The banking business has always been in enormous demand due to its outstanding income and job features. Other than this there are various perks and assistance from bank industries. Lakhs of prospects occur for the bank tests every year, hoping to get employment in the banking department. Several posts are favourable for the competitors who are achieving the bank inspection. Out of which a few competitors are appointed to distinct companies.

The banking department may look easy and convenient to clear out, but passing for the inspection is not a simple chore. There are many upcoming bank assessments in India in 2021 performed by various districts in the country. All the latest information and updates and of several assessments are available online on different websites.

Most of the banking exam consists of three phases: the preliminary round, mains exam and the interview session or the group discussion. There are different criteria required for each phase of the examination. You will be expected to answer distinct kinds of questions at each level. The first round is the preliminary where your basic skills will be examined to check whether you are capable of the post or not.

Only qualified candidates will occur in the mains exam. Then the final round of selection depends on the interview and the group discussion. The group discussion session is where a small team is formed and will be provided with a topic where all the team members are required to keep their opinion regarding the topic. The topic may be a social issue or any general question. If you want to make your career in this field, gather the information related to the online certification courses for banking. Let’s join the online course for bank PO. Go through this article. 

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Bank PO Interview

In the interview round the aspirant is asked a few questions to test his abilities and review his knowledge in the banking field. The bank PO interview questions consist of two sets of topics, first set of questions comprise personal topics like they can ask you to introduce yourself, tell about your favourite hobby, your career, your purpose of choosing the banking field and various questions related to the personality.

The second set of questions consists of all subject topics. All topics related to banking and its components. The test takers can ask any question regarding the banking industry like what is the purpose of having different types of bank accounts, what are the various kinds of cheques used in a bank, what is a savings account and many more topics of the banking field.

This session is considered the most significant one as it evaluates the basic skills of the candidate that will benefit him to get selected for the particular post. Hence, an aspirant is required to prepare well for the interview session of the banking PO examination.

In this article, we shall learn how to introduce ourselves in the bank PO interview. The various aspects required to state while introducing yourself in the interview session. How to prepare for an interview with a bank PO? How to put a good impression on the test takers? Everything shall be comprehended we’ll and precisely step by step, so do read it till the end to remember the necessary facts for the bank PO preparation.

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How to Introduce Yourself in a Bank PO Interview?

The first question raised to you in the interview session will be to introduce yourself or tell something about yourself. Either question means to just talk about yourself. This is the foremost and significant question of all. It will greatly impact your overall score. It is the core of the interview round.

The test taker will judge and examine you based on this question only. As we say to perform a task well, the first step should be positive and precise. If you begin the interview well then the whole session will be good. The first question needs to be answered well in detail. All necessary points that are required to be said in the interview must be wrapped well.

To crack the interview session easily and effortlessly, your skill in English should be prominent and accurate. That is all required to smash the personal interview round. If you inhibit good communication and language skills then answering the questions won’t be a difficult task for you. Hence a student is expected to prepare well in the subject of English before appearing for the examination. Having a good vocabulary and interaction will benefit you to score better in the banking PO exam.

Points To Keep in Mind  While Introducing Yourself

Below are the aspects that are required to be included while introducing yourself in the banking interview. The introduction should be short and valid. No unnecessary information needs to be stacked forcefully. Just the basic information that is needed has to be presented reasonably.


Always begin saying your name, you don’t need to state your full name. You can begin with “(Greetings) I’m “your name”. Don’t add unnecessary information like the meaning of your name, who suggested the name to your parents and anything related to it. Just the name in one line is enough to start the answer to the introduction question.


Specify the place you belong to, or living at the moment. If you moved away from your native land then mention it too. Also if you don’t live with your family, state the reason and place where your family lives. You can also add what did you like about the place that made you move away from your house.

Educational Background and Academic Qualifications

Mention the education you pursued. The reason for choosing the field and interest you inhibit about the profession. Start with the beginning, specify your schooling first where you did and its purpose. Specify if you had any interest in the subjects.

Answer this question very carefully and accurately, the examiner may cross-question you. If you say you had an interest in something else but still pursued another course then they will ask you to specify the reason in detail.

The mandatory question raised to all students is “Why Banking?”. They expect the most reasonable answer. This question is very important and your whole interview depends on how you answer this.

The test taker wants to know the purpose behind choosing the banking industry. You should never answer that you opted for banking due to its impressive salary. It will put a bad impression on the interview panel.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Illustrate your strengths and weaknesses, like what constant support you had from the beginning which helped you pursue various tasks in life. Also, specify your weaknesses, the facts you have fear about or that make you worry and don’t let you perform a chore.

In strengths add your abilities, the potential you inhibit in various fields and the benefits you got from your strengths. Don’t just say that you are good at a particular subject. State the skills you acquire from the beginning and your various interests in that specific area.


Mention if you got inspired by someone in your family or friend circle who helped achieve your goal. Also, specify if your parents forced you to pursue a degree of their choice. Tell your parents occupation and their qualities which made you motivated to accomplish your dreams.


Mention your various hobbies, what all you like doing in your free time. Specify your interest in distinct fields and your favourite hobby. Also mentioned if you participated in any activity in school or college and won any prizes.

Tips to Prepare for the Bank PO Interview

Below are a few tips for the students to prepare well for the bank PO examination. It is necessary to comprehend well for the interview session as it is the ultimate hurdle to qualifying the banking assessment. Here are reasonable points that can assist you to answer well in the examination.

# Practise well before appearing for the examination. Comprehend all possible previous interview questions. Increase your communication skills by interacting with others or having self conversations.

# Know accurate body posture while answering the questions. Don’t lean on the chair or fold your legs. Your body language and answers should match.

# Be confident and real. Don’t act fake in front of the panel, just present how you are. Never overreact to a question or any problem you encounter in the meeting.

# Be loud and clear. Don’t mumble the answers in your mouth or have any self-talks. Don’t smile all the time while answering.

# Answer the question precisely and to the point. Don’t add extra information and waste time. If you don’t know the answer to any question then just say anything related to it but never keep quiet in front of the panel that gives a poor impression.

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Believing that the above article was beneficial for you to educate well on how to introduce yourself in the bank PO interview. The basic aspects that are required to be included in the introduction part. Everything is illustrated well above.

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