IAS Sachin Gupta Biography: How a Small-Town Boy Became a Rank-Holder in UPSC!

IAS Sachin Gupta Biography

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A 26-year-old common man from a small town of Sirsa, Haryana becomes the headline of every newspaper and gets numerous Sachin Gupta wiki searches today. It’s a privilege to share his journey through  ‘Sachin Gupta biography’!.

Born and brought up in a small Hindu-baniya family of business traders, Sachin was always interested in his studies and was a bright student from the very start. He completed his schooling from the local D.A.V. Cemetery Public School, Sirsa, and further went for a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, Punjab.

His father Sudarshan Gupta is a farmer and runs a private sugarcane trading forum while his mother Sushma Gupta is a teacher in a local government school. Having 3 elder sisters and 2 elder brothers he is the youngest child in the house.

The Journey and Trysts of Career with UPSC-CSE

After completing his engineering degree, Sachin started working for Maruti Suzuki India Limited in Gurugram as an assistant manager. However, just after 2.5 years of his working, he quits the job to do what he is made for. During his job he went to teach some children from the deprived section of the society.

That’s when he started observing gaps in different schools. While teaching the children, he realized that he wants to serve and change society.

It was after this incident that our hero left his job and dedicated all his time and concentrated his efforts towards civil service preparations. And it was in his second attempt that he cleared the civil service examination and secured 3rd rank all over India. In the 1st attempt, Sachin got 575th rank and he realized that he needs to work harder on general studies essay and particularly in answer writing.

After all the hard work of 18 hours of studies and efforts, he achieved his goal and got the prestigious Indian Corporate Law Service. Sachin Gupta mark-sheet clearly shows his strong areas and sets an example for every aspirant in the field. We can clearly see the hard work and efforts made all the difference in his results.

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Strategy for Anthropology

Sachin gives the credit to one of his professors who contributed a lot in the civil service preparations and gave him the actual knowledge of what anthropology is. Anthropology became the strongest area of Sachin in civil services preparations as he secured 311(CSE) and 399(CSE 17) in the subject for consecutive years.

Thus after thoroughly understanding the subject, Sachin decided to publish his articles named “strategy for anthropology” in a series of three articles. All these 3 articles extensively covered the resources one can refer to, how to study particular topics of Anthropology, and answer them respectively.

Along with the credits to teacher, Sachin insists on self-study to get comfortable with the subject which is very vast and touches all fields and aspects of human origins. There are now thousands of articles and books and pdfs with Sachin gupta anthropology notes out there to help every student to grasp the subject easily.

The Sachin Gupta Strategy

Sachin suggests that the exam is the main scoring area for anyone as the personality test may not go according to our plans due to on-time external factors. Thus, one should try his/her best to score in the exams. The study calls for you to be smart enough to know how to study a particular topic and especially in answer writing.

  1. a)   Art of Answer Writing: Sachin has developed his own theory and style of answer framing and writing, which covers minutest of the details. Covering the subheaders, break-ups starts and ends points, point format, the conclusions and everything else, that is needed to make the answer more presentable.
  2. b)   Studying a Particular Topic: He has given the strategy of mind maps, notes, collecting facts and figures, and everything important to be covered while preparing for a subject without overburdening yourself.

Ingredients of the Sachin Gupta Strategy

The main strategy or recipe of success for Sachin includes the 1st important ingredient, which is to pull off the best out of everything available around you. Developing his own strategy was key to his success.

The 2nd ingredient he adds is knowing and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and working on them. As after facing difficulty in his optional in the first attempt, he worked on the same and succeeded.

The 3rd and the most important ingredient is hard work which according to Sachin is the ultimate key to success.

And, the 4th and the last one he quotes is the self-belief. These ingredients have been the core of Sachin Gupta strategy, which combined self-awareness to hard work and self-belief.


“I always believe that there is some supernatural power and force that helps us somehow in every situation. We just need to be strong enough to do the right thing.” This is what Sachin says and believes in.

After setting the perfect example and giving out enough content and help for everybody, Sachin got into the prestigious Indian Corporate Law Service and later was appointed as the Assistant Commissioner- Bhiwani, Haryana. Later, he got a posting as SDM Ambala where he’s working for the society and accomplishing his dream of bringing a change.

Sachin Gupta’s story was indeed an inspirational drive and we bring more experiences of successful UPSC passouts through our brief biographies on UPSC champions. Stay connected with us to find more inspirational stories and journeys of successful UPSC candidates.

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IAS Sachin Gupta Biography: How a Small-Town Boy Became a Rank-Holder in UPSC!
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