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IAS PB Nooh Biography

 P.B. Nooh, the Pathanamthitta district collector, is recognized being an energetic young person who faces adversity with such a charm that has the capacity to dilute a situation and make judgments easier And, he was at the one who stood up and really was in charge of all actions in the coronavirus epidemic in Kerala.

Although he frequently took to the town without any kind of grievances, it must indeed have been a catastrophe for several other aspiring civil servants. This seems to be essentially the third effort to support the regime to navigate ahead of a disaster of immense magnitude.

Kerala had experienced the deadliest disasters in over a generation. Soon until Nooh’s selection as the district collector happened, and it was just 15 days since the surgical procedure. The close to zero regions of Pathanamthitta were among the most impacted areas in the month of August of 2018, it was when the levels began escalating. For the biggest relief mission yet seen, Nooh was entrusted. Approximately 14 million refugees were evacuated and relocated upstream within hours to protected areas

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Nooh grew up in Perumbavoor which is located in Kerala, near Ernakulam district. He completed his studies at a public school. He went to Bengaluru and completed his graduation from the University of Agricultural Sciences. He followed the footsteps of his older brother P.B. Saleem and trained to be in the civil services arena. He was ranked 48 in the year 2012.

Nooh is the seventh of his parent’s eight offspring. His parents own a tiny convenience store in Ernakulam. He passed the examination of the civil service and was enrolled in the Kerala Cadre as an IAS officer in the year of 2012.

PB Nooh Rank and Posting

PB Nooh IAS journey has been an enthralling operation throughout his term as the District Collector of Pathanamthitta. He earned a lot of recognition particularly because of the management of emergency situations like Kerala floods, Sabarimala protests and COVID-19. His transfer made hundreds of individuals sad because he has been a strong persona.

PB Nooh in these two, sequential years has faced multiple challenges like major flooding, Sabarimala riots, being the nation’s first COVID-19 hub. It definitely has not been an easy road for him.

A Helping Hand in a Crisis

An image of an individual dressed in a white shirt holding a bag across a flooded river on his back attempting to pass the river in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta region was the instance that made him famous in the year of 2018 when the disaster of worst flood happened. This individual was none other than PB Nooh, the Collector of the District. His job won him the trust of the people of Pathanamthitta and his work during the two severe floods and the epidemic showed his capability and quick thinking when faced with adversity.

In a certain routine restructure, the Kerala administration moved Pathanamthitta and Palakkad Collectors. The outcome of this is that in the corresponding roles Pathanamthitta Collector PB Nooh and Cooperative Registrar Narasimhugari TL Reddy must replace one another.

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Bids Goodbye to the District he Made Home

PB Nooh published a goodbye note on his private profile and also the authorized Collector’s website as soon as the move was confirmed. “Time to go. Will miss you, beloved Pathanamthitta,”  he stated. Dozens quickly started to comment, praising him for his service in the area. It emerged to be a huge encouragement for the inhabitants of Pathanamthitta in their close battle towards COVID-19.

The Flood of 2019 in Pathanamthitta

In 2019, the floods returned and Pathanamthitta became indeed one of the nation’s hardest affected. The district then became the country’s cynosure in 2019 when the Supreme Court authorized females of menstruating times to access the Sabarimala temple located in the district’s Periyar tiger reserve. The district saw riots and hostility against the judgment for days, as well as the unrest, had to be clamped down by the collector.

A Covid 19 Fighter

2020 certainly didn’t have flooding for Kerala but it triggered an epidemic. Pathanamthitta emerged as the country’s first COVID-19 hub with five confirmed samples from infected individuals. Pathanamthitta, unaware of who actually encountered all the contaminated persons, became the first in the nation to release contact tracing maps.

Well until many other locations in the remainder of the country saw a single event of COVID 19, a shutdown was enforced immediately, call centres were established, foreign travellers screening started and lockdown regulations were released. 


On the contrary, you have got to know that being an IAS officer isn’t just a selfish dream. This job is for the betterment of the country and helping society. Here in this article, you have read about a courageous IAS officer PB Nooh who is known for his heroic deeds in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. You should follow the steps of officers like him and thrive to serve the nation. 

You must be dedicated and focused on the preparations you do to crack the three stages of the IAS exam with good marks. Give regular mock tests to sharpen your time management and brainstorming skills.

Good luck!

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