Whenever anyone thinks about government careers in the nation, distinct jobs come to mind. Most of these jobs are Group A businesses that get the increased salary among all the government workers. Along with attractive salaries, these employees also earn much deserving honour from the community.

Many aspirants busy in IAS preparation desire these respected jobs while doing their practice for the UPSC. Every year, lakhs of candidates gather together to appear for the civil services examination. There is a very tough competition between the aspirants to crack the IAS post.

There are only a few students who qualify for the IAS assessment. Many competitors give three to four attempts but still fail to clear the test. Great prominent leaders also cracked the examination in the second or fourth attempt.

A nominee before appearing for the UPSC examination should be aware of the various group services in the IAS. There are two groups of UPSC, all India services and the central services. The central group is further divided into two subgroups, A and B. It is essential to know the details and criteria for all the service posts in the IAS industry.

Every position under the UPSC is a reputed and respected one. Students from all corners of the country apply for the various posts getting attracted to the impressive salary and perks provided by the jobs. Different departments of the sector administer the examination every year to appoint the eligible candidates for the roles.

In this article, we shall learn about the “Group A” services in the IAS. The several services, administered by the central department of UPSC. We shall further discuss each service in-depth for you to get a clear idea about everything. To do stay tuned till the end to get a good impression of all the “Group A”.

Indian Civil Service

They are divided mainly into two compartments which are the All India Services and the Central Services. Administrators of the All India Services, on nomination by the Government of India, are spotted at the disposal of the distinct State Governments. These services comprise:

# The Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

# The Indian Police Service (IPS)

# The Indian Forest Service (IFS)

On the other hand, the administrators of the Central Services, wherever they might be stationed, assist the Government of India only. They are further divided into two types of groups, A and B. In this article we shall learn in detail about the group a of central services only.

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Group Services in UPSC

Several services are wrapped in Group A. Many pupils who are preparing for their UPSC examination often think about how many varieties are in group services in UPSC? You may not get the exact number of services on the internet. Different sources indicate different numbers of central services in group A. If you are looking for the most authentic one then you are at the right place. Below is the valid list of several central services in the group in UPSC for the aspirants to acknowledge well before appearing for the IAS exam.

List of Group A Services

# Border Roads Engineering (BRES)

# Indian Defense Service of Engineers (IDSE)

# Indian Railway Stores Service (IRSS)

# Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS)

# Central Architects Service (CAS)

# Indian Defence Estates Service (IDES)

# Central Engineering (Civil) Service (CES (Civil))

# Indian Defence Contract Management Service (IDCMS)

# And, the Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers (IRSME)

Some More UPSC Group A Services

# Indian Railway Medical (IRMS)

# Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE)

# Border Security Force Health Service (BSFHS)

# Border Security Force (BSF)

# Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

# Indian Cost Accounts Service (ICoAS)

# Indian Railway Service of Engineers (IRSE)

# Indian Defense Accounts Service (IDAS)

# Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)

# Botanical Survey of India (BSI)

# Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS)

As you can observe above, there are diverse varieties that are included under the UPSC group A services. There are even more assistance that are wrapped in addition to group A. There are 69 varieties in a whole that are wrapped in Group A of central services. To get employment under the group A , you will have to qualify for their particular examinations.

The exams for distinct varieties mentioned above are conducted by different departments every year to nominate capable candidates for all specific posts. Therefore inhibiting basic knowledge about the services is essential for the candidate for clearing a certain examination. Before discussing the group A of central services, let’s acknowledge the IAS.

Indian Administration Service (IAS)

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) was formally composed in 1947. The IAS deals with the affairs of the government. At the central level, this complicates the implementation of policy and framing. At the district phase, it is interested in district relationships, comprising developmental functions. At the divisional degree, the IAS administrators look after general administration, development work and law and order. In the Government of India, the officers handle the development of strategies and conduct their implementation.

In each Ministry, they oversee the allowance and utilisation of accounts by the field officials in the Ministry. They may also be inquired to provide information to the Parliament in reaction to queries associating with the Ministry. Occasionally, their jobs include visits to different states.

Relying on the rank, an IAS administrator might even be the government candidate on the Board of Directors of some Public Sector Corporation. They may also at moments be appointed to independently represent India at International conferences or support the Minister for such seminars.

From the level of Deputy Secretary to the Government of India, they can approve international authorisations on behalf of the Government of India. However, more than half their business life will be spent in the State they are allotted, where they will glance after law and order, common administration, revenue job and developmental purposes.

During their two-year probation, they will be connected to several training schools, to the Secretariat and area offices and a state collector’s department. Here they will perform the task of a sub magistrate. On fulfilment of their two-year’s probation, they will be nominated as a SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate).

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Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)

As an administrator in this service, the IRPS officers will handle the recruitment, growth, service exercise and welfare of the workers. They will be eager to know that IRPS administrators get the equal of the Supertime Scale before any other assistance from the Government of India. The posts are as follows:

In the junior ranking, they will be appointed Assistant Personnel Officer and stationed at Divisional Headquarters. Following this, they will serve as a Senior Divisional Personnel Officer of Deputy Chief Planning Officer in the JAG and Divisional Personnel Officer in the Senior Scale.

They will be made Additional Chief Planning Officer once they get the nomination degree. In the Senior Administrative Grade, they will be appointed Chief Personnel Officer and assist at Zonal Headquarters. At a non-divisional level, there are proportional posts for administrators relating to all the railway services.

Border Security Force (BSF)

As the name indicates, it is the security force that protects the Indian borders with Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is one of the hugest forces guarding the boundaries. To get access to BSF, you will have to qualify for the Assistant Commandant examination that is held every year. It is one of the most reputable armed forces in India and appears under Group A.

Indian Foreign Service

Indian Foreign is the civil service that administers discretion and governs foreign associations in India. If you are a component of the Indian Foreign, then you will be deployed in the Ministry of External affairs department in Delhi and the Prime Minister’s bureau. After you are appointed for IFS, you need to endure a foundation program at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration situated in Mussoorie.

Indian Postal Service

It is the only assistance from which one can go on a delegation to the army and assist from Captain to Major General. An impressive facet of a career in the Indian Postal is that there is variety as well as job mobility. An Indian Postal administrator can perform in any ministry at any degree depending on the seniority and ability.

Administrators are also sent on a delegation to the Universal Postal Union at Berne, Switzerland or tasks to other nations. During probation, the administrator will be connected to field bureaus of the department, where they will serve in various capacities.

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Hoping that the above information was helpful to you to know all aspects of group A central services in UPSC. The detailed information about the distinct services is mentioned above. If you wish to appear for the IAS exam then you must be aware of the topics illustrated above. UPSC examination is one of the most challenging and reputed examinations all over the nation. It requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice and devotion.

If you want a reasonable guide to prepare for the IAS examination. Then visit the website UPSC Pathshala for all content related to IAS with the best training and courses for you to prepare adequately for the exam.

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