Candidates studying for banking exams should be well familiar with the banking awareness part. It is considered to be one of the most significant portions of banking examinations, as it aids in obtaining the additional marks required for final selection. Questions about banking awareness are covered in both the mains test and the interview phase. So, how to study banking awareness for an SBI PO interview? Read on to learn some basic information and tips on banking awareness.

Banking Awareness for SBI PO Interview

Banking Awareness is an essential topic that will benefit all applicants not only in the general awareness portion but also in the interviews. An aspirant is required to know at least the fundamentals of banks, which is why the majority of the interview questions revolve on words.

What is Banking Awareness?

Bank examinations include a subject on banking awareness as part of the general awareness portion. It includes questions about India’s bank history, banking institutions, bank terminology, and the bank industry’s activities and role in the nation’s financial system.

Importance of Banking Awareness

The general awareness portion has a high weighting, and the applicant can easily score higher in this area because there are no long computations or answers to solve the bank awareness questions. The overall score is improved by scoring higher on the General Awareness section.


The bank knowledge portion is extensive, and applicants should be aware that the bank examinations’ General Awareness section is one of the highest-scoring areas. This portion does not need any calculations or solutions, therefore candidates can easily score well in this subject and raise their overall score.

The following is a list of topics that make up the banking awareness questions for the SBI PO interview:

Banking in India Indian & International Finance System Banking Concepts Important Bank & Finance Acts
History of Banking in India Banking and Financial Committees in India Currency RBI Act, 1934
Banking and Financial Reforms in India Financial Market in India Inflation Banking regulations act,1949
Financial Institutions in India Money & Capital Marketing Money Laundering & Anti-Money Laundering Overview of Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017
Functions of Banks Credit & Debit Green Banking Amendments in FDI Policy, 2018
Types of  Bank Accounts International Financial Institutions Financial Inclusion Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill 2017
Types of Loans Bond and their Types and Features Reverse Mortgage Loan Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA)
Types of Mortgages Mutual Funds Bank Credit Operations Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002
Types of Cheque & Cards LIBOR & MIBOR Cash Management Services Act 1949, Business of Banking Companies in Banking Regulation
Foreign Banks in India SWIFT Codes for banks CIBIL Act 1952 Employee Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions
Fund Transfer Services Types of Foreign Accounts Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016
Structure of Banking Industry Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited National Stock Exchange (NSE) NPA and SARFAESI Act, 2002
Nationalised Banks Bancassurance Banking Ombudsman
Public Sector Banks Indian Financial System Non-Performing Assets (NPA)

General Awareness Topics for Bank Exams

Banking general awareness entails a thorough understanding of India’s and the world’s general static characteristics. Along with bank expertise, an applicant must have a thorough awareness of global current events as well as the country’s static characteristics.

The following are some of the most popular subjects covered in the Bank General Awareness sections:

# ICC Cricket World Cup

# State and Capital

# Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

# Important Dates

# National Parks in India

# Famous Books & Authors

# Country, Capital and Currency

# Neighbouring Countries of India

# Dams in India

# Stadiums in India

# Indian Dance Forms

# Government Schemes

# Cabinet Ministers

# List of Governors in India

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How to Study Banking Awareness for SBI PO Interview?

Know The Bank

Identifying which bank you passed the test for is the first stage in preparing for a bank interview. Nearly every single bank today has a website to promote financial products and provide online bank assistance to customers. Discover their background, services, products, achievements, management, and values.

Practice Interview Questions

Request assistance from a buddy in preparing for fundamental interview questions. Interviewers would inquire about you, your family history, your skills and shortcomings, and why they should hire you, among other things. Allow a buddy to ask you about your schooling and job experience by giving them a copy of your resume.

Preparing Situation Based Questions

Interviewers may ask applicants questions about their personal lives or professional histories, such as when they had to deal with a difficult boss, an obstinate customer, or an egotistical coworker, or when they had good encounters when an employer or customer was happy with their job.

The goal is to assess the candidate’s ability to work as part of a team, his or her efficiency in dealing with a given issue, and his or her honesty, among other things. These scenario questions should be answered with a real-life example by the candidate.

Practice Questions

Sit or stand at the front of the mirror and practise staring yourself in the eyes once you’ve prepared your questions in interviews. Pay attention to your anxiety, the manner you talk, the speed with which you speak, and the clarity with which you communicate. You may also record your speech to identify and correct problem areas.

Prepare Questions

At the end of the session, it is customary for the candidate to ask questions about the firm or job. The interviewee has the opportunity to inquire about the bank’s responsibilities.

Dress Up

Aside from preparing for the interview, it is critical that the candidate is well-groomed and dressed professionally for the occasion. Both men and women should dress in neat, wrinkle-free business suits.


Banking Awareness by Arihant Experts

For years, this book from Arihant Experts has been one of the most trustworthy alternatives when it comes to Banking Awareness. It’s a comprehensive study guide that breaks down the whole curriculum into 11 chapters. After you’ve finished learning the topics, each chapter has both theory and revision questions with solutions, allowing you to test your knowledge.

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Ace Banking and Static Awareness Book by Adda247 Publication

If you want to concentrate on Banking and Static Awareness questions at the same time, this book from Adda247 Publications is an excellent choice. This book is appropriate for IBPS, SBI, RBI, and other bank examinations that need a thorough understanding of the subject.

Banking Awareness by Disha Experts

If you want to solve and practise a lot of problems before taking examinations, this book on Banking Awareness by Disha Experts is a wonderful choice. The book includes 35 questions with thorough explanations and over 1500 multiple choice problems to help you effectively test your knowledge.

Kiran’s Banking and Financial Awareness

Another fantastic book that can help you enhance your understanding of basic bank principles is this one. You’ll be able to practise for examinations and figure out where you’re going wrong with over 300 MCQs and explanations.

Banking Awareness by N K Gupta

This book by N K Gupta is an inexpensive choice for studying and revising questions from Banking Awareness in preparation for the forthcoming examinations. This book can serve as a useful reference tool, as it covers all of the key themes covered in the syllabus of several bank competitive examinations.

Banking Awareness Tips

Develop Reading Habits

You will need to read a lot because the General Awareness part covers a wide range of subjects. As a result, cultivate reading habits. All three sorts of questions need a substantial amount of reading. You must read newspapers and publications on a regular basis to keep up with current events. You may also read the most recent yearbook from any reputable magazine.

Make Notes

Make a mental note of significant dates, who’s who, scheme names, acronyms, and other details when you read newspapers, periodicals, and other literature. This will aid in improved retention. The notes will also aid you much in time-constrained revising.

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Watch TV

Watch news stations on television every day. This will also improve your general knowledge. A daily bulletin may be found on a decent news station. Watch a prominent Indian news station as well as important international news channels, such as CNN and the BBC. Make it a habit to watch the news every day. This will keep you up to date on current events and what’s going on across the world while you’re studying for your bank test.

Previous Year Questions

You may then concentrate more on that sort of material when learning. Practice as many prior year questions and try for Static General Knowledge. In reality, concentrate solely on questions from the preceding year. Spending too much time reading for Static GK is unnecessary because the amount of questions asked from Static GK is quite low. Focus on current events and bank knowledge.

Revise Regularly

You should revise on a frequent basis because this part requires you to memorise and retain a lot of material. You will miss and go blank in the test hall if you do not do so. As a result, review the notes on a frequent basis. If taking notes seems time-consuming, underline key topics while you learn and go over them again when editing.

Prepare with Books

Read books that provide all of the most up-to-date information about general or current topics. Choosing the right financial awareness books will undoubtedly aid applicants in learning the necessary knowledge. Applicants should make a list of which general and banking awareness books they will need for their preparation.

Keep Everything at Your Fingertips

Although the curriculum is extensive, and it is physically impossible to complete everything, be certain that whatever you complete is done correctly, and that you have all the information you need on those areas. In comparison to the other two divisions, the subjects are fairly restricted. As a result, work carefully to complete them and memorise them.

Practice Diligently

To test your understanding of current events, you should practise questions and take quizzes on a daily basis. Mark the questions that you don’t understand and go over them again later.

Do Not Spend Too Much Time

Do not spend too much time on this subject because it is very unpredictable and has a large syllabus. At the same time, keep in mind that you must pass this section’s cut-off to register for the SBI PO Main test. As a result, be ready.

Mobile Apps

Installing news channels as well as other bank exam mobile applications might assist you go through the internet news portal in your mobile and essential information connected to the test when preparing for bank examinations. You may use the app while commuting or subscribe to the best news mobile apps available on the stores. These apps provide hourly updates, and you can just skim over the most essential news to keep current.


What Kind of General Knowledge Questions are Asked in Bank Exams?

Ans. The set of questions are on banking awareness. Current Affairs questions are based on events that occurred during the last two to three months. Even Static GK is heavily influenced by individuals, places, and institutions that have been in the news in the last two to three months.

What is The Bank Test for Banking Awareness?

Ans. Aspects on the role of International Banking Organizations in the growth of the financial sector may be found in section A. As a result, learning it is critical in order to pass bank examinations.

Is Current Events Included in Broad Awareness?

Ans. General awareness refers to being aware of current events. The general public’s consciousness is solely focused on the daily news from across the world. The term “current affairs” is frequently used in place of “general awareness” in several competitive tests.

What Can I Do to Raise My Overall Awareness Score?

Ans. You may increase your general awareness rating by reading daily newspapers, watching news channels, taking notes, reading books, revising your notes on a regular basis, and so on.


After passing the written test, the final stage of the bank recruiting procedure is the interview. And including your written exam score, the interview will determine if you have successfully completed the recruiting process. While your knowledge was assessed through written examinations, your communication, personality, and problem-solving abilities will be assessed by the employer.

Are you looking for facts to know about banking awareness? Check out the single courses designed by UPSC Pathshala experts.

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