It is necessary to have a strong general knowledge base for the civil services examination and for the future career. This job needs broad-based people with a thorough understanding of what’s going on around them. As far as the test is concerned, 600 marks in the GS papers + 200 in the essay + 300 in the interview will depend on the level of general knowledge. Thus, about 1100-1400 marks rely solely on your general knowledge base.

Recently, UPSC has been posing GK-related questions by relating them to conventional subjects such as politics, history, geography etc. As well as conventional and general topics, you must be informed of the current issues relevant to them, which implies that the subject is of great importance on its own as well as on other main subjects.

UPSC GK Questions 2020 For Prelims

Current Affairs, where the UPSC has a habit of giving surprises, was the same this year. There were about 15 questions from Current Affairs. . For example, most of the questions in the Economic Section and Science and Technology were posed under the influence of news, but did not cross the boundary of the fixed syllabus. The government scheme was a miss with only a few questions asked like the Kisan Credit Card.

List of Question & Answers that Were Asked in UPSC 2020

Q.Under the Kisan credit scheme, short term credit support is given to farmers for which of the following purposes?

  1. Working capital for maintenance of farm assets
  2. B. Purchase of combine harvesters, tractors, and mini trucks
  3. Consumption requirements of farm households
  4. Post-harvest expenses
  5. Construction of family house and setting up of village cold storage facility

Ans-  1, 3, 4 only

Q. In India, under cyber insurances for individuals, which of the following benefits are generally covered, in addition to payment for the loss of funds and other benefits?

  1. Cost of restoration of the computer system in case of malware disrupting access to one’s computer
  2. Cost of a new computer if some miscreant wilfully damaged it, if proved so
  3. Cost of hiring a specialized consultant to minimize the loss in case of cyber extortion
  4. Cost of defence in the court of law if any third party files a suit

Ans- 1,2,3,4

Some More Questions on GK 2020

    Q. “The experiment will employ a trio of spacecraft flying in formation in the shape of an equilateral triangle that has sides on one million kilometers along, with lasers shining between the craft”. The experiment in question refers to

  1. Voyager – 2
  2. New Horizons
  3. LISA Pathfinder
  4. Evolved LISA

Ans- Evolved Lisa

Q.What is the importance of using Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines in India?

Ans- Dependence on antibiotics that are not effective against drug-resistant bacteria can be reduced.

  1. If another global financial crisis happens in the near future, which of the following policies are most likely to give some immunity to India?
  2. Not depending on short term foreign borrowings
  3. Opening up to more foreign banks
  4. Maintaining full capital account convertibility

Ans-  1

In order to get a better idea, you can attempt to practice questions related to gk.

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Why Should You Revise GK?

 The current affair is a constant subject that keeps accumulating on a regular basis. The best way to maintain the material is by continuous review and execution of the answers you write during your regular practice or test sequence. Just by addressing the relevant issue in a sentence or two will add a great deal of value to your responses.

Besides, it’s best to revise current affairs shortly after you read the involved static section of a paper. For example, if you’re preparing for a GS-1 mock test, just after you’ve finished the static portion, you’ll need to revise the relevant current affairs section. aThis will help you subconsciously connect the static to the current and help you write an effective answer while you take the test.


Be familiar with the core curriculum for Prelims and Mains so that you can identify which segments of current affairs are likely to be more relevant. At the IAS, events at the national level that have an impact on the entire country and even international influence are more vital than regional ones. However, regional news which becomes a  national issue should not be ignored. So keep yourself updated with the current events and keep taking notes.

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