IAS is a journey of transforming young budding students into full-grown civil bureaucrats. It starts with preparation for exams and ends at implementing policies of the government for local welfare. While the first part of the journey is always in the spotlight, the other one is always backstage.

If you take a survey, you will find that more than 60% of candidates do not even know their reason to become civil servants.

Then how can you see the second part? By reading about the experiences of different IAS officers. Every year, the selected candidates are sent for training at LBSNAA for two years.

Afterwards, they got located in their preferred cadres and the real struggle began. An IAS officer has to face numerous challenges in their pathway, sometimes they will be rewarded for their deeds, and sometimes will receive hate, but a true IAS officer will never let himself sway by any comments, good or bad.

Here is an inspiring story of Divyanshu Patel IAS.

Divyanshu Patel Biography: From a Common Village Boy to an IAS Officer

Diyanshu Patel is an IAS officer of the 2016 batch. He is currently posted as CDO of Unnao city. He is known as an upright and honest civil servant.

Divyanshu is the son of an associate professor, Dr AP Verma, an associate professor in the Sanskrit department of MLK College. His mother’s name is Smt Neena Verma.

His parents were both supportive and supported him with his studies from childhood as they both were teachers.

IAS Patel Wiki Facts

Divyanshu Patel UPSC Rank: 204 AIR

Optional Subject: Not known (Probably Sociology as it was his MA subject)

Current Posting: CDO in Unnao

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Education Background

Diyanshu Patel completed his schooling from his hometown, Ambedkar Nagar. After completing his schooling, he started pursuing BA from Ram Manohar Lohia University. Not only did he pass it but scored highest in his college.

Later, he pursued B.Ed and M.Ed from Delhi University and MA from Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2011.

Unfortunate Incident

In February 2011, his mother passed away. This was a huge shock for him.  Passing away from our loved ones, especially parents, is enough to break someone down.

But Diyanshu did not break down. He couldn’t as he wanted to make her mother proud of him.

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Selection as Assistant Commandant CRPF

With this immense hard work and determination, in 2012 he got selected as assistant commandant CRPF. But he didn’t give any priority to it as he was determined to achieve this one in his only dream job.

Strategy for Other UPSC Aspirants

# Determination: First and foremost important criteria is determination. Any hurdle can be overcome by determination and willpower.

# Positive Mindset: Often people are surrounded by negative thoughts due to their weaknesses. But they should use it as their strengths.

The UPC journey is very tough and people get surrounded by negative thoughts but they should overcome them and continue to work hard for sure success.

# Understand Syllabus: Understanding the syllabus is an important way to make a strategy for UPSC preparation. Therefore read out the syllabus of UPSC carefully and make small checklists of several sub-topics.

Moreover, with every read, you will find a new topic to read.

Role of Coaching

According to Divyanshu Patel, coaching is important for students coming from rural areas or those who have begun their UPSC preparation late. They will help you understand the UPSC curriculum, expected topics, question patterns, etc easily.

Otherwise, it will take a longer period to find out basic details. But for candidates of urban areas or those who are predetermined can choose to take or not.

Advice of English

Owing to his Hindi medium education background, English was not a forte of Divyanshu. In an Interview with Dalit Dastak, IAS Patel revealed an incident of JNU.

When he went to JNU for his MA in Sociology, he was given a project to write an answer in English. He went to the cabin of Vivek Kumar, Professor at JNU and told about his incapability to write in English and sought permission to write in Hindi. But his professor didn’t permit him. He called him Coward and explained to him that this will become your biggest obstacle to your success.

And thus, Divyanshu understood its importance and started preparing for English. According to him, English is a connecting language that will help you even after your UPSC.

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The Positive Role of People in IAS Patel’s Life


His grandfather was a teacher and taught children for free till 82 years of age. This inspired him to do something for the society without looking for his owner’s benefits.


Both parents belonged to the teaching profession and hence the environment in his house was always study-oriented. Though this doesn’t mean that he was ever forced. He was also having ample support from his parents. Moreover, his father guided him throughout his IAS journey and respected his decisions.

Bhimrao Ambedkar

IAS Divyanshu has respect for Bhimrao Ambedkar. He calls him “Babasaheb” with lots of love and respect. Ambedkar’s journey is an inspiration for several youths of minority sections. Moreover, IAS Divyanshu belongs to Ambedkarnagar, hence his love of Ambedkar is obvious.


According to Divyanshu, teachers played an important role in instilling courage in him. There were many teachers in his schools who taught with passion and energy. This helped him to arouse interest in the respective subject. Moreover, his highschool’s history teacher taught him the history in such a way that he never has to memorise dates ever.

His Professor at JNU, Mr Vivek Kumar also played an important role in his life. He inspired him to learn and excel in English in spite of coming from a Hindi medium school.

Love of Society

IAS Divyanshu Patel reveals in an interview that doing something for Society was the driving force behind his UPSC journey. He always wanted to do something for society, especially minority classes. He was inspired to do so by Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s journey.

He says that many people only give preferences to the salary and benefits of an IAS officer and make it their sole reason to aspire. On the contrary, he will be ready to leave all those facilities for the benefit of society.

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Impact of Government Education

Breaking the common conception of the society about the education of Government schools, IAS Divyanshu gives 50% credits for his success to the education of government schools.

According to him, it played an important role in his success. The teachers taught him so well that he was able to understand the concepts easily.


This was an inspiring journey of an IAS officer. Diyanshu Patel is a truly inspiring person and also shows the real motivation of an IAS officer. He feels responsible for transforming society.

He also is genuinely concerned about others as he advises other aspirants and visits his hometown to teach children.

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IAS Divyanshu Patel Biography: Education, UPSC Rank, and Tips for Other Aspirants
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