The IAS, i.e., Indian Administrative Service is the administrative arm of the All India Services. It is one of the three armed services of our nation along with the Indian Police Service & Indian Forest Service. It is considered the premier civil service of the nation.

Members of these services serve our nation along with serving the government of the nation.

Being an IAS officer is one such thing that every UPSC aspirant aspires to become. Every year more than 10 lakh aspirants appear in the exam but only a few are lucky enough to get their way cleared out of this. And not everyone gets the chance to serve the nation. While you’re preparing for UPSC, there are times when you feel demotivated & tired all the time.

Hence, to help you become motivated and full of energy, we have brought forward some success stories. These stories will help guide you in the right direction.

Sanjeev Kumar is one such officer who successfully cleared the UPSC examination and got selected in the Indian Administrative Services. To know more about him, have a look at this piece of information given below that will help you to be motivated enough to start preparing for your next UPSC examination and achieve the desired marksheet.

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Sanjeev Kumar IAS – Wiki & Biography

Sanjeev Kumar is an IAS officer who holds a degree in (Civil Engineering) from IET, Lucknow, and has scripted a remarkable success in Civil Services Examination 2017 by securing 89th rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examinations.

He became an IAS officer in the year 2017 & possesses wide experience of working in the field of infrastructure and Finance in the government of Maharashtra & the government of India.

He pursued his graduation from the Institute of Engineering & Technology in Lucknow and, after that, he devoted all his attention towards preparing for the UPSC examinations.

Now, let’s move on to learn about how he prepared for his examinations.

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Sanjeev Kumar’s Strategy To Prepare For Civil Services Examinations

Sanjeev Kumar once said, in an interview, and stated his reason for choosing Civil Services, “The Civil Services provides an ample amount of opportunity for a person to do something meaningful for its people and country on a larger scale due to its reach and impact. At the same time, it offers decent career growth opportunities.”

In the beginning, he took the help of one of his relatives, Shri Vishwa Prakash, who provided him with enough supervision and the correct bits of guidance for the preparation of the Civil Services Examination. He also took advantage of the internet while preparing for the exams.

He watched a lot of interviews of all the toppers of the UPSC examination which helped him to devise peculiar manoeuvring for the preparation of the exam that helped him in accomplishing his goal later in life.

His Attempts

The Civil Services exam that he gave in the year 2017 was his fourth attempt at the examination, fourth Mains, and third interview.

In various interviews, he stated the kind of mistakes that he committed while he was preparing for the exam. These were:

  • Ignoring The Answer Writing Practice
  • Making Consolidates Notes

And, because of these reasons, he secured poor marks in Essays and interviews. Along with this, he was shy in approaching his teachers for his doubts; which greatly affected the quality of his answers, as his answers used to be generic and too simple.

And, this became one of the reasons for his delay in getting his name on the merit list.

But, he never lost hope and worked very hard for his exams continuously for a period of four years; which brought him closer to his success.

Sanjeev Kumar IAS – Maharashtra – Family Background

Sanjeev’s family has a rural background. His family belongs to the Bhadohi District which is very famous for the carpet industry. His father’s name is Shri Om Prakash Maurya; he is a carpet designer. His mother’s name is Shrimati Vijay Laxmi, and she is a housewife.

He also mentioned in his interviews that his family played an important yet invaluable role in his success. They encouraged him during his failures & supported him, motivated him to always give his best to all his exams.

At this point, he stated a quote relating to his situation, “When everything starts falling around you, it is only your family that holds you up.”

More about this IAS

In many of his interviews, he expressed his gratitude towards his family for always supporting him and motivating him, even in his bad times. He has always been thankful to his parents as well as his friends for believing in him; for it is because of their trust and support that he could attempt to clear the exam.

He also stated, “Forgive me, if I ever place my parents, brothers, and sisters ahead of God in paying my gratitude to them for their contribution to my success.” And this shows his love and respect towards them all.

Now let’s get to know a few more things about him:

  • Current Posting of Sanjeev Kumar Maurya, IAS 2017

According to some data, it has been found out that Shri Sanjeev Kumar Maurya IAS (Uttar Pradesh 2017) has been appointed as the Assistant Magistrate & Assistant Collector in the city of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh.

  • Optional Subject Chosen by Him

Sanjeev Kumar Maurya scored 89th rank in his Civil Services Examination, UPSC and his optional subject were “Public Administration.”


Choosing an optional subject while preparing for UPSC is highly important & one should decide their subject based on the opinions of their elders along with considering the fact that they should be comfortable with it.

The optional subject chosen by Sanjeev was very tough and he had to prepare it by taking a lot of help from the internet.

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Sanjeev’s journey made us realize the every-known fact that you have to strive really hard to achieve your dreams. His failure helped us understand that not every time when you fail is when you lose the game because every single failure teaches you something new about life. It teaches us different ways of not doing things. It teaches us to be stubborn enough to work hard for our dreams.

All you need to do is be determined for your dreams and work really hard in order to achieve them.

You can take a lot of lessons from the journey of Sanjeev Kumar who taught us so many new things about preparing for our exams. If you want more information related to UPSC examinations, visit our website and learn more about the struggles and the various preparation strategies for UPSC.

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IAS Sanjeev Kumar Biography: Check Out His Biography, Wiki, Strategy, Rank & More
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