The success story of Mahendra Bahadur Singh, who became an IAS officer in the third attempt in the year 2010, is a story of the stubbornness, passion and dedication of a father. Candidates preparing for Civil Services Examination can take inspiration from this.

The success story of the UPSC Civil Services Examination has a new success story of IAS officer Mahendra Bahadur Singh, a resident of Sujanpur village in the Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh. He became an IAS officer by cracking the Civil Services Examination in the third attempt in 2010.

Let’s take a quick look at the biography of IAS Mahendra Bahadur Singh and some UPSC planning tips.

Mahendra Bahadur Singh Biography

In this article, we have an interesting and motivating biography of an IAS officer from UP. Get your much-needed boost and motivation by reading about his journey to an IAS officer.

Mahendra Bahadur Singh Wiki

Mahendra Bahadur Singh was fast in his childhood. Because of this, his teacher refused to teach in the third class. The teacher called his father and said that your son is very smart in his studies. Get admission to any school in the city. Its career will be made. Mahendra Bahadur’s father obeyed and got his son admitted to the city school. Then one day this boy became an IAS officer. He told about this incident himself in an interview.

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Mahendra Bahadur Singh IAS Family

Mahendra says that his father was a clerk in the consolidation department. After telling the school teacher, he left home and started living in a rented house in Fatehpur city. Admission to the city school was done in the mid-term itself, but the result in the half-yearly examination, which took place after two months, was very bad. Five of the six subjects failed. He says that I cried a lot when I came home and then my father explained to me that if you work hard, everything will be good. In the same year, the annual examination came second place in the whole class. After this

A Hardworking Father

Mahendra says that his father used to cook before going on duty in the morning. He used to prepare and send them to school. Actually, mother and three other brothers were in the village. Apart from this, only the junior class father used to prepare notes. He used to do all the work from cooking to washing and cleaning.

Mahendra Bahadur Singh IAS IIT Dream

Mahendra says that he had given the entrance test for engineering from IIT after 12th. But it did not happen. Instead, it happened in UPTU. He did B.Tech from UPTU. As soon as the completed engineering studies started preparing for the Civil Services Examination. During this time, he got a job in many companies. But his entire focus was on becoming an IAS officer. In 2010, he achieved this success in the third attempt.

Mahendra Bahadur Singh IAS Rank and Current Posting

Batch: 2011

Rank: District Magistrate

Current Posting: Mainpuri, UP

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What is the Right Age for UPSC Preparation to become a Successful IAS like Singh?

“When do I start preparing?” is an often asked question by UPSC aspirants. To be honest, this is a difficult question. There is no correct or incorrect answer. Of course, ideas are welcome. This section will give you some tips on when to start studying for the IAS test.

When to Start Preparing for It?

In general, there are three types of IAS aspirants.

#Those who make the decision early in life (after 10th or during 11th or 12th class) that they’d like to serve the country and its people by becoming IAS or IPS officers.

#Many who plan to become civil servants after or shortly after completing their university studies.

#Those who discover their IAS calling later in life and try it whilst working perhaps after a few years in the private sector.


The best books would differ based on the candidate’s past experience and understanding of the subject matter. The books for UPSC suggested by specialists, on the other hand, are mentioned in this article by topic.

It is critical to choose the best IAS exam books online for each level of the UPSC exam. The UPSC Prelims only includes objective type questions, while the mains includes informative essay type questions.

Applicants should not only choose UPSC training books carefully, but they should also split their reading list into Prelims and Mains planning.


# India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra

# Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania

# NCERT XI (Ancient & Medieval)

# NCERT XII (Modern Indian History)


# Certificate Physical Geography – G C Leong

# NCERT VI – X (Old Syllabus)

# NCERT XI, XII (New Syllabus)

# World Atlas (Orient Black Swan)


# Indian Polity – M Laxmikanth



# Indian Economy by Nitin Singhania

# Economic Development & Policies in India – Jain & Ohri


International Relationships

# NCERT XII (Contemporary World Politics)

# Current Affairs

Optional Subject in UPSC

UPSC Optional Subject is a significant score-differentiator for UPSC aspirants. Out of the 9 papers in the CSE Main exam, 2 papers, Paper VI and Paper VII will be of Optional Subject Paper 1 and Optional Subject Paper 2. – one is worth 250 marks. Furthermore, the marks earned in the optional subject papers are taken into account when calculating the final merit. As a result, selecting an optional topic for UPSC must be done with caution.

How to Choose the Best UPSC Optional Subject for Civil Services Exam?

The UPSC optional subject is very relevant in the UPSC CS Main Examination because it contains 500 marks out of 2025 marks. If you choose carefully, these 500 points will make a significant difference in your overall grade. The best UPSC optional subject will differ from one applicant to the next depending on his academic background.

Most students make the mistake of selecting optional subjects for UPSC based on toppers’ scores or other considerations such as reputation, availability of research groups, and so on. Nevertheless, you should exercise extreme caution when selecting an optional topic based on those conditions, as it can cost you a try!

IAS Preparation

IAS preparation has been the only way to pass the examination. The preparation plan should be focused on the candidate’s strengths and limitations. It is important to prepare for readiness in a practical manner. Every candidate is a person with a unique point of view and worldview. The aspirant’s orientation is influenced by his or her viewpoint and worldview. A year of continuous work will help you pass the IAS examination.

Current Affairs for IAS 

Current affairs is necessary for IAS preparation. The preparation is a synthesis of current events of domestic and international interest and subjects from the General Studies curriculum. The planning is influenced by current events and their connections to state General Studies issues. The current affairs segment is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning. Toppers and advisors advise students to prepare for current affairs in order to get a firm grasp on general studies subjects.

IAS Question Paper

The IAS question paper is crucial in the preparation. IAS question papers include a true overview of the curriculum and serve as a wake-up call for aspirants. Applicants can practise for the previous year IAS question papers so that they can answer the current question paper more effectively.


The purpose of reading about a successful IAS officer is to get the required motivation for your IAS goal. But without knowing and everything about the UPSC exam, the dream will be a dream forever. The UPSC toppers have something in common which is dedication and hard work. So while preparation gives your full attention to the subjects without getting distracted from things like social media, unnecessary calls and messages.

Check out UPSC Pathshala, to explore core courses for your UPSC preparation.

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