Sindhuri, an inspirational woman was born on 30 May 1984 in Andhra Pradesh. She completed B. Tech Chemical engineering. She has been appointed as an IAS officeholder of the 2009 batch. Sindhuri is wedded to Sudhir Reddy, a Software Engineer from Andhra Pradesh and they are blessed with a son and a daughter. She is eloquent in numerous vernaculars, including Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and English.

Read the full article and know what is her background, how did she prepare for UPSC and aced it. All the aspirants should read some inspirational stories which keep them motivated and make them move on with their goals.

IAS Rohini Sindhuri 

Sindhuri’s early posting as a social servant was as the assistant commissioner in Tumkur from 29 August 2011 to 31 August 2012. In a similar duration, she was in charge Commissioner of the metropolitan improvement bureau of Tumkur and proceeded in the headquarters till 31 December 2012. As commissioner, she had computerised tariff collection at source, was prepared to take ownership of 42 acres of farmland at a townley which was pending since 2006, marketed stores of the association which were fibbing deserted, producing income worth 10 crores for the association, was instrumental in the reduction of encroachments on Horpete road, J.C.road and kyathsandra main roads. She is fondly recollected by the Tumkur people for eliminating encroachments on M.G.Road and finalizing the street work in the occupied road of the neighbourhood.

She has then helped as the Director of Rural Development & Panchayat Raj Department, Self Employment Project (SEP), Bangalore from 10 August 2013 to 31 May 2014. The following she posted as the Chief Executive officer of the Mandya Zilla Panchayat where she helped for extra than one year.

Mysore DC Rohini Sindhuri Wiki

Sindhuri was allocated a transfer in January 2018, just seven months into her duty as the district collector (DC) of Hassan, after prevailing authority in July 2017. The transfer was expected to be under strength from the local ambassador and Ex-Minister H. D. Revanna then moved toward the High Court, which authorized the transfer. Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy again appointed her as a Hassan DC.


According to the plea categorized before the state supreme court, Rohini was assigned as deputy commissioner, Hassan on Gregorian calendar month twelve, 2017, and she retained and served eight months. Notwithstanding the statutory duration of two years of assignment that she is authorized to administer at Hassan and not comprehending her prominent profession as a civil subordinate, she was striving to be shunted out of Hassan, for political motives by a declaration dated January 22, 2018.

This was obvious because she cracked down on the mining mafia which infuriated the local ambassadors who transmitted a diatribe against her to the Chief Minister, who perished due to their political tensions, authorized to pass the premature transfer ordinance. The order was relinquished after the Election Commission of India conveyed dissatisfaction that,

“Despite bringing to the notice of the government the two-year minimum tenure, the government is not acting upon the same”, said in the petition filed.



Assistant Commissioner in Tumkur, Karnataka


Commissioner of the urban development department of Tumkur


Director of Rural Development & Panchayat Raj Department, Self Employment Project (SEP), Bangalore


Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Panchayat, Mandya, Government of Karnataka


Managing Director of Karnataka Food & Civil Supplies Corporation Limited (KFCSC)


Deputy Commissioner, Hassan, Karnataka

Rohini Sindhuri Rank: UPSC 

Rohini Sindhuri Dasari is an IAS officer who is the new District Magistrate of Mysore district.

She is an IAS officer of the Karnataka cadre, from the 2009 batch. Sindhuri had scored the 43rd rank in the exam. She has prevailed working in various divisions in her vocation as an IAS officer.

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Optional Subject

Her optional subject has been public administration and her UPSC score is 55.78% with subjects like general studies, sociology and public administration.

Subject  Total Marks Marks Obtained 
Essay 200 120
General Studies 600 327 (170+170)
Sociology 600 353 (164+189)
Public Administration 600 339 (194+145)
Interview 300 1139
Total (Written) 2000 144
Total 2300 1283


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Some tips for the examination and one should always follow them

Current Affairs

Aspirants are instructed to examine the magazine religiously every day to keep himself/themselves updated considering the topics going on. This exercise can be done through touring several websites, reading recent affairs newspapers and things, downloading mobile applications to get everyday updates, etc. are some of the kinds to maintain oneself abreast of the country’s modern topics and circumstances.

Mock Testa

Previous year’s questions papers, sample type papers are greatly credible and an authenticated reference to get a notion of what the sheet is all about. Understanding numerous sorts of paper prepares an aspirant to organize his/her time efficiently in an examination hall by getting a glance at the structure and the complication degree of the paper. These mock tests act as a criterion to test one’s knowledge and practice.

Keeping Handy Notes

Making observations and documenting important degrees are some of the promising manners that will not only help the aspirant to crack the assessment but at the exact time will also help in unification, memorization, and easy amendment before the conduction of the assessment. These memos are the summarized aspect of the whole syllabus that works as a last-minute saviour for an aspirant.He/she can keep a look at them anytime before the assessment. It is a good amendment move.


Revision is not a pastime that an aspirant is instructed to do before the test, it is something that is required the entire year from the candidate. From the very initial day of the practice, a person should get into this strategy and should make it a pattern. Whatever is remembered, whatever is reviewed should be examined before going to bed and even the additional days to keep a trace of whatever is comprehended.

Proper Sleep

Distant from analyses and a strict agenda an aspirant should take supervision of his/her gaping plan. Also, one should report that resting denial takes the individual nowhere. Snoozing is a must to increase stability and attention.

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Hopefully, we were victorious in furnishing the much-needed inspiration for your UPSC practice. Stay determined and chronic towards your IAS expectation, as it is not a susceptible mission to crack. Understand some more tips for the development of your practice in the delighted section of UPSC Pathshala.

Did you get any kind of enthusiasm or inspiration by examining this IAS officer? Consent us understand in the comments section below.

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