We browse many articles about numerous prosperous and well-known leaders. Their techniques, hard work, devotion, and tough situations they encountered behind their accomplishments.

Few messages are so unusual and extraordinary that they remain in our hearts motivating us forever. Candidates get encouraged after reading such fictions of courage and prosperity.

There are different stories behind distinct successors. Sometimes it’s shocking to know the truth of the leaders. However, their hard work and determination play a vital role in provoking lakhs of candidates appearing for IAS every year.

One of such prosperous leaders is Ruchi Bindal, a Jamia girl from Delhi. The story behind her success is incredible and interesting for everyone. It’s a great understanding and motivation for all upcoming nominees who are looking forward to occurring in the UPSC assessment.

In this article, we shall read the story behind the journey of Ruchi Bindal, a Jamia girl from Delhi, how she confronted tough conditions and smashed the UPSC examination successfully. Her intention and technique towards the goal.

Do read this to know about the IAS Ruchi Bindal, marksheet, biography, UPSC rank, and preparation strategy.

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IAS Ruchi Bindal Biography

Ruchi Bindal, who cracked the UPSC examination successfully in her fifth attempt, was a BA graduate from Delhi University’s Lady Shri Ram College. Her post-graduation in Conflict Analysis and Peace Building was accomplished at Jamia Millia Islamia.

Bindal’s father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. She lost her grandfather on the 16th of March a few days before she had her IAS test interview which was the 23rd of March. The interview was later postponed due to the sudden pandemic.

It was her family’s dream to qualify for the UPSC exam and become an IAS officer. When she entered the LSR for the first and was disclosed to several administrative policies, she made up her mind to crack the UPSC with all devotion.

It was the time when her tremendous journey to her ambitions began. Her main intention to serve as an IAS officer was to stand against child marriage. She also wanted to perform something favourable for transgenders.

Ruchi Bindal UPSC Rank

Ruchi Bindal has passed the IAS civil services test of 2019 with an all India rank of 39 on her 5th try. She was a BA programme graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. She was benefited by the Residential Coaching Academy of the Jamia Millia Islamia University, where she enlisted as previously as last year.

She was incapable of passing her UPSC prelims test in the first three trials and on her final attempt, she could not make it for the mains exam.

Every time she was stuck in one of the stages and didn’t clear the civil services test. After three attempts she could make it through the prelims and in the fourth attempt she couldn’t clear the mains. Therefore in her 5th attempt, she focused on the mains exam and tried her best to smash the test. She worked very hard day and night and strove to accomplish her family’s dream.

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More to Know

Ruchi Bindal’s grandfather always used to motivate her to become an IAS officer and never discouraged her despite several attempts. After clearing the UPSC in the fifth attempt with flying colours, she quoted in an interview,

“I want to dedicate this day to my grandfather as it was his dream to see me succeed. I miss him terribly and wish he was here”

She also added “I focussed on getting into the services only after I learnt about various administrative policies. For my preparations, I relied on expanding my knowledge base and brushing it up daily. I did a lot of mock tests”

IAS Ruchi Bindal Marksheet

Her mark sheet is proof of the devotion and commitment she had while preparing for the examination. She didn’t look out for optional subjects which could help her score well. She just went with the one she was greatly interested in.

Many aspirants do the mistake of running behind subjects that give out a good optional score. Leaders like Ruchi Bindal are live examples for the upcoming aspirants that hard work and dedication can turn the impossible into possible.

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Preparation Tips by IAS Ruchi Bindal

A few tips from Ruchi Bindal’s preparation strategy are enlisted below:

# In the prelims, do not try to attempt all the questions as it can just bring your overall score down. Answer only them about which you are 100% sure about. Negative marking is a disadvantage for students who are not sure about their answers.

# Never depend on just a single test series. Each test series comprises 100 questions. The more series you take the more advantage you get. Only solving a single test can’t help you score better in the examination.

# Aspirants take ethics and essays for granted. They are very essential to crack the mains paper. Both the subjects require a lot of deep searches about current affairs and case studies. Never plan these subjects for the last moment.

# Do not run behind many sources. They will not only confuse you but can give you false information. Find that one source that is precise and understandable for you and just stick to it. You can use more sources that are reasonable, but for reference only.


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