It is rightly said that

“dreams don’t work unless you do”.

This IAS officer believes that many of the individuals desire to get the honour of being posted as an administrative officer to serve the nation but turning it into reality requires hard work, consistency, absolute commitment from our side, and a positive attitude.

If you have a similar dream, let’s learn several lessons from the incredible journey of this brave IAS officer. Here is the IAS Ankit Pannu biography for you to get a vision for your ambitions. This article will let you know about his voyage and strategies to take for stepping forward to the toughest exam in India. Let’s start.

IAS Ankit Pannu Biography

IAS Ankit’s life has been extensively productive and motivational. This civil servant studied from Modern public school, Shalimar bagh. He always mentions the unending support received by his family. This is bliss to have your family holding back and gearing you towards achieving your ambitions.

He says that his peers and DCE family have supported him to move forward towards his destination. The inspiration for becoming an IAS officer is inculcated in him by his seniors who qualified UPSC.  According to him, DCE/DTU’s most crucial contribution was providing him with exposure which helped him tremendously to analyze better career options.

Currently posted as Assistant Collector in Junagarh, Gujarat Cadre, this young IAS is not married yet.

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Ankit Pannu UPSC Rank

This unstoppable IAS officer hails from Delhi. He studied in a Modern public school, Shalimar bagh. He graduated in Polymer Science and Chemical Technology. He belongs to the 2016-batch of DCE. His engineering period made him identify his goal for life which was to serve the nation.

This fearless man took 2 attempts at the UPSC exam. He cracked the exam in the first attempt with AIR 444 in UPSC 2016. The desire for becoming an IAS officer was not fulfilled by this rank. So he did not stop and started preparing again to get the administrative designation and serve the country with his wholeheartedness.

It was his passion, consistency, and hard work that made him secure AIR-31 in his second attempt. Therefore, Ankit Pannu UPSC rank is 31. He not only topped the examination but also got the desired position. He is an inspiration to many.

More about Ankit Pannu IAS

This astounding personality has made the UPSC candidates’ vision enlarge hopes for their dreams. His father is in Delhi police serving as an Assistant Sub-Inspector and his mother is a housewife. His younger brother has done statistics honours from Kirorimal College in 2017.

He cracked the CSE in 2016 and got AIR-444. He was offered the C and E department in the IRS. But, he wanted to become an IAS officer and, therefore, started the preparation again with more diligence and concentration.

He learned from his previous mistakes and overcame them in the second attempt. He added his name to the toppers list and got the position he was desiring for. His current age is 27 years. You must learn from this unbelievable personality to achieve your ambitions.

IAS Ankit Pannu Marksheet

Do you want to know the marks of this hard-working IAS officer? Do you aspire to be an IAS officer? Well, here is the Ankit Pannu Marksheet for you to acknowledge his marks in each section and put your best to get even higher.

Serving the nation is the biggest pride and honour. If you have the dream of serving the country with your efforts and want to get motivation from successful people, here is the delight for you.

He got success in his first attempt but he did not compromise on his ambitions. Taking a risk, he stepped forward and finally achieved his destination. Let’s check his marks in 2017.

#. UPSC Rank:- 31

#. Roll Number:- 0145144

#. Mains:- 909

#. Interview:- 165

#. Total:- 1074

#. Community:- 4

#. PH-CTGY:- 0

His current posting is as an Assistant Collector in Junagarh, Gujarat Cadre.

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Consistent IAS Officer

In an interview, he said that everyone has a different motive behind choosing this field. Many people want a stable government job, some want to serve the nation and others want an honourable position.

He continued that he got the idea and inspiration of becoming an IAS officer before his graduation. He watched an interview by a woman IAS officer whose one signature made the village light up with electricity.

He got overwhelmed by watching the interview since it showed the power to give happiness and fulfil the rights of the people. He was consistent during the preparation period and never stopped learning.

IAS Ankit Pannu’s Attempts and Success

In the first attempt, this courageous and passionate IAS officer did self-assessments by the test series. He revised all the topics positively before the examination. He constantly calculated his progress by the mock tests and test series. He said that the first attempt made him learn that the essay paper should not be taken lightly and constant practice is the key to success.

He got success in his second attempt in 2017. He worked on the mistakes committed by him in the first attempt. He practised a lot and mock tests helped him for the interview round. This time the reason for his success was the learnings from the experience and study.

He was prepared this time as the prior experience gave him real exposure to the exam. You will get success by constantly learning and doing maximum practice.

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How to Choose an Optional Subject?

The optional subject of this IAS officer was Political Science and International Relations. He believes that the optional subject must be chosen according to your interest. You must go through the entire syllabus of the subjects you like and then choose it.

The prime factor for deciding the optional must be your curiosity and interest in it. You can select an optional by checking your proficiency in a particular subject. For example, if you have proficiency in engineering or the medical field, you must choose the subject accordingly.

You can opt for a subject that overlaps GS paper. Don’t make it the prime decider. Optional subjects must be chosen wisely.

Strategy for the UPSC Exam

The most prominent strategy for the exam is continuous learning, consistency, perseverance, and starting the preparation early. Elimination of negativity is extremely important. Starting your preparation earlier has its advantages.

You must be consciously aware of the syllabus and start with the basic topics. You need not go through the complete newspaper but find the important and relevant things. The wisdom for segregating the wheat from the chaff is significant.

Have a positive attitude and never get stressed by failure as it is just an unstable obstacle, not the destination. You must keep on putting in the efforts for your dreams.

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UPSC Notes

The UPSC aspirants start with making notes during the preparation. According to Mr Ankit notes are meant to be prepared for the revisions. You must not make notes for everything, rather prepare the notes for the most significant things.

The more precise your notes are, the more confined you will be. It can make you confused. So, don’t mess up and study concentratedly so that revisions are done only for the major topics and sections. Notes from the newspaper articles must be only a few. Read the editorials for building your perception of the happenings.

Significant Books for CSE

IAS Ankit Pannu said that newspapers and books are the best companions during the preparation for this exam. You must inculcate the habit of reading authentic newspapers regularly.

CSE demands a multidimensional view from the candidates. He prefers The Hindu and The Indian Express for getting the most authentic and relevant news along with profitable editorials. The books preferred by him are written below.

Acknowledge the Books for UPSC

#1. Ancient History: Old and New NCERTs, Tamil Nadu Textbook class 11th.

#2. Medieval History: Old and New NCERTs and Tamil Nadu Textbook class 11th.

#3. Culture: Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania and NCERT books of Fine Arts.

#4. Modern History: Old NCERT by Bipin Chandra and The brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir (Spectrum Publications).

#5. Geography: New NCERTs and G.C. Leong.

#6. Polity: Go through the Laxmikanth.

#7. International Relations: Newspapers and online sites would help.

#8.Economy: Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh and read the daily Economy section in the newspaper.

#9. Environment: Shankar IAS and ICSE Board (Class 9th to 12th).

#10. Science and Technology book by Ashok Kumar Singh, Ethics by Lexicon and prepare for Internal Security by online sources and news.

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The environment and phase of the UPSC preparation are tiring and stressful. You must read such articles to boost your morale and drive confidence. It makes you more focused on the aim and you strive towards excellence.

We hope that this article has helped you to get inspiration from this civil servant. You are not deserving from birth, you become deserving by acquiring skills. You must put to the best of your capabilities to get success in your field.

If you have any queries, comment below and get the answers from experts. You must visit UPSC Pathshala for resolving your queries and learning exponentially from the professionals. It’s never too late to start. Step forward to your dreams.

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