Anu Kumari was born on November 18 in 1986 and her current age is 31. She was born and brought up in Sonepat, Haryana. After clearing the UPSC examination, she became very famous and became a source of motivation for all the young IAS candidates of India.

However, she was the second-best in the list of IAS toppers, but she was the topper in the list of women aspirants. Even though being a woman who works, a mother to a small son, and a wife, she walked out of her functions and appeared for the UPSC examination by living alone at her mother’s aunt’s home. Read on to learn more about IAS Anu Kumari Marksheet.

Anu Kumari Marksheet

Anu Kumari’s Marsheet is given below in a table form-

Subjects Marks Obtained
Essay (Paper-I) 153
General Studies-I (Paper-II) 102
General Studies-II (Paper-III) 129
General Studies-III (Paper-IV) 134
General Studies-IV (Paper-V) 101
Optional-I (Sociology) (Paper-VI) 163
Optional-II (Sociology) (Paper-VII) 155
Witten Total 937
Personality Test 187
Final Total 1124

Anu Kumari IAS

Anu Kumari IAS went to school in Sonepat in Shiva Shiksha Sadan. She completed her graduation from Hindu College, where she pursued a degree in B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physics, Delhi University. Later on, in Nagpur, she finished her MBA from IMT.

She began her job with Aviva Life Insurance where for 9 years she worked there and gained experience. After that, she quit her career to appear for the UPSC examination in the year 2016. In her second try, she cracked the UPSC examination.

Her first attempt was in the year 2016 but due to just 1 score, she missed the preliminary test. She gave her first attempt to understand the structure of the examination.

Her elder brother filled the application form for the UPSC Examination for her without her consent.

Anu Kumari UPSC Rank

Anu Kumari UPSC Rank was AIR 2. The result for the UPSC Civil Service Examination was declared on a Friday in the year 2017. She is a 31 year old lady from Sonipat district of Haryana, who managed to secure such a great rank within her second attempt.

Her Score

Anu scored the highest amongst the women candidates. In written she secured 937 score and in the personality test, she obtained 187 score. In total, her score was 1124. Ultimately achieved the 2nd rank in the UPSC Civil Service Examination.

Optional Subject

Anu’s optional subject was Sociology. She didn’t go to any coaching centres for General Studies Papers or the Optional Subject Papers. But, for the optional subject Sociology, she took a test series which helped in her preparation for the examination of the UPSC. In different institutes, she took mock interviews.

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Optional Score

Anu’s Optional score was really good, given below is the score of Optional subject Sociology:

Subject Marks Obtained
Optional-I (Sociology) (Paper-VI) 163
Optional-II (Sociology) (Paper-VII) 155


Kumari followed a very simple strategy to clear the UPSC examination in her second attempt.

She mentioned that different individuals have varied knowledge. To explain in detail, Anu Kumari had an enabling understanding of Economics because she completed her degree in MBA in Finance, so possibly she took it as her strength with the Economy without reading the Ramesh Singh or NCERTs of 11th &12th. She prepared the Economics notes of Sri Ram.

She didn’t go to any coaching centre for General Science Papers or her Optional Subject Papers. She just simply joined a test series for the Sociology optional subject which assisted her thoroughly and improved her preparation and in various institutes, she took mock interviews.


It is advised not to avoid any topics because all the topics have an equal probability of coming into the exam. There is negative marking as well for wrong answers so it’s better you do less guesswork. If your preparation is not effective and efficient then you might not be able to clear the exam so make your strategy accordingly. Clear all the topics’ concepts given in the syllabus. Work on your weak areas and enhance your strengths. Remember hard work and dedication is the key.

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IAS Anu Kumari’s story is a great example for the aspirants who are preparing for the UPSC Civil Service Examination. Her dedication and hard work paid off at last. Even though she had so many responsibilities on her shoulders she never gave up and brought the glory home and became a renowned IAS Officer from Harayan.

Great inspiration for young girls who dream of becoming officers. So if you are aiming to score well in the examination join UPSC Pathshala where you will be provided with the best assistance, full guidance, detailed and nicely explained study material for better preparation, one on one sessions and many more just a click away. Join us because your success is our motive. So which exam are you preparing for? Share your thoughts with us. Comment in the below section.

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