Education teaches people how to live comfortably. However, education is currently viewed solely through the lens of government employment. As schooling became more widely available in rural regions. By the way, talent is emerging from the villages, rewriting the script for competitive examination success.

Rural youngsters are increasingly topping the outcomes, from police to patwari, SI, RAS, and IAS. Today, let’s introduce a remarkable rural talent who is pursuing a career in public service as an IAS by her devotion and hard work. Yes! Let’s talk about IAS Pari Bishnoi, the promising daughter of Bishnoi society. Pari holds the distinction of becoming the society’s first female IAS.

Let’s know about her journey, biography, UPSC rank, marksheet, optional subject and strategy that she used for cracking UPSC and falling in the first 50 ranks.

IAS Pari Bishnoi Biography

On the 4th of August 2020, Pari Bishnoi, a 2019 UPSC civil services exam applicant, saw her wish come true when the 2019 UPSC result was released, as she received the 30th all-India rank in the exam. She was one of the thousands of applicants taking the civil services exam in the hopes of getting a high rank.

Wiki Facts

Pari Bishnoi, 25, was born into a well-to-do family in the village of Kakra in the Bikaner district’s Nokha tehsil. Advocate Maniram Bishnoi is her father’s name, and Inspector Sushila Bishnoi is her mother’s name. Sushila Bishnoi is a police officer with the GRP in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Pari Bishnoi’s grandfather Gopiram Bishnoi, on the other hand, has served as the sarpanch of Kakra village four times.

Pari Bishnoi, who received the 30th position in the UPSC 2019 exam, is from Ajmer, Rajasthan. GRP Thana Adhikari Sushila Bishnoi, Pari’s mother, has been a police officer for 25 years.

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Early Education

Pari Bishnoi attended St. Mary’s Convent School in Ajmer for her primary and intermediate schooling. Pari then travelled to Delhi for her graduation, earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delhi’s Indraprastha College for Women. In addition, she was actively preparing for civil service.

She graduated from MDS University in Ajmer with a master’s degree in political science. She, a gifted student, has always wanted to teach, and as a result, she not only took the NET exam but also passed the NET-JRF. In her third attempt, Pari Bishnoi succeeded in obtaining IAS (CSE 2019) from the 30th position.

Interests and Likes

#Martial Arts: In addition to her schooling, Pari has received martial arts training.

#Teaching: Pari liked teaching students and always wanted to teach.

#Agriculture has been Pari Bishnoi’s family’s profession for generations. Pari hopes to pursue a career in agriculture in the future.

IAS Pari Bishnoi: UPSC Marksheet

Given below is the mains marksheet along with the PT marks.

Written Total 823
PT Marks 200
Final Total 1023
Rank 30

IAS Pari Bishnoi’s IAS Training and Current Posting

Pari Bishnoi has gone to the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) Mussoorie, one of the most prestigious civil service training centres. She is now undergoing IAS training at LBSNAA in Mussoorie.

She claims that the Rajasthan cadre inspired her, but she adds, “Wherever I get the chance to work, the priority would be to achieve well.”

IAS Pari Bishnoi’s Optional Subject

Pari chose Political Science as an optional because it was her favourite optional course in high school.

The exam was given in English by Pari.

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IAS Pari Bishnoi’s Strategy for UPSC Rank

Pari’s father is an attorney, and her mother is a GRP Inspector. Both are dedicated to educating people about their rights and empowering them. His daughter was affected directly as a result of this. Pari decided to join the civil service after being inspired by her parents when she was a child.

Parent’s Inspiration

Her parents put a lot of emphasis on her education, which is why she is in this position today. Pari spent a year in Delhi after graduating to prepare for the Civil Services. Pari then made the decision to prepare by staying at home and travelling to Ajmer.

Bishnoi stated that her mother was sent to the Mundhwa police station prior to the examination. A significant part of her preparation at Mundhwa police station was spent with her mother. The internet has been designated as the primary tool for planning for her.

Strategy for Polity

It is critical for a candidate to have a thorough understanding of the Indian Constitution in order to prepare for Polity. As a result, the works listed above are based on the Indian Constitution. Polity is a crucial topic for General Studies paper 1, so make sure you pay attention to it.

Creating notes and current events are given a lot of weight. This topic will also be influenced by current events. You might be wondering how.

Current events will be crucial in the event of any changes or amendments to the laws. Changes or adjustments to the book may occur after it has been published, so make sure you are up to date on current events.

Strategy for Optional Subject

#Make sure your General Papers and Optional Political Science Papers have separate answers.

#Use case studies, facts, and technical buzzwords in a courteous manner.

#Make use of quotations.

#Use current events as examples.

#Make sure you’re up to date on any changes, as everything you say should be relevant.

#Read editorial blogs and put your writing skills to the test.

#Solve previous UPSC Political Science Optional questions and sign up for mocks and tests in the UPSC Political Science Optional series.

#Make a list of what you want to remember and use cue cards and mind maps to help you.

Strategy for Essay

They must keep their essays focused on the subject, organise their thoughts in a logical manner, and write concisely. Credit will be given for a well-organized and truthful speech.

The UPSC essay paper is distinct from general studies in that marks are awarded exclusively on the basis of the content in GS. Examiners will pay close attention not just to the text in the essay, but also to the syntax, coherence, and organisation of your writing.

As a result, you must take special care to properly organise your thoughts and avoid common spelling and grammatical problems.

Practise Answer Writing

It is critical to practise writing exam answers. You don’t want to arrive at the exam venue and discover that you won’t be able to finish the exam in the allotted time. It is critical to demonstrate your ability to write well in tests.

If a student with slow writing does not practise writing answers, he or she may have major difficulty on the exam. The same thing can happen to students who write quickly. Practising answer writing will assist you in managing your time effectively.

Time Management

Aspirants for the IAS should also pay attention to the word limitations, as the time available for writing replies is limited.

Candidates must learn how to compose a response in a restricted amount of time, include pointers, present the answer, and incorporate paragraphs, in addition to time management. All of this preparation is important if you want to pass the IAS exam on the first try.

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Tips for UPSC Prelims by Pari

#To test your weaknesses and strengths, try to solve previous year’s question papers and mock tests.

#Examine the prelims papers from the previous ten years to determine the pattern and sorts of questions.

#An important component of your preparation should include reading newspapers and magazines.

#For each subject, study different NCERTs.

#Carefully examine the Syllabus. Every time you read it, you will come across new topics.

#Don’t overlook CSAT. To improve your problem-solving skills and quickness, try a variety of reasoning and math questions.

#Take detailed notes on each topic to aid in revision.

#Take a variety of practise tests to evaluate your skills and shortcomings.

Strategy for Interview

Focus on all-round personality development and participate in as many mock interviews as possible to improve confidence, reduce uneasiness, and adjust to the atmosphere to do well in the interview round.

Because there are no limits on the number of sorts of questions that can be asked, no amount of preparation or knowledge of the subject will suffice to get you through the interview stage.

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Goal of an Interview

The goal of the interview is to evaluate the candidate’s overall personality rather than his or her knowledge. This round isn’t going to be easy, but you don’t have to answer all of the questions correctly.

Be forthright with your thoughts, as well as honest, confident, astute, and aware. You will pass this, just as you have passed all the difficulties with your hard work and commitment.


Hopefully, this article about Pari Bishnoi’s IAS accomplishment will inspire youngsters to study for the UPSC. There are more success tales, such as this one, that will motivate UPSC civil service test candidates.

Many successful UPSC applicants appear to prefer using online resources for their UPSC preparation these days. What are your plans for getting ready? Please put a comment in the box below to let us learn what you think.

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