenge of this concept. There is currently way more potential online freelance staff than jobs obtainable, and this demand-supply mismatch can solely worsen over time, lowering wages.

UPSC Exam Preparation

UPSC exam is the toughest one in the country, so all the aspirants are required to learn the maximum and give their best on the paper. If you are doing UPSC exam preparation, you must also get the way forward of this concept. A categorical statement might make sure that staff receives Social Security edges while not jeopardizing the touted qualities of platform work.

There is a requirement for a socio-legal acknowledgement of heterogeneity of labor in a very gig economy, furthermore as joint answerability for the delivery of social services to the state and platform firms. To avoid operational issues in providing welfare services, a cooperative effort by the state, companies, and staff to know where staff falls on the spectrum of flexibility and dependence on platform firms is important.

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