In an IBPS interview, one of the most common questions is regarding your bank preference. Similar questions like this can be expected from the interviewers. In this article, you will learn how to justify bank preference in an IBPS interview. Along with that, we have added some topics such as bank PO preparation tips, interview questions and interview tips. Now, take a break and read this important article now.

How to Justify Bank Preference in an IBPS Interview?

This one is tricky, yet you can answer it with our help. Ask yourself why you chose that bank. To break down the answer in points, you can tag some factors on the basis of which you have selected your preferred bank. Read the sections below, to learn about the factors for choosing a bank.

How to Fill Bank Preference?

To begin, write a list of the things you desire from the bank where you wish to work. For example, you could wish to work in a bank that provides a good work-life balance in your home or somewhere close. After that, determine which bank best meets your demands, or comes close to meeting them, before making your selection.

The list is to be completed as the preference for IBPS PO 2021 is listed below per area. This is simply a basic list based on our assumptions; you may construct your own list based on your preferences.

North & North East South
Bank of India: 734 Bank of India: 734
Bank of Maharashtra: 250 Bank of Maharashtra: 250
Punjab & Sind Bank: 83 Union Bank of India (Andhra + Corporation): NR
Punjab National Bank (OBC + United Bank) Canara Bank (SYN): NR
Union Bank of India (Andhra + Corporation): NR Punjab & Sind Bank: 83
Canara Bank (SYN): NR Indian Bank
Indian Bank Punjab National Bank (OBC + United Bank)

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Factors to Look While Filling Bank Preference

Bank location

The first and most important factor to examine is the location. If you wish to work in a certain location, look for the ones with headquarters in that area and put them higher on your priority list.


When a bank has more branches, the number of candidates who are moved increases. As a result, if you’re not seeking frequent transfers, make your selection appropriately. Some enable you to pick the location of your posting, while others do not; some post you in both rural and urban regions, while others exclusively post you in urban areas. As a result, before deciding, we recommend that you review their transfer rules.

Salary Structure & Work Environment

Most of them have comparable pay structures and promotion processes for probationary officers, as well as similar tasks. There are, nevertheless, minor differences between them. For example, being stationed in rural locations may result in lower HRA than being stationed in cities or metros. This may have an influence on your gross pay.

Bank PO Interview Questions

Here is a list of questions that are constructed by us for your interview practice. Try to answer them one by one.

# Tell us about your parents’ professional backgrounds.

# Why don’t you shed some light on cryptocurrency?

# What is your college’s name and where is it situated?

# Why do you want to work in a bank?

# Tell me about your educational qualifications

# Speak something on current Indian economy status

# What do you mean by the word “Barter”?

# What are the principles of core banking?

# Which political party do you support and why?

# Speaking something on the origin of the Coronavirus

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Top 5 Essential Bank PO Interview Tips

Know About The Bank

The first step in your preparation should be to conduct a thorough study on the banks you have designated as preferred. Browse their website to learn everything there is to know about the bank and compile a list of relevant facts such as its history, growth, position, and services. It will assist you in answering queries from the recruiter such as why you choose it as a career.

You should also learn key banking terminologies such as repo rate, CRR, RTGS, inflation, and so on.

It will demonstrate to the interviewer your efforts and hard work in conducting research, as well as how seriously you are interested in the position.

Practice Mock Interviews

It’s understandable if you’re apprehensive about going to an interview. It’s an issue that many applicants face. However, you must devote some time to resolving this issue, as your anxiousness may jeopardise your whole preparation for the interview, as you will be unable to talk confidently and provide the proper answers to the interviewer’s queries.

Mock interview sessions might help you overcome this issue. It will help you gain confidence and improve your ability to reply to the interviewer without repeating yourself.

Mock interviews are done by career specialists and resemble genuine job interviews. As a result, assist you in providing favourable feedback on your performance. It will assist you in identifying your weak areas, guiding you in making changes, and therefore boosting your self-assurance.

General Awareness and Current Affairs

Prepare well for general awareness, since there will be a lot of questions on GA and current events.

Make it a habit to read the newspaper every day. We recommend that you read English newspapers to increase your vocabulary because most interviewers want their queries to be addressed in English.

Keep up with everything that’s going on in the world in terms of business, banking, large summits, sports, prizes in various disciplines, books and their authors, significant persons in the news, promotions, deaths, and so on.

Joining The Bank

If they ask if you have any questions or want to know why you want to work for the bank, just tell them it’s your dream job and inquire about the procedure after the interview. Never inform them that you are studying for other examinations since this would indicate that you are not really committed to gaining the job.

Proper Diet, Sleep, and Exercise

Maintain a nutritious diet during the preparation time. Don’t miss meals, particularly in the morning.

Eating three large meals a day will cause your mental and physical state to deteriorate. As a result, eat 5 to 6 small meals at periodic intervals to keep your nutrition levels steady and your energy levels stable.

To relieve stress, get enough sleep. It is true that sleeping enhances your mind’s capacity to retain memories and concentrate. As a result, never miss sleep in order to study late at night, as this can weaken your memory. The most essential thing is to exercise or practise yoga on a regular basis, whatever you choose. As it will help you stay mentally and physically healthy, which will attract you during your interview.

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Bank PO Preparation Tips

Syllabus & Exam Pattern Knowledge

Knowing the curriculum and test format can assist you in creating a study schedule. You might begin your preparation by sorting the key subjects.

Right Books and Previous Year Papers

Examine past year’s papers to find the most relevant syllabus and prioritise the most crucial areas. To prevent wasting time, consult the appropriate literature.

Make a Structured Plan

Calculate how much time you have to prepare and then prioritise the things you need to learn. Make a schedule to meet your daily objectives and devote extra time to the weakest portions of the curriculum.

Prepare Notes

Reading only the core is ineffective. Always keep track of what you’ve read. Writing increases memory recall of subjects you read, according to research.


Practice all of the essential subjects with examples and problems that have been solved. Develop a habit to solve several sample papers and previous years’ test papers, in addition, practise tests to familiarise yourself with the exam pattern and complexity level.

Take Mock Tests

Mock tests will assist you in staying on track and learning from your mistakes. After you’ve practised, taking a mock test will allow you to get a feel for the real exam.


The secret to passing the Here we are not talking about SBI po so don’t mention the name. The PO test on the first try is revision and consistent practice. On a daily basis, review all of the essential topics and go through the shortcuts for solving issues.

Stay Healthy

Regularly working on your knowledge, capabilities, and confidence can help you develop. You must also be physically and psychologically well in order to put out these efforts. As a result, make sure you don’t disregard your health.


As mentioned above, you must choose your bank by looking at the crucial factors: location, transfer, salary and workplace. We hope that we were able to help you out in getting the idea of how to answer your bank preference when asked in an interview.

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