Ayush Sinha, IAS, was the UPSC’s top candidate in 2017. He was born and reared in the Himachal Pradesh town of Shimla. He began preparing for UPSC examinations while he was in the 12th grade, and he passed the UPSC exam after two attempts.

Since the police lathi-charge on farmers at the Bastara toll plaza, Karnal SDM Ayush Sinha has been in the news. Two video clips of SDM Ayush Sinha, in which he is shown giving orders to smash the heads of protesting farmers, are going viral on social media.

In 2017, he passed the UPSC exam and received the highest rank in the IAS examination. Let’s discuss IAS Ayush Sinha biography, education, rank, marksheet, family, and more in this article.

IAS Ayush Sinha Biography

Ayush Sinha was born in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India, and is an Indian IAS official. Ayush achieved his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Goa’s Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS). He has a master’s degree in biological sciences under his belt as well.

Ayush received the 100th rank in his second attempt in 2016 and was selected for the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). He was only two levels short of joining the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Ayush was in training with the Indian Revenue Service in Nagpur, but he had taken time off to study for the 2017 exams.

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Alka Verma is from Dhanbad, Jharkhand and Pradeep Kumar Sinha, Ayush Sinha’s father, is from Patna, Bihar.

Ayush Sinha’s entire family has held high-ranking jobs. His grandfather, SK Sinha, was a Bihar cadre IAS official. 5 years ago, Ayush’s father, Pradeep Kumar Sinha, retired from the position of Additional Principal Chief Conservator. He was exclusively employed in Shimla. He passed away two years ago.

Alka Verma, IAS Sinha’s mother, worked as an Associate Professor of Economics at St Bedes, Shimla’s most prestigious college. Ayush also has a sister, who is married. Atul Verma, one of his uncles, is an ADGP in Himachal Pradesh. He is currently on deputation in Delhi.

P.K. Sinha, Ayush’s father, was an Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest in the Indian Forest Service. Atul Verma, his maternal uncle, was Himachal Pradesh’s assistant director-general of police (law and order).

Want to know More about Him?

Ayush Sinha has stated that his favourite pastimes are football and reading.

When asked about Shimla, he stated that the city has a significant traffic problem. There is a parking problem, as well as a water problem, and air pollution is getting worse by the day. In this situation, the local government must devise strategies to attract tourists.

Ayush’s Wife and Personal Life

Sinha is married to IAS Himadree Sinha. She is the only daughter of Rajiv Kaushik who is the former chief engineer of Rajpur Road Enclave. She achieved 97th rank in Civil Service Examination, in her second attempt.

Himadri did not quit economics during either of the exams, may it be her UPSC exams or her early life exams. She then went on to BITS Pilani Goa to study Chemical Engineering and MSc Economics.

She studied for CSE but did not pass the exam on her first attempt. As a result, she worked extremely hard on her second attempt and eventually passed the Civil Services Examination.

IAS Ayush Sinha’s UPSC Rank

In his third attempt at the UPSC exam, Sinha received the 7th AIR Rank. Sinha attended Shimla’s St Edward’s School and RK Puram’s Delhi Public School.

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IAS Ayush Sinha: UPSC Marksheet

Given below is Civil Service Examination 2017, marksheet.

Written Total 964
PT Total 151
Total 1115
Rank 7

SBM Ayush Sinha: Haryana

Since 2nd September, 2021, a video of Ayush Sinha, a Haryana cadre IAS official, has gone popular on social media for reportedly telling police officers to beat protesting farmers and not allow anyone to break the barrier.

Sinha, an IAS officer from the 2018 batch, has been assigned to the Karnal district as a sub-divisional magistrate. As they attempted to break up the first security checkpoint of a BJP meeting attended by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, police lathi-charged protesting farmers, injuring ten.

Reactions and Social Media

The video has sparked a massive social media backlash on Twitter since it went viral. Sinha’s activities have been denounced by bureaucrats across the country, who claim that while he is a civil servant, he has shown “no decency” in his conduct. Twitter users have encouraged courts to investigate the event and file a formal complaint against the cop.

IAS Ayush Sinha: Optional Subject and Strategy

Ayush excelled in the exam due to his dedication, hard work, and focus. Ayush is a Shimla native and a Shimla resident. P. K. Sinha, his father, is a former Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests. Because of his father, he became interested in civil service.

In order to prepare for the exam, you must plan beforehand. At least two months before the preliminary test, an aspirant should ensure that he or she has thoroughly studied the full syllabus for prelims and mains, including optional, he said.

Choosing Optional Subject

Choosing an optional subject is also critical. He took anthropology and studied it online through online classes. Aside from keeping up with current events, one should be able to offer their viewpoints on current events in the examination.

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Ambition and Success Mantra

Ayush has always admired and wanted to serve the society, build women’s safety, bring in good health conditions and also demolish poverty. They were his key concerns and he is today, after becoming an IAS officer, very close to his dream. “The key for achievement is to try and strive harder,” he remarked.

He also stated that if you want to succeed in this exam, you must be dedicated, patient, and never stop working hard. These are the items that will assist you in achieving your objectives on your own.

Second Attempt

After his second effort at CSE, he was a little nervous. He took the civil service exam in 2016 as well, and he passed it. From August 2016 he was enrolled in IRS training. But, because he aspired to be an IAS officer, he decided to give it another shot, this time putting 100% effort into his preparation.

Ayush had failed the examination two times and after 2016, he made it a point that he will crack the interview this time. Interview was one of the areas where Ayush had lost his marks, so he had focused more on this aspect when he was preparing for 2017 UPSC. He practised with his friends, who assisted me by doing mock interviews, and the preparations helped him gain confidence.

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The UPSC preparation environment and phase are exhausting and stressful. You should read such articles to increase your confidence and morale. You can become more focused on the goal and strive for greatness as a result. To be successful in your field, you must perform to the best of your skills.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and professionals will respond. You should go to UPSC Pathshala to get answers to your questions and learn a lot from the experts. It’s never too late or departed to begin something new. Take a stride ahead in the direction of your ambitions.

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