With growing and ever-changing times, the youth of our country is getting more and more interested in government jobs with the help of which the chances of government jobs are increasing in our society every single day. And for many of these government jobs, all the students have to go through one exam which is held in our country every year and that is – the UPSC examinations.

Yes, the UPSC – also known as the Union Public Services Commission Examinations which is held for assigning different candidates to the various government job posts like the IAS, IPS, and IFS. Adding to these examinations, there is also one less-famous examination which is not known by many people in our country and that is the state PSC examinations – also known as the state Public Services Commission Examinations which is held by different states for appointing different candidates to various government jobs at the state level only.

And with them, not being extremely famous like the UPSC, not many know much about them, especially the difference between the two. So, what are you waiting for? Today, we’ll be telling you all about these two examinations.

So, pack your bags and get on a journey along with us.


The difference between UPSC and state PSC exam is:

As it is a well-known fact that the UPSC exam is still considered the toughest examinations in our country, i.e., the IAS examination which is conducted by the UPSC is the most difficult paper in India. Every year a rough amount of around 1,000 – 1,00,000 students appear for these examinations and compete for some 900 – 1,000 vacancies. And there are three levels for this examination which lasts for almost a year and the preparation can take the aspirants three-four years of their life, sometimes even more than that.

On the other hand, the PSC papers are no different than these. When compared to the UPSC, they might be less but are still highly competitive and the syllabus and the exam pattern is almost similar to that of the UPSC.

Candidates who prepare for the UPSC tests can easily appear for the PSC examinations as they are almost similar to each other, with the fact that the UPSC syllabus covers a thing or two more than that of the PSC.

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What is the Difference Between UPSC Civil and State PSC Exam Preparation Strategy?

As we have read above that the two examinations have an almost similar syllabus with UPSC having a thing or two more than that of the state PSC in its syllabus, how can it be possible then they have different preparation strategies?

The preparation strategy of the two examinations requires the candidates to follow the exact same pattern in order to cover much more details regarding the two tests.

In order to prepare oneself for the two examinations, one needs to keep a few things in mind and these are:

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Things to Keep in Mind while Preparing for the Exams

#1. Understand the Syllabus and the pattern of the two exams.

#2. Don’t forget to learn about current affairs.

#3. Always start with NCERT books and start your preparation with them in order to clear your basics in a proper manner.

#4. Prepare a timetable and follow that in order to successfully reach your goals within the desired time.

#5. Practice as many test papers, mock test papers, practice papers, and MCQs as possible because they are going to make you reach your goal at a pace faster than if you would not have practiced them.

#6. Go through the previous years’ papers and solve as many of them as possible because oftentimes, there are possibilities of questions coming up from them.

#7. Watch the interviews of your seniors to get a grasp of how to start practicing for the papers.

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Time Required to Prepare

The actual time required for one to successfully prepare themselves for the two examinations and clear them within the first attempt requires an individual to study properly with an extreme focus on their subjects.

The actual time required for one to clear these two examinations is approximately 10 – 12 months, i.e., one has to study for almost a year to get on the other side and let success touch their feet. People generally take more than even a year to successfully prepare themselves for these two examinations but the ideal time as asked by many toppers and some of the famous personalities is that it generally takes a year to prepare for these papers.

The time taken by the two tests is almost the same as the course is almost similar to each other. There is absolutely no difference between the UPSC and state PSC syllabus.

Further, let’s move on to know whether it’s possible to give the two tests in the same year?

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Can You Give State PSC and UPSC in the Same Year?

Yes, it is possible that one can give the two tests in a single year as the preparation strategy, syllabus, and the time required to prepare for the two tests is almost similar to each other. Therefore, it’s highly possible that one can give the two papers in a single year.

The only point that one needs to keep in mind that these tests should not be on the same date in a single year, then, it will not be possible for one to give the two tests.

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How to Choose Between State PSC and UPSC?

Yes, this is one question that comes to every other aspirant while their preparation, when they are checking out the syllabus for the two tests when they realize the plus factor that if they prepare for one, they can get prepared for the two examinations. But choosing between these two tests seems to be a little difficult and is a difficult task to do.

So, how can one choose between the two? It’s super easy to choose between the two examinations. You do what you feel like doing and if you can, try to give both of them so that you can practice more for the two and if you are lucky, and you clear both of them, then choose which success you want to enjoy and go with that.

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The UPSC and the PSC Examinations are both conducted by the Government of India for recruitment to various posts and both require the applicants to study properly for the exam in order to clear them in one go and be successful in the first year only.

The above piece of information provides an applicant with all the information regarding both the exams. Hopefully, you must have found this information useful and if you have any doubts, feel free to comment down below and let us know.

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