When he entered the world of the Indian Administrative Service in 2001, he was just 25, bearing the expectations of his citizens and family at Muvattupuzha in the district of Ernakulam. It appeared to be the best time for PB Salim to rethink his career as a biotechnology scientist at Glaxo-SmithKline Pharmaceuticals based in Bangalore.

The iconic PB Salim biography begins in 2001. Kozhikode was Kerala’s first district to experience this young collector’s Midas touch when he became its collector in February 2009. The Sparsam Project (Sustainable Project for the Reduction of Poverty and the Reformation of the Malabar Seat Belt Region), a jobs scheme for women victims of the 2002/2003 municipal riots in Marad, endeared him to the residents of the district.

PB Salim Biography

Salim began his civil service career as a sub-divisional magistrate of the Maoist-stronghold of Lalgarh, West Bengal, in 2002, as part of the West Bengal IAS. A daunting but fruitful mission for this young official was the peaceful panchayat elections of 2002 in Lalgarh. 

In his very first appointment, the risk factor made Salim understand the danger of opposing classes becoming estranged. Separation and alienation can only lead to radicals being reinforced,” he believes.” It was this awareness that motivated him in December 2009 to launch Sparsam.

The project, deemed as his dream initiative by the collector, has bagged laurels from Prathibha Patel, the President of India, and many others.

Hindus and Muslims, women belonging to conflicting communities, were taken together to serve in groups to encourage peace. The payment was made to help the participants bond and establish a sense of shared cooperation on a collective basis.

An Insight of PB Salim Wiki

Communal uprisings from various parts of the world are recorded every day. I assume that struggle can be eliminated from my experience in Marad by harmoniously getting the opposing parties together,” Salim shares. The collector was also instrumental in transforming Kozhikode into the country’s first plastic waste-free district and wastes no time crediting local politicians for the success. 

“Everyone has their own roles to play, and the conflicting forces for a social cause must be synergized,” says the 35-year-old collector, sharing pleasure with his tag as the “people’s collector.”

Salim, an optimistic student at Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha, is less fearful of difficulties. Lalgarh and Marad were dangerous tasks, but it is part of one’s non-optional duty.

“It is my task to introduce new projects effectively and transparently for social change,” he says.

Salim is still one of the very few collectors believing in building a friendship with the locals. Therefore, dancing at Parakkadavu with tribals and resting under a thatched roof at the settlement comes to him naturally.

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Family, Strategy,  Rank and Optional Details

Salim cleared the UPSC at his first attempt after graduating from the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, in 1997 and MVSc from Delhi University in 1999. Driven by members of my family, I prepared my own research scheme, devoting more time to reading before I tried the UPSC test,” Salim shares.” “Managing time properly also played an important role in my success.” This was his key strategy

This faith allowed Salim, in a short period of two years, to launch 12 people-friendly initiatives. Swabhiman, the service on call, is among some of the big initiatives. A great time manager, Salim tries to be a good parent to his daughters, Eshal and Haya, and his wife Fathima’s. Spending time and reading books with my family makes me unwind,” Salim shares.”

He holds the rank posting of secretary in charge of the monitoring of programme implementation and grievance cell This rank posting has been held by him as of September 2019. 

IAS PB Salim Wiki

At the age of 25, after giving up his career as a biotechnology scientist with Glaxo-Smith Kline Pharma in Bangalore, Mr P.B. Salim entered Indian Administrative Services. Mr Salim has worked as a District Collector and District Magistrate in many administrative structures throughout the country, motivated by a mission to serve society.

Among the first districts to be declared open defecation free in the world was Nadia District, West Bengal, India. His tale of how creativity and ownership will have an exponential influence on a culture, not just one of passion and hard work.

He comments on the least known effect on children of open defecation, how within a few years it can be curtailed and reversed.

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IAS PB Salim Wiki: Read about His Journey to Success from His Humble Roots to His Posting 
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