Becoming an IAS officer after completing your MBBS is not a path that students ideally take. Pursuing your MBBS is a tedious affair, but to prepare for UPSC exams after completing your MBBS requires a lot of determination and focus. You can easily lose focus during the process which can lead to self-doubts and dejection. You must keep listening or reading interviews of individuals who have already achieved the same feat to keep yourself inspired and motivated. The preparation techniques you receive are a bonus.

One such IAS officer who has achieved the rare feat of clearing the UPSC Civil Service Exams and completing a BDS degree is Dr Tanu Jain. Continue reading this article to know more about Dr Tanu’s, age, wiki, optional subject, strategy, posting and much more.

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IAS Dr Tanu Jain Wiki

Dr Tanu Jain’s journey to prepare for the UPSC exam started once she completed her internship. She did her schooling at Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri. She then completed her BDS from Subharti Medical College, Meerut. After completing her degree she started preparing for Civil Service Examinations.

She cleared the Civil Service Examinations in 2014 and was allocated the Armed Forces Headquarter Services in 2015. Dr Tanu belongs to a family which primarily does business, hence she had no professional experience. She is currently the Assistant Director at Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

Obstacles Faced by Dr Tanu Jain while Preparing for the UPSC Civil Service Examinations

Dr Tanu Jain’s IAS dream was not easy to achieve. She believes that you have to do a lot of hard work, have extreme focus and discipline yourself if you wish to achieve this target. Preparation is a difficult time for each candidate or aspirant. It tests your every ability, such as can you focus on something for a long duration? Or can you discipline yourself? Or can you study for a long time? UPSC is not an exam whose preparation ends in 2 – 3 months. It takes years to crack the exam.


Dr Tanu Jain gave her first prelims in 2012 and she got her first post in 2017. Hence it is a long journey, but if you have a sense of purpose, you can bounce back from any low points you face.

UPSC preparation instils a zeal to learn into you. You become curious about the happenings around you, and that too in so many wide fields that you become a different person altogether.  The preparation phase was something which Dr Tanu thoroughly enjoyed and she even made some friends while preparing for the UPSC Civil Service Examinations.

Dr Tanu’s Jain Tips for Prelims and Mains Preparation

Dr Tanu did not enrol in any coaching while preparing for GS hence she cannot say whether one should opt for it or not. But she strongly believes that one should have a mentor while preparing for UPSC civil service examinations because they help you be disciplined and can easily help you achieve your goals. They also help you streamline your preparation. Your mentor can be a friend, a teacher, or even your parent.

One thing to keep a note of while UPSC preparation is to select which topics you need to study and which you need to leave out. In today’s world, there is so much information available on the internet, and you cannot read it all. Hence it is important to select which information to study and which to leave.

Analysing your performance is an important aspect of your UPSC preparation for both prelims and mains. What you have learnt from the test or what mistakes you made in a practice test will help you improve in your next attempt.

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Dr Tanu’s Jain Tips for Prelims and Mains Preparation

Dr Tanu believes that interviews are the most important part of your UPSC dream. She had cleared the UPSC mains thrice but still wasn’t able to secure a rank since her interview didn’t go as well as she hoped. She says that any informality in your voice or behaviour is not tolerated. You should exude the qualities of an officer. You have to answer the points. Answering the point is a technique that is going to help you not only in the interview but also in UPSC mains. Do not elaborate until you have been asked to.

You need to answer in points rather than answering in an unruly manner. This will show that you have clarity and will help you succeed. The interviewer will notice everything, ranging from your body language to your facial expressions to your personality. These at times often speak louder than your words.

IAS Dr Tanu Jain Optional

Dr Tanu’s optional was philosophy. Her optional in previous attempts was Sanskrit but she decided to change it to philosophy while she was scrolling through the previous year papers. She believes one should choose an optional in which he or she is comfortable rather than listening to someone else.

She did not join any coaching while preparing for her optional service nor did she solve any test series. She believes that solving previous year papers was enough to help her secure good marks in her optional subject.

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Dr Tanu Jain’s UPSC rank is something that she is proud of. She believes after clearing the UPSC exam her life has changed for good. She can serve the country and people. She gets to work with the brightest minds of the country and she is thankful for that. She can see the practical aspects of things she only studied in theory.

Dr Tanu’s journey is an inspiration for each aspirant preparing for UPSC Civil Service Exam. If you want to read more such success stories visit the UPSC Pathshala website.

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