IAS Ashima Mittal Biography: Know Her Marksheet and Learn to Make Notes from Her

IAS Ashima Mittal Biography

This article will serve as Ashima Mittal’s biography who was the AIR 12 in the 2017 UPSC exams. Learn how Ashima Mittal made notes, her strategy and Ashima Mittal’s marksheet.

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Ashima Mittal

Ashima Mittal was born on the 30th of June 1992 and is currently 28 years of age. Her posting is currently in Maharashtra. She hails from the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Ashima has attended IIT Mumbai to do her Engineering and had also taken up a job before attempting the UPSC exam.

She had attempted the exam three times. She did not succeed in her first attempt, had gotten a rank of 328 in her second attempt, and finally, she had gotten a rank of 12 in her third attempt. It definitely is a proof of the famous saying, third time’s a charm.  The topic of her marriage seems to be unknown.

Ashima was also pursuing a master’s degree in Anthropology whilst preparing for UPSC and thus made it easier for her to select her optional subject to be Anthropology.

Ashima Mittal Marksheet

To get a rank as high as 12 is never easy and requires a very good marksheet. So let’s look at the toppers marksheet.

Event Marks
Mains examination921
Interview Round179
Total marks 1100

Ashima Mittal Notes

Like any other topper, Ashima Mittal too used notes to her advantage.

It is very important to be able to use notes as an advantage for your exam. The topper made notes not only regularly but also maintained an excel sheet to note down cases alongside small topics for her anthropology subject.

Ashima Mittal’s anthropology notes were taken from online sources, as she felt it was suited for her.

This is a personal choice to everyone but it is recommended to create your own notes as it will allow you to remember information better than reading a third person’s notes.

Creating Notes

Creating notes is never an easy task and adds to the workload for the exam but this is a very important aspect in your exam.

Look to write down notes with short points and make sure you note down all the important facts like the date, venue and more information.

Do not take it as a burden, but take it as a challenge in the preparation and add more creativity to your notes so that you do not lose interest in making notes.

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Tips for the Exam

Ashima Mittal’s 12th rank is surely inspirational and she shares some tips for the exam:

  • A candidate must believe in their strategy. You can have a personal strategy or even use someone else’s strategy but make sure that you believe in that strategy.
  • Confidence and mental toughness is an important aspect of your exam, make sure you are working towards the mental aspect of the exam, once you get this under control it will become easier for you to prepare.
  • Believe in yourself above everything. Trusting your ability to clear the exam will do wonders. No matter how much you fall down you will get up if you believe that you can so make sure that you believe in all abilities.

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Here is a strategy for the anthropology exam by Ashima Mittal:

  • Make a list of all the smaller topics. Spend the initial days working on smaller topics and cover them as much as possible.
  • Case studies and examples are an integral part of the exam for anthropology. Refer to newspapers and reports that can provide you with examples for the same.
  • Have a good clarity on the topic. Make sure you understand the topics well and then move on to other topics do not just rush through your syllabus.
  • Do not pick any subject because of its scoring nature, make sure you are actually interested in taking up anthropology and not taking it as a compulsion.

Candidates can use this strategy to improve their ability in the subject.


A dream of being the best in the UPSC exams requires a lot of dedication and hard work. IAS officer Ashima Mittal had managed to put in the work to become all India ranked 12th in the CSE.

This article serves as her biography so that candidates can go through and find inspiration from toppers like her. She is also an IIT Bombay graduate who is currently serving in Maharashtra itself.

Her optional subject is Anthropology, and she also was pursuing a master’s degree in the same while preparing for UPSC!

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IAS Ashima Mittal Biography: Know Her Marksheet and Learn to Make Notes from Her
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