How many rounds of interviews are in the Bank PO exam? What type of questions are asked in the Bank PO interview? Read on to learn about these in detail along with some tips which will help you excel in your interview round. The Personal Interview is definitely one of the most difficult selection methods in any sector since many people make blunders that are readily avoidable. Let’s get started with the main topic.

Bank PO Interview Key Details

The interview panel is made up of 4 to 5 people, including prominent bankers and a psychologist.

A session does not have to take a certain amount of time, although usually runs between 15 to 20 minutes, and the candidate may be asked at least 15 questions during that time.

The questions will be based on your profile, which includes information like your schooling, work background, interests, notable accomplishments, and disposition.

Topics like banking awareness, history, and current events may be discussed on certain panels.

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How Many Rounds of Interview in the Bank PO Exam?

There is one round of interviews in the Bank PO exam. The interview is the third section of the Bank Exam followed by Prelims and Mains.

How to do a Bank PO Preparation?

Like any other competitive exam preparation, Bank PO preparation needs the same amount of hard work, strategy and effort. Let’s check out how to prepare for Bank PO:

Refresh Your Communications Skills

Good communication skills are one of the most important aspects of a successful interview. Keep in mind that this does not always imply that you should be able to communicate fluently in the target language, which in most situations is English.

Research into the Field of Employment

Another key component of an interview is your expertise and information about the sector of work, the job description, and the company or organization/bank that will be conducting the interview.

Revise and Build Your Resume

An employer’s initial point of contact when looking for a potential employee is your CV. As a result, if you have an outdated resume, update the material on it and add or remove any superfluous elements. Professional and academic skills that are relevant to the role profile should be included on the resume.

You must, however, verify that all of the information on your resume is correct and that you can give legitimate proof of the same. While lying on your CV may get you through the recruiting process till the personal interview stage, you will not be able to pass a Personal Interview. Lying on your CV will only harm your reputation as an employee and may result in limited professional advancement and growth prospects.

Bank PO Preparation Tips

Tip 1

Get a nice night’s sleep. On the day of the exam, it is essential to be fresh and enthusiastic since, depending on the candidate’s place in the list of interviewers, they may have to wait a very long time until it begins.

Tip 2

Before the exam, brush up on current events, business, and cultural news. This will enable you to confidently respond to the majority of general awareness questions.

Tip 3

So that you don’t miss anything, read your bio-data carefully. Interviewers will ask a lot of questions regarding your qualifications, so be prepared to answer them honestly and persuasively.

Tip 4

Keep all of your paperwork in one folder and bring it with you to the exam. The document verification procedure happens at the same time, and it’s crucial to have them ready because the institute won’t let you in if you don’t have your papers.

Tip 5

If at all feasible, plan ahead of time for transportation to the centre. It is not a good idea to be late for the interview since it gives a bad image to the board.

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What to Avoid While Preparing for Bank PO?

# On the day of the exam, stop smoking, chewing gum, or wearing strong scents. The banking sector considers them to be late.

# Because this is a service sector discussion, do not be harsh or impatient. Banks place a premium on politeness.

# Don’t make snap decisions or respond to inquiries without considering. Avoid getting defensive or disrupting the panel when they are cross-questioning you.

# If you’re not sure about a question, don’t answer it right away. Instead, inform the panel that you are unsure of the answer, and if they ask for your opinion, respond to the question to the best of your ability.

Bank PO Interview Questions

# Tell me about yourself

# Tell me something about your hometown

# What are your strengths and weaknesses?

# What is your greatest success till now?

# What is your biggest failure in your life?

# Who is your role model and why?

# Tell me about your family

# Why do you want to work in the banking sector?

# What are the current problems in our economy?

# Where do you see yourself in the next 7 years?

# What is a bank? What are the types?

# What is investment baking?

# What is commercial banking?

# What is a consumer bank?

# What is overdraft protection?

# What is a balloon payment?

# What is adjustment credit?

# What is Loan grading?

# What is Credit-Netting?

# What is a Credit Check?


When it comes to job prospects in the banking business, many people, both freshers and seasoned professionals, from all over the world want to be bankers. Obtaining employment in the banking industry is not simple; it necessitates the appropriate academic credentials, aptitude, sincerity, responsibility, and devotion, and also experience if you are not seeking an entry-level position.

Try out our single courses and crack your next bank exam with good scores.

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How Many Rounds of Interview in the Bank PO Exam? Check-out the Latest PO Interview Questions
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