The UPSC exam requires your knowledge and awareness in every field. You must be full of facts and information regarding all the current as well as important happenings of the country as well as the world. If you are aspiring to be an officer to serve your motherland, you have to keep an eagle view of everything happening in and out of the country.

You must view the happenings from 360 degrees and analyze the reasons and importance of the things. It is extremely significant for the candidates to grab the details and facts because you can be asked about anything related to the nation in the UPSC exam and also you must know it all to be the deserving candidate to serve the country with your efforts.

Well, if you are looking for the most important information on the Houthi rebels UPSC, you will have to go ahead and read the complete article. The article will give you the reasons for the Houthi rebels UPSC trending in the news and everyone knowing about it. So, check out the best knowledge regarding this topic in this article.

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Houthi Rebels UPSC

The most searched question about the Houthi rebels UPSC is why is it in the news? Well, the answer to the question is that the Houthis have conducted a ballistic missile attack on Riyadh which is the Saudi Capital. The attack was destroyed by the coalition made by Saudi Arabia. This has been possible because the Saudi-led coalition fought Yemen’s Iranian-aligned Houthi group.

Now, you must be thinking about the reason for the attack. The Houthis have undoubtedly made great advancements on the ground. The biggest advancement is seen in the Jawf province along the Saudi border.

The last hold of Yemen in the North is Marib which is going to be attacked by the Houthis. Iran has supported the Houthis because Iran has been witnessed to help them in decision making. You must be aware that Tehran which is the capital of Iran wants the Saudi kingdom to remain embroiled in the Yemeni chaos.

The biggest reason for this incident is that the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia is 40 years old. The conflict’s victim is now Yemen. This conflict started during the Iranian revolution.

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UPSC Notes

The UPSC notes for this tremendously important topic are crucial for the UPSC candidates. If you want to give value to the UPSC preparation, you must follow the right platform for precise information.

The Yemen conflict is the start of the incident. Yemen has been facing multiple issues since 2014 which also include local, national, and regional news. The year 2019 has witnessed the Houthi rebel which is Yemen’s Shia doing a cease-fire. It attacked Aramco crude oil production in Saudi Arabia.

The concern of the Houthi rebels was that Yemen is strategically important for every country as it is the linkage of the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden. Through this linkage, all the oil shipments pass which is essential for other countries too. If you want a precise summary of the attack, you must acknowledge the fact that this conflict is also seen as part of regional power.

The power struggle between Shia-ruled Iran and Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia has been the biggest reason. So, if you want to grab the highest scores, you need to emphasize the important factors.

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UPSC Preparation

The UPSC preparation includes all the necessary information from each field and area. If you are reading this article, it’s time to understand the role of India in this attack. The role of India in this incident was that India launched a massive air and sea operation.

This operation was initiated by our country to evacuate over 4000 Indian nationals. The nation worked for the evacuation from Yemen in April 2015. India also showed goodwill gestures by providing food and medical facilities to Yemen.

The biggest role of India in the development of Yemen is seen in the fact that the country is providing educational help to a large number of Yemeni nationals. They are studying at different Indian institutes. So, this is the complete information about the Houthi Rebels UPSC that you must acknowledge.

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Hopefully, this article has proved to be greatly advantageous for your UPSC preparation. The UPSC exam is not an easy nut to crack. You have to put your best to know about each current happening and the facts to answer in the examination.

The UPSC preparation is the time for you to get the most authentic sources to get the knowledge and remember it forever. You must make the best out of your UPSC preparation phase and learn about all the sections of the country to serve your motherland well.

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