There are many things to learn from an IAS officer, their sincerity, their hard work, their service to the public, their way of lifestyle and above all they don’t give up, they keep going on working day and night to serve the people and make their country proud by making providing the citizens with at most facilities and see to it they are comfortable. 

A real-life journey where there are strategies, hardships, inspirations and above all love for the country which made him IAS and this article talk about him and his dedication towards his country. 

Bharat Yadav IAS

A dignified and quality life where one is selfless, that’s how people define an IAS officer and they have many such occasions in their life where they do many things and they become memorable because they are selflessly done and only for the society. IAS Bharat Yadav has also done many things and they have a great impact on everyone’s life. 

Yadav, in 2015 had organised a charity show for the blind children’s school in Seoin district and because of him it earned a profit of one and a half crore rupees and out of which he had FD of one crore rupees keeping their future in mind, and because of him the school has become independent and not working under any government or non-government organisations. 

Bharat Yadav Biography 

Yadav belonged to a small village in Madhya Pradesh and he prepared for his exam while he was working in railway and in 2008 he was selected in UPSC and he became the IAS of Madhya Pradesh cadre. His first posting was in Haushangabad, M.P, then in SDM in Betul District, Multai and then in Bhopal in the ministry department. 

#He always takes out time from his busy schedule and visits old age homes and helps them in their pain and problems and tries to find out a solution. He always helps the orphanage and helps them in the best way possible. 

# He also helps the poor and the beggars who need help and supports them. 

# He visits many coaching institutes and helps them by giving them proper failures and also his experience and strategy that he used. 

Bharat Yadav Wiki 

Bharat Yadav is a resident of Datia District, Madhya Pradesh and he had studied in a government school up to class five in his village. He had qualified from Navodaya Vidyalaya, entrance and then got selected in Navodaya Vidyalaya Shivpuri, in his class 6th. Then he got into railway vocational courses in 10th class and after completing his 10th he shifted to Mumbai and completed his 11th and 12th there. After his 12th he got selected for railway for TTE in the year 1999 and then completed his graduation and post-graduation in political science in Gwalior. 

Bharat Yadav Strategy 

IAS Bharat Yadav went to Delhi for his UPSC preparation and there he joined a coaching centre for a few months. His subjects were history and philosophy and he realised that he was not happy with the Philosophy subjects, as someone had told him that Philosophy was a good choice for the examination but he did regret his choice. 

He was never a bookworm person and never studied for 14 to 15 hours daily which UPSC candidates should study, he had only studied for 6-8 hours a day and he believes that this is enough because this is the most that a person can concentrate in a day. 

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Tips for UPSC Students

# He believed that one should have positive thinking, should be self-confident and also should be selfless and someone who wants to serve the country can easily crack the examination 

# A person should be willing to understand the problems in the system and changing them for the betterment of the society 

# One should show interest and should be curious about the subjects and the environment they will be stepping in 

# The desired applicant should be interested and capable of understanding general knowledge and general experience. 

# He believed that one should not make a particular subject their favourite as it would decrease their taste of other subjects and one should always have the basic knowledge of all the subjects and while choosing the subject one should never keep their follow others theories, follow your interest 

# One should choose the subject based on their interest, knowledge and experience. 

# One should practise reading, and writing because time management is very important 

# One should be having strong will power and determination to reach their destination. 

Marks and UPSC Rank  

His UPSC marks total was 1311 and he got 76th rank in the year 2008 in his UPSC examination. 

Optional Subject 

His optional subject was Philosophy, though he regretted it because someone had told him that it is a good subject to choose in UPSC but, later he founded out that he had no interest in the subject. 

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A UPSC aspirant should always read biographies because these are some real-life stories that can give someone a push, the dedication and also the inspiration to go forward and become an IAS. A small boy from a village who did his education from government organisations and now is serving the nation selflessly and determinedly. Here at UPSC Pathshala, every UPSC aspirant will find their role model and strategies to crack the examination with flying colours, feel strongly dedicated towards the country and confident in yourself, feel free to ask doubts, give suggestions and tips, we are always there to help you, just a comment away. 

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