IAS Neha Jain Biography: Journey from Dental Consultant to IAS Topper

IAS Neha Jain Biography

Neha Jain topped the CSE 2017 with an All India Rank 14 and hence became a popular search on google – ‘Neha Jain IAS’ or’ Neha Jain wiki’ for many future aspirants. Her mark sheet is one of the most sought after on various IAS aspirant sites today. Completing her education from NK Bagrodia Public School and then graduating from Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences with a degree in dentistry, she went on to work as a Dental consultant in Oberoi Dental Clinic.

Shift of Interests

After serving as a dentist, she realised she wanted to get into an administrative setup which also represents one of the country’s most prestigious jobs. Also, the prospect of leadership, diversity and prestige that came with a civil services job was too hard to resist.


Her family consists of her grandmother who is the head of the family. Her parents Mr PK Jain and Mrs Manju Lata Jain work for The New Assurance Company LTD. Neha’s younger brother is a medical student pursuing his degree from North DMC Medical College – Hindu Rao Hospital.  She is very thankful to her family for their continuous support and blessings that have helped her throughout.

Neha’s drive to Crack UPSC

Throughout her schooling, she remained a meritorious student but wasn’t excessively studious. Her journey to where she is now was anything but easy. Working left her with less time to prepare as compared to her peers who were diligently preparing for the same. However, that didn’t stop her from working hard. Time management played a major role as she took advantage of every single second bestowed upon her. She opted for a mix of traditional and online coaching which means whenever possible, she took online lectures.

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Neha’s Preparation

She figured out if she took care of her Essay, General Studies and Optional Subject, clearing the exams would not be difficult. For Essays, she strategically made pointers on a wide variety of topics that she suspected would come in the paper and practised two. Through this, she had a very rough idea about the structure she had to attempt.

She opted for Law as her Optional Subject since her father and her uncle have a degree in LLB. They gave her an overview of the things she would have to deal with and take care of during her preparations. She took notes from 3 institutes for her optional subject.

She read newspapers like ‘The Hindu’ and ‘The Indian Express’ for current affairs and editorials and noted important events. According to her, one should opt for the optional subject of their interest.

Preparation for Prelims

For her prelims, her strategy was to take the 60-day prelims program. She also took two full mocks just before the prelims which consisted of something similar to that year’s Prelims format.

Preparation for Mains

For her MAINS, she took the TLP Mains Answer writing where she attempted five questions every day and was reviewed for the same. Even though the initial reviews were bad, she didn’t give up. In fact, she became more diligent in writing those answers every day. Slowly but steadily she improved her speed as well as writing quality.

She took several tests and practised mocks while surrounded by the exam environment. She analysed the same, made notes and also ensured to not repeat the same mistakes again.

Since she was working, she devoted 5-6 hours of serious studying every single day, which gradually increased to 8-10 hours for the last few days as she had taken a study leave from her clinic. During this crucial period, she revised the syllabus and solved the previous year questions.

Neha’s Interview

Being an avid reader, a national level gymnast and a trained Bharatanatyam dancer earned her brownie points in her final interview. She believes being merely studious is unlikely to clear the exams. In fact, having a balance in both academics and extracurricular activities can help an aspirant to achieve their goal.

In Conclusion

Lastly, she advises all current and future aspirants to be consistent in their efforts and have belief and positive attitude.

Hailing from a middle-class family in New Delhi, Neha made the headlines as a topper of Civil Service Examination in 2017. At such a young age she has been successful in achieving what others could only think about. After tremendous hard work and perseverance, she is proudly known as ‘Neha Jain IAS’. Her current posting is in Firozabad as the Chief Development Officer.

This was the enlightening journey of IAS Neha Jain. Stay tuned with UPSC Pathshala to read and get inspired by more successful journeys like this.

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IAS Neha Jain Biography: Journey from Dental Consultant to IAS Topper
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