One of the desired jobs among the Indian youth is to be an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) officer. Approximately 8 lakh candidates aspire to become IAS officers and serve the country. It is a tough journey from preparing for the IAS examination and to fulfil the responsibility of being an IAS officer. But to cross each milestone till you reach the final destination it is really important that you read about other IAS officers’ biography who can motivate you and can show you the right direction. Like we will discuss IAS Ishan Pratap Singh. He is counted to be among the candidates who cleared the IAS examination on the first attempt.

The fact that UPSC is one of the toughest exams in India, is not hidden from anybody. Hence, the candidates preparing for the IAS examination need a strong will to get through it. One of the success factors for Ishan Pratap Singh was strong will and determination.

Academic Background

He completed his schooling from DPS Noida with a percentage of 93.4 % in 12th Standard. When he planned to prepare for the UPSC Examination, he was pursuing his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering (Power) from one of the prestigious universities all over the world,  ‘Indian Institute of Technology Delhi’. He was in the last year of his graduation, along with engineering he started the l.preparation for UPSC as well. Ishan has been a bright student academically and had confidence in his preparation as well.

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IAS Ishaan Pratap’s Daily Schedule and Strategy

It is not easy for an engineering student to pursue the course and along with which to prepare for the UPSC examination. Students here have two choices, one is to leave the engineering classes behind and solely dedicate your day to the IAS preparation, or second is that you manage both and push yourself much harder to succeed in both fields. The choice that Ishaan made was the latter one where he was passionate about engineering so he decided to attend the classes along with the preparation. Ishan’s schedule for the day was as follows.

UPSC Strategy

  • Waking up at 7, as his classes commenced from 9 o’clock, and it also varied according to his time table, but usually, it was 9.
  • He got free from the college around 4 to 5, after college he had to go to attend the coaching sessions.
  • After coaching he used to get free at 8 in the evening and then he dedicated at least three hours to the IAS preparation.
  • Not only those three hours but in between where he had to travel from north Delhi to south Delhi, he utilized the travelling time in reading newspapers, articles, and books.
  • He utilized his Sunday in the preparation, as there was no class on that day.

 Ishaan’s Mantra to succeed

He was not just preparing, but he was preparing in the right direction, this is the reason he cleared the IAS examination in the first attempt and in a short span of time. His mantra for preparation was-

  1. Reading habit- He started by bringing reading into his routine. This is the reason why he started reading articles and newspapers in his spare time even if it was in commuting.
  2. Notes- He made notes whenever he read something. While you are making notes you need to identify your way of learning. You don’t have to write the whole important concept again, instead, you have to write it in such a way that helps you understand the same concept with the help of lesser words.
  3. Reading Newspaper- He was aware of the fact that being acquainted with current affairs imperative, so he brought reading into a habit.

Some more Mantra

  1. Reading material- To get the name of the books that will be right for his preparation, he read blogs of other IAs candidates who have given the list of important books to read for the IAS aspirants.
  2. Test- Once you are thorough with your preparation, try to give as many tests as you can, and simultaneously start preparing for the mains as well.
  3. Consistent and dedicated- With these two values set anybody can achieve anything in this world. This was the mantra applied by Ishan and you can see the result yourself. You have to be consistent throughout your preparation and you need to be dedicated as well.

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Optional Subject

Ishan Pratap Singh’s Optional subject was sociology. Being an engineering student why he chose sociology is a big question right? But it is suggested that you should choose a subject which interests you or for which you are passionate about. While Ishan was preparing for the IAS examination and he decided to focus on history, politics, and sociology, he read a few books. And the first book that Ishan read about sociology stirred up his interest in the subject and he dives deep into the subject. This is the reason he chose sociology as his optional subject. When you are passionate about something you will automatically be intrigued about it more and more.

 Ishan Pratap Singh Marksheet

Now comes the section for which you were waiting for eagerly. Here, is  Ishan Pratap Singh Marksheet, through which you can see his excellent performance in the IAS examination

Sections Marks
Com M 4
Written Test 869
Personality Test 193
Final 1062


Preparing for the IAS examination needs you to burn the midnight oil, if you are ready to do it, then only it is advised to a candidate that you should go for IAS preparation. IAS officers like Ishan Pratap Singh are the ones who fulfil their dream because they have a clear vision, and dedication to do it. You have a lot to learn from Ishan’s IAS journey. Ishan Pratap Singh posting is now at the Joint Magistrate’s office which is in Farrukhabad, UP(Uttar Pradesh, as an officer in the IAS cadre.

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