The CSE is the most honourable and unbiased examination in India. The candidates of UPSC find different ways to excel in the examination. There are several things to accommodate in mind for this incredible exam. All the participants sometimes get stressed and panicked because of the heavy load of the syllabus and competition rate. The stories of the people who have been in the same situation will inspire you to study positively and inculcate the qualities needed for the exam. Here is an article on the journey of IAS Anamika Singh.

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Anamika Singh Biography

This braveheart IAS officer is a dedicated child from her childhood. She believes in putting her hard work into whatever she does and respects her parents. Her details are not known. In certain interviews, she said that she only believes in “Karma”. It leads to all the achievements in life. She says that women must not suppress their voices for the sake of keeping the norms. She will inspire you to become the shadow of your dreams. The need and importance of the unbelievable stories will be shown during your exam preparation and interview. Let’s learn everything about her lifestyle, voyage, and posting.

Unimaginable Outlook!

All women must follow their passion and desires in life. They are the nurturers of humankind. They should have been given equal rights and respect in society. She motivates the girls of the nation, especially the ones who are preparing for UPSC. You must also learn from this lady and make your life amazing to live.

Anamika Singh IAS

Anamika Singh IAS belongs to the 2004 batch. She started her journey after the completion of her graduation. She belongs to a general family. Her UPSC rank is not known. Her determination forced her to achieve this milestone. She was joined to the Uttar Pradesh cadre from the beginning. UP is the most populated state in India. The people of this state have different cultures and traditions. The development in this area was done effectively by this IAS officer’s bravery and efforts. She is young and mindful. She knows the ways to tackle the population. The growth of Uttar Pradesh is due to her functioning approaches.

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Anamika Singh Current Posting

This lady is beyond belief of the normal people. She has created her ways to serve the nation. Her optional subject is not known. She belongs to the 2004 IAS batch. IAS Anamika Singh’s current posting is as the Secretary of basic education in Uttar Pradesh. She has been the director of NITI Aayog. Her tenure is completed on 5 May 2021. She has served effortlessly on being at that post.

Her Uncountable Efforts in the Service

NITI Aayog was started by the Government of India as a public policy. It was established to achieve sustainable development goals. It was cooperated by fostering the involvement of State Governments of India in the economic policy-making process using a bottom-up approach. She has been serving here since the beginning of this development scheme. She has got many credentials for her work from the senior people.

Strategy to Succeed in the UPSC Exam

The strategy of IAS Anamika Singh is simple yet empowering. You must be hardworking and passionate. The state of women in our country has not been great since traditional times. The women who made their marks are the ones who go against the norms of society. Although things have changed quite drastically now, the fight of women for their ambitions is the same.

An Inspiration to Many Millennials

This civil servant has also broken the stereotypes and made her bright way all by herself. She inspires the youth to have dreams and follow them courageously. She says that a person grows from his/her virtues and therefore, everyone must learn to grow and develop themselves in different spheres to be successful. The easy paths can often lead to difficult destinations. The paths must be chosen very wisely to read the wanted place. So, according to this unsung IAS officer, you have to take unique steps to achieve your goals in life.

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UPSC Preparation

The phase of UPSC preparation is tough and the most essential. The candidates have to develop themselves to prove themselves in the future. This is stressful because all the participants think that they must get all the significant knowledge and crack the exam in the first attempt. The syllabus is broad along with difficult current affairs topics and the interview. If you are preparing for it, you should acknowledge all the factors from this lady’s life and tough situations. You must be crazy about your goal but should get mad at it. It will bring success to you.


The UPSC exam format and structure were made by the Mughal and Maurya Empire but the finalized structure was given by the British Empire. This is undoubtedly the greatest and most prestigious examination in India and the world. There are 5000 IAS officers in India. The pride lies in the state of those people who are counted among those people. These people come into the VIP sector. You must prepare in a way that you cherish the moments later and acquire information at the same time. So, make your dreams concrete and start working for them with the greatest enthusiasm and dedication.

Passion and Determination

Every candidate of this examination must take it seriously and should put wholeheartedness to it. It has changed the lives of many individuals. The people who see the IAS officers also get inspired by them. There is no shortcut to it, you have to be knowledgeable and passionate to get success. If you are a true aspirant of UPSC, keep growing your personality by reading such articles on the real struggle of the people.

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This article will prove to be of great use and help for you. You can learn several worthy things from it. There are women of the country who are inspiring the overall people of India. The UPSC exam has multiple questions to ask but to answer all of them adequately, you must be prepared and motivated enough.

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There are many such amazing articles on the UPSC Pathshala. The candidates should effectively learn from the experts of the website and the stories of experienced people. They not only show you the path to follow but fill your heart with inspiration and practical connectivity. If you want to ace this exam positively with zeal and achievement then you have to look at these kinds of information cum motivational articles. You will touch your goals with an effortless approach.

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