The Civil Service test is a competitive exam administered every year in India to recruit for the highest levels of government service. Every year, tens of thousands of people apply for this exam. However, it’s worth noting that the passing rate is extremely low. This is owing to the exam’s extensive syllabus.

Are you planning to apply for the UPSC? The IAS path is rigorous; from preparation to posting, an IAS officer must overcome numerous challenges and impediments. Only a responsible and sincere person is capable of completing all of them without slacking.

Many ambitious IAS officers are upholding their obligations honestly. Their biographies should serve as inspiration for your own journey.

Here’s an example of a great IAS officer who has excelled in her civil service career: IAS Nidhi Chaudhary.

IAS Nidhi Choudhary Biography

Nidhi Choudhary is a 2012 batch IAS officer of the Maharashtra state cadre. She is a young inspirational personality and is popular because of passion and hard work. She is known for her work for honesty and ethics. She is from a humble family, and her siblings have also cleared the UPSC examination.

Nidhi worked with RBI as an officer before appearing for the UPSC examination. She was previously very active in the news because of her tweet on what seemed to be adoring Nathuram Godse.

Her sister’s achievement in the Civil Service Examination in 2009 was a watershed moment. Vidhi Choudhari (AIR 285, CSE 2008), who was recruited as an IPS, inspired Nidhi to want to do the same.

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IAS Nidhi Choudhary Wiki

Nidhi Choudhari, a post-graduate in Public Administration (2007) and English (2005) from the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur, has sailed through the Civil Services Examination 2011 with flying colours.

Date of Birth 11/05/1984
Birth Place and Residence Nagpur, Rajasthan
Father Name Somdutt Nehra
Hobbies Cooking, reading and travelling
Pay Scale Rs. 70,000 per month

IAS Nidhi Choudhary: Raigad Collector

Nidhi Choudhary has been the Deputy Secretary of the Water Supply and Sanitation Department in Mumbai. She has been posted as the Raigad Collector. She was then hunted down from BMC because of her previous controversial tweet on Nathum Godse and Mahatma Gandhi. Though the tweet was later deleted, this created a huge controversy in India.

She was also held for violating the law and All India Service Conduct, rules 1968 for her tweet.

IAS Nidhi Choudhary: UPSC Marksheet

Given below is the civil service main examination marksheet of 2011 of Nidhi Choudhary

Essay (200) 92
GS 1 (300) 96
GS 2 (300) 87
Optional 1 (A)  (300) 149
Optional 1 (B)  (300) 156
Optional 2 (A)  (300) 160
Optional 2 (B)  (300) 176
Written Total (2000) 916
PT Marks (300) 178
Final Total (2300) 1094

IAS Nidhi Choudhary: Optional Subject

In 2005, she passed the SSC and was hired as a Section Officer at CAG. In 2006, she was hired as a Senior Manager at the Rajasthan State Co-operative Bank. In 2008, she also passed the UGC-NET examination.

She worked as a Manager at the Reserve Bank of India for the past five years. In addition, she had passed the UGC-NET in Public Administration and a few other professional tests, so she was confident of passing. She opted for Public Administration as her optional subject.

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IAS Nidhi Choudhary: UPSC Strategy

Here are the strategy and preparation tips are given by Nidhi to ace UPSC.

She said that it was tough to strike a balance between her career, family, and preparation, however, with encouragement from her family, particularly her husband, she began studying for the Civil Service Examination while working and caring for her son and other family obligations.

She always had a missionary enthusiasm for social service, especially girl-child and women empowerment, and was doing her part for the cause in every imaginable way while working at RBI. There were times, though, when she felt that civil service provided a much better platform for working for the masses.

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First Attempt

Her initial try was adequate, but she was missing some exam approaches. She was also nursing her child at the time, so she couldn’t give it her all. However, she was chosen with a lesser ranking.

She reappeared, her aim fixed on the IAS post, and worked on the parts that needed more time and preparation. She practised answering questions and paid attention to time management skills.

Strategy for Essay

She was not much concerned about the essay because she had been writing for newspapers and magazines for quite some time. She studied some recent familiar topics and put in a lot of practice time. As a result, reading, writing, and debating have been useful hobbies for her.

She says that for an essay one should have more practice on vocabulary and how can one expand the essay to meet the word count based on their knowledge.

Strategy for Interview

She joined mock interviews for practice as part of her interview preparation. During the interview, it was more of her preparation for bio-data-related questions and conversation with her father and husband which helped her.

She has strong willpower with hard effort and self-belief. Nidhi was able to manage her career trip, which began when she was 22 years old, and she has finally arrived at her target.

Optional Subject Strategy

Aspirants should take careful notes on the topics they have studied. After a couple of readings, you’ll be able to take notes. Later on, you can group the themes together in accordance with your preferences, such as civil services and human management.

Nidhi says that most of the optional subjects should not be overlooked. Aspirants should study the optional subject on a daily basis in addition to General Studies. Two to three hours every day should be set aside for the optional subject, particularly for Public Administration.

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Some More Optional Subject Tips

Nidhi says that if the aspirant has chosen Public Administration as an optional subject for the IAS Mains Exam, it is recommended that they approach the questions in the correct manner, regardless of whether they are from the same subject background or not.

Candidates may approach this optional paper in the same way they do the General Studies Papers, which will not result in a satisfactory grade in the subject. As a result, as a Civil Services Exam novice with or without a similar subject background, one should grasp the question and strive to answer it utilising proper citation of theories and public administration notions, which will almost always result in a high score.


Nidhi to encourage and motivate the future aspirants of UPSC said that ‘There is no shortcut in life to success. Each human, each aspirant has to work hard for 24 hours to become the successful person which you dreamed of.’ She also said that good use of time is very important and every moment of one’s life should be put towards your goal.

Hopefully, this article of IAS Nidhi Choudhary helped you get motivated and inspired. Remember that UPSC is an exam where most of the aspirants don’t taste the sweetness of victory in the first attempt. You may taste the bitterness of failures twice, but we should keep practising and preparing. All the best!

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