IAS Rahul Jain: Here’s What You Need to Know about Rahul Jain IAS Preparation Strategy

Rahul Jain Biography

Rahul Jain IAS AIR 21, the year 2019. If you are aspiring for Civil Services Exam, then now you must be looking to build your preparation strategy. For preparing the right strategy you must know what the previous year’s toppers did to reach that level.

In this article, you will get to know about  Rahul Jain Biography. Read the article till the end to know about his strategy, age, posting, and more.

Rahul Jain Biography

Rahul Jain was always good in studies. He was the one who used to be a topper in every subject and the parents of average students wished their childer to study like him. Rahul Jain did his graduation in Chemical Engineering from one of the top prestigious institutes of the country, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),  Bombay. It is the dream of every engineering aspirant to join the Indian Institute of Technology. Rahul joined dual degree cause that is five years course which offers B.Tech as well as M.Tech.

After graduation, Rahul worked in a bank for about a year. Not satisfied with his job he decided to go for civil services. It took Rahul 2 attempts to crack the UPSC Civil Services exam. In his first attempt secured All India Rank 426. He was offered to work in Indian Railway Traffic Control Service. But he stayed firm on his goal of becoming an IAS officer. In his second attempt, he was able to secure All India Rank 21 in 2018. His age was 28 years at that time.

Rahul Jain IAS Preparation Strategy Tips

For beginners, Rahul advises reading newspapers. Sure you won’t understand everything at the start. But keep reading daily. Don’t read each and every news. For, example don’t get into too many details in crime-related news. If you are reading news regarding politics get into the historical, economical, and socio-economical angles of that news. This will help you develop your analytical skills.

Solve at least the last 3 years paper for analyzing trends. This will help you understand how you should do your preparation from the exam point of view. This process also helps you understand how and from where examiners are asking questions.

For clearing basic concepts reading NCERT books is very important. Before moving on to reading standard books reading NCERT is a must. While reading standard books you should understand what are important points and what is not which can be easily identified if you have a good understanding of previous years’ questions asked in UPSC. Don’t just read and highlights important points. Note them down as a separate book in your own language.

Rahul Jain IAS Preparation Tips for Mains

Rahul recommends aspiring candidates to develop a habit of reading. You can read novels of prominent writers just before going to sleep for one hour. One can also learn new words and develop his or own vocabulary.

Giving tests series is very important. Don’t wait till you complete the syllabus. UPSC CSE syllabus is very vast it can never be completed. Even if you did everything you will still miss out on something. Therefore don’t wait to write a perfect answer. Work on your handwriting and presentation.  Practising answer writing is important.

Try reading the Constitution article wise and write them in your answers according to the relevance with the question. Make a separate book for it.

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Subject Marks
Essay (Paper-I) 142
General Studies- I (Paper-II) 106
General Studies- II (Paper-III) 115
General Studies- III (Paper-IV) 118
General Studies- IV (Paper-V) 112
TOTAL 1056

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Make habit of making newspapers. Develop a method for reading newspapers, don’t read each and every news. Read Editorial Columns. Pay more attention to the news on the front page. Have a look at the last three to four years question papers and analyze the trend. Practise answer writing and don’t wait till you complete the syllabus. Work on your answer presentation.

Lastly don’t forget why you started UPSC preparation in the first place and think about it whenever you are feeling demotivated.

All the best!

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IAS Rahul Jain: Here’s What You Need to Know about Rahul Jain IAS Preparation Strategy
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