Arti Dogra is an IAS officer who was born in July 1979 and is from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. She had cleared the UPSC service examination in 2006 and cleared it in her first attempt. She had proved that one should admire other people’s skills and talents and not their outer beauty.

When Arti was born, her mother and father received the news that she was not a normal child. They told them to send her to a special school. But, on the other hand her parents had supported her in every aspect of life. She had always tried to serve the country and that’s when she appeared for UPSC. She had never felt that she was different from normal people and that positiveness kept her dreams and goals high. Let’s jump into the biography and journey of such an inspiring person.

IAS Officer Arti Dogra Biography

Arti Dogra was born in July 1979, in Dehradun. She is now 41 years old. She is the daughter of Colonel Rajendra and Kumkum Dogra who is a school principal. Arti did her schooling in Welham Girls School and then went to Delhi to study at Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi. She passed out from college with an economics degree. Then, she again went to Dehradun for post-graduation.

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IAS Officer Arti Dogra: Posting and Current Posting

#In the early phase, IAS Arti Dogra served as collector of Ajmer district of Rajasthan and as the managing director of Jodhpur Discom.

#She was the first-ever female IAS official to serve as the administration chief (MD) of Discom (Distribution organization) Jodhpur-Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd.

#She has served as both local judge (DM) and sub-area gatherer/officer (SDM) of Ajmer.

#Then, she served as the regional political race official and DM of Bundi and Bikaner of Ajmer.

#In 2018, she served as the joint secretary to the main clergyman of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot.

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IAS Arti Dogra: Awards and Recognitions

#Arti Dogra received the National Award in 2019 from President Ram Nath Kovind, with Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad as an afterthought, for her work as the District Election Officer in the Ajmer get-together judgments of 2018.

#While serving as DM of Ajmer, she became Vasundhara Raje Scindia’s (past CM of Rajasthan) favourite official. Ms. Scindia admired her desire for better management. Mr. Ashok Gehlot, the present Chief Minister of Rajasthan, is a fan of her, as is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

#She received the ‘Daughters are Precious Award’ in Rajasthan.

#She was also honoured during Rajasthan’s fourth rendition of the Healthcare Summit, which was held in Jaipur in January 2018 and was themed “Little Girls are Precious.” In addition, she has been perceived and awarded several opportunities at the state and public levels.

IAS Officer Arti Dogra: UPSC Marksheet and Rank

She ranked 56th in All over India in UPSC 2005. Here is her marksheet

Essay (200) 130
GS 1 (300) 172
GS 2 (300) 133
Optional 1 (A)  (300) 141
Optional 1 (B)  (300) 162
Optional 2 (A)  (300) 185
Optional 2 (B)  (300) 156
Written Total (2000) 1079
PT Marks (300) 195
Final Total (2300) 1274

IAS Arti Dogra: Strategy for UPSC

Arti says that rather than concentrating on how many notes you have prepared, concentrate on the quality of the notes that you have prepared and see how much you can benefit from it.

One should not be afraid of results, before they even start their preparation. Mentally one should be positive and should not worry about the results. They should be concentrating on their preparation rather than worrying about the results.

Arti would be very determined and focused. She didn’t let the taunts of other people affect her confidence. She believes that every aspirant should also be the same way.

Her optional subject was Economics, she has given certain tips for the examination: The UPSC Economics question paper may have a direct question about the Economic Survey and the National Budget.

As a result, you should read the news every day to keep up with the country’s budget planning and economic progress. To gain a broader view, pick the brains of your UPSC colleagues on the government’s current yearly budget plans.

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UPSC Optional Subject: Economics Strategy

The subject has a large curriculum, so you’ll need to review the required topics ahead of time. Agriculture and Economic Development are the two primary divisions of economics.

Under these two important categories, there are many other important topics such as food security, planning, government budgeting, the economics of animal rearing, mobilisation of resources, etc., that needs to be comprehended and read before the UPSC examination.

The Economics Prelims syllabus of the UPSC exam covers basic academic subjects. The concept-based subjects and their application are covered in the UPSC Mains paper. It’s a plus if you studied Economics in high school or graduated with a degree in economics.

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IAS Arti Dogra: Works

The ‘Bunko Bikano’ campaign was launched to promote cleanliness.

She started the ‘Bunko Bikano’ campaign while working as a Collector in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

She urged residents in the district not to defecate in the open during this campaign. In addition, pucca toilets should be built in villages. Aarti was able to reach 195-gramme panchayats with her campaign.

This initiative was so successful that it was eventually replicated by adjacent districts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised the Aarti campaign.

She never believed in herself as a vulnerable person.  People used to comment on Aarti because she was short, but she was never disappointed by the negative feedback. Rather, Aarti decided to show something bigger in this short commute. Aarti boosted her studies and hard work in response to the harsh comments. In 2006, she finally achieved success, and the critics were silenced.

IAS Officer Arti Dogar: Inspiring Works

She organised “Divyang Raths” in all of the district’s assembly constituencies to assist people with disabilities in getting to polling places and voting. She made sure that each Gram Panchayat has at least two wheelchairs. 17000 differently able voters came to their individual booths and pledged to vote as a result of her efforts.

She was also one of the officers that urged persons with disabilities to vote and participate in the Democratic process of electing representatives to the State legislature. By requiring differently-abled persons to vote at the polling station, she was able to achieve a new high of 59.88 percent.


IAS Arti Dogra gives a wonderful example for everyone, especially persons with disabilities, that anything is possible if you have the bravery and perseverance. IAS officer Arti Dogra is short, yet she never lets it stop her from reaching her goals.

This is difficult since there will be many people who regularly make you feel bad, nonetheless, you should never take it personally and, more importantly, ignore all the negative comments.

If she had taken all of those remarks to heart, we would have never had such a wonderful narrative. Finally, you are in charge of your dreams; make them count and work hard to achieve them.

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